How To Install VPN On Router

Learn how to install a VPN on a Router with IPVanish. When you do this, all devices connecting to this router will be protected by the VPN. There will be no need to install VPN applications on each individual device.

This video will also show you how to setup a dual router configuration on your network with one being allocated for VPN connection and the other an open connection.

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Rhonda Sue Cutler says:

You know I need step by step, old lady

Omar Co says:

how do i set up on my Linksys 1900 acs router

dartrunner says:

What about wired devices? Do you have to manually switch the network cable from one router to the other?

Omar Co says:

how do i set up on my Linksys 1900 acs router

Daniel Furtado says:

Can I do it with any router?

frizzlefreak says:

how do i do this with torguard

Omar Co says:

Hi i have netgear 7500 can i install firmware 7000 on 7500 ??

Omar Co says:

Hi i have netgear 7500 can i install firmware 7000 on 7500 ??

Tony Tuong says:

hello, will this work for R6700 by any chance?

Jeff says:

Will this work from router to a switch? Thanks

Mike Aust says:

I have followed this video point by point. My Netgear R7500v2 works with 2.4 and 5 GHz. The issue comes when I install IPVanish in the router. When I do, my internet connection disappears. I still have both connections but they lose internet capability. Thoughts??

Zsavage1 says:

I have the TP link AC2600 dual band 2.4 and 5 ghz.. can i setup VPN on it?

Chris K says:

Thank you so much for this video!! You are a life saver!

Wayne Shepherd says:

I just found this video, and found it to be excellent in it’s presentation, yes, it can be challenging to set up, use the pause button, to review each phase, and maybe actually, write the basic steps out. Just an observation, while the presenter suggests using PPTP instead of OpenVPN, as it may be easier to configure, PPTTP and L2TP both have inherent security issues well known, so, from a security standpoint, while it may be more difficult to implement, OpenVPN would provide the best security. Now, my question, does this router, or any suggested by the IPVanish team, allow for ACL’s (Access Control List) to be added to the configuration? Reasoning is, if I have an inside client that wants to connect to NetFlix/Amazon Prime, can we add a rule to the route that permits inside client traffic to those destinations without using the VPN?

inside access-list-outbound ip any

Non-authoritative answer:

Elton Tramble says:

Here is a Question for ya I have a couple of APKs that are not VPN Friendly and there are times where I have to turn the VPN off my Question is with doing this install does the Services stay on at all times are is there a way that you can manuelly Turn on and off

Rudolfo J. Martinez, Jr. says:

When you flashed your 1st. file, you received a warning that you were about to install an older version of the file. Why did you do this instead of using the more current version?

IISanitariumII says:

Bravo, great video. I’m an IT Professional with over 10 years of experience and this was one of the best video tutorials I have seen in a long time. Do you teach on the side? I’m looking for someone to collaborate on my company blog for educational purposes.

Dispatcher 007 says:

Even cellphones, school chomebook are protected on vpn

Cash Johnny says:

can I use Mac to finish those steps?

Shane Isaacs says:

Awesome video!!!! So easy to follow!

Will Beames says:

My Motorola MG7315 combo is not listed on IPVanish’s website under the list of routers….am I toast or is there another way aside from buying a router that IS listed ?

Adriane C says:

Is there a way to connect Netgear AC1750?

TurboDuckHeadHD In HD says:

Is this only applicable for IPVanish or cam this be done with any VPN provider?

Fozia Nawaz says:

thanks for sharing this video with us finally I found ipvanish vpn which really work for me thank you so much

Perry George says:

Great tutorial. Like to see you do one for R7000 and Tomato with VPN. There isn’t one that is this detailed out there that I have been able to find.

jammor66 says:

Is there a reason you only went with a R7000 router and not a R7500, 8000 or 9000?

Christian Pascua says:

Is this a Mega build? Or a Beta build flash? Thanks

Connor Daniels says:

my router completely shut down after installing the .bin file. After I installed successfully and pressed continue, the router didn’t restart correctly, it stayed dormant for hours and now doesn’t do anything. I’ve triple checked and I’ve definitely run the correct .bin for my router which is the r6400. is my machine completely lost? how do I restart it? the reset button on the back now does nothing and the router doesn’t connect, nothing works anymore.

Igotthatfire03 says:

I appreciate the guide. Set up my VPN router with ease! Keep up the good work!

Keith Hammer says:

I have the netgear Ac1750 (r6400) I see the chk file, but not the bin file? does it use the same r7000 bin file?

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