Gigabit Internet + XB6 Advance Gateway From Xfinity!!!

Quick video of the XB6 Gateway and 1 Gigabit network speeds from Comcast!

What would you do with Unlimited Data, and 1 Gigabit network speeds? Sound off below!

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Thomas Howl says:

Hoping you’re still reading these comments.
You mean to tell me that the XB6 still uses coax? I was just on the phone with Comcast and they straight face told me that the XB6 uses a different rear connection. But I see the photo you put in the video. I’m starting to get really upset with Comcast recently.

AJ Miller says:

Thats what the xb6 looks like? Wow, sfinity sent me the same box saying it was an upgrade. Ever since my wifi acts up, and my guest wifi is open 24/7 and all me paranoid but sh*t has been acting wierd since.

Daniel Pindell says:

Netgear has a DOCSIS 3.1 wireless router for $400. Yeah, $400 and shit. Crazy. I’m having the tech come out and install ( Supposedly) everything and when he leaves, I’m switching modems. Don’t need gigabit internet download, I need more then the current 12mbps on the blast package for my gaming YouTube channel. Says it has up to 42mbps so as long as my Netgear gives me 42mbps, I could care less about gigabit download speeds. No need for gigabit download speeds, I need upload speed.

Eldred Merricks says:

What if you are uploading a lot of content on to youtube? I wonder how that’ll be in an Xfinity environment….I’m currently using fiber!!

mark friend says:

are you using the Comcast modem / router or do you use your own router and what kind of cables are you using cat5 cat6 or cat7. IM using my own router that’s a Netgear Nighthawk X6s tri band and IM provisioned for the 1GB down load but I’m only seeing at most 500 MB and when I go direct to the modem I discovered something I can ping the same place say 10 times and Ill get numbers all over the place lol everything from 989.00 MB down to 488.00 MB

Chaotic Songz says:

My XB6 should be here TODAY !! What game is that you were playing in the background if I may ask ?!?!?

齐恒毅 says:

Fios is offer better 1G after being customer of Att 1G and comcast 1G customer

E P says:

Comcast offers horrible upload speeds. 1000up and 35 down , that’s a joke. Good thing I don’t need fast upload speeds.

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