How to: Comcast & Xfinity Wireless Internet & Networking

We discuss the basics of Comcast home internet and networking. Very easy to understand diagram of how it all works.


deusex machine says:

what makes wonder why those isp companies don’t use LTE(4g) as standard for cable TV landline and internet (i guess it’s cheaper ).

Goddess Meme says:

I moved in with my mom and upgrading her internet. We bought 2 smart TVs and upgraded to eifi internet modem. Do i need both boxes (new and ild modems) i have tried to commect in all ways possible and nothing

Devon Wilson says:

is this considered a “star” physical topology?

geeaiye says:

Show a video of actual connecting a router and a Comcast modem setup

Steven R. says:

I have an Asus Dark knight router connected to a comcast modem, I can’t imagine using one of their modem routers combos. I do a lot of outcalls for hooking up peoples network in their homes and I often explain this same thing to them. Mostly they don’t about the explanation they just want their stuff to work lol
cool video, & I’ll send this link to people who want to know about networking from comcast.

dematson says:

great and simple!

Michael Osborne says:

The cable running to your tv is usually running to a comcast provided cable box, which then hooks into your TV. This is commonly seen.

Luis Urbina says:

Hi! I have comcast modem/router and cat5E already all over the house. A few weeks ago i tried connecting a switch to the modem to connect all the cat5E and couldnt get any internet in the other end. Do i need another router between comcast’s and the switch? Or am i missing something?

Computer Technician says:

Comcast phone number 1-888-275-2174

Robert J Bradley says:

my smart tv keeps freezing and it is only five feet from my router any suggestions,BOB from scotland

tridentsanctuary says:

my modem/router keeps losing signal. how can I fix this without swapping them out?

Jess Crain says:

how to access a smart T V to Comcast x 1 dvr wireless?

Solomon Vandy says:

Weird finally seeing your face man! Thanks to you, I’m addicted to reparing Computers now, even reparing those that work 😀 Thank you!

likhonais says:

Do they cut or replace outside pole cable when I switch internet provider?

Alex Hale says:

I have a toshiba laptop with time limits and I need to get rid of them how do I do this without my password

VideoBite says:

I’m professional cable guy from Lithuania. What you have is so old school.
We have ftth, but in modem simplified scenario that you drew in whiteboard you didn’t mention that from spliter to the tv there must be filter – to stop noise from tv. Anyway i enjoy your videos – good job sir.

JLIONS Oficial says:

How to get free internet

K.J. G. says:

Very helpful, just subscribed BTW. My situation is we have three sons all of whom have iphones along with my wife, myself and probably our feakin dogs will soon be connecting to the wifi. this seems to be having an effect on staying connected. I keep a home office in my basement and my connection is constantly getting interrupted. I do happen to have an additional router outside of the one provided by xfinity (Supposedly the best one) Should I set up my extra router in the basement in order to get a better signal?

Intelkek says:

I’m having trouble with mine, I have a directv box that was connected to the coaxiel outlet, I plug that into the splitter along withe the other coaxiel cord that goes into the modem, since i plugged it into wall, i am not getting signal to directv and no internet on my modem but show i can connect to the modem itself

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