Bridge Mode router setup on Pace 5268ac AT&T gateway!!! Pace 5268ac bridge mode setup for AT&T U-Verse and AT&T Fiber Internet (setup and router settings).

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Kevin McAfee says:

Thanks for the video. First video I’ve seen that takes you step by step. Will be trying this over the weekend. I have a Netgear Nighthawk router I would like to use.

Marshall Mathers says:

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it.

Shmelter says:

Hey, Glasscock! First off, thanks for the video. I am trying to bridge my Apple Extreme Router using your method and I have a few questions regarding some possible exceptions I may have to address differently. As far as I know, our telephone and cable television run through the same gateway via ethernet cords and a netgear switch. Will I have to change over the ethernet cords connected to the gateway to the new router using this method– or no, considering I am only redirecting wireless. Does that question make sense? I guess I am generally asking if doing this will influence my television and phone service.

Preemptive thanks!

Main Lane says:

speed test next time pls.

ThatBoyDylan says:

I’m now getting around 35-40 mbs when i switched to where as I was getting around 45-50 when i stayed on, how do I fix this?

Peter N says:

Dmzplus mode provides 50Mb, turn off Dmzplus, getting 120Mb….. so annoying

TheDigihax says:

How do i find out if my ‘Device IPv4 Address’ is the same subnet as my local router?…

Derek Ryans says:

Hey man, great video! Thanks for the help. Everything worked beautifully for me.
However, I wanted to ask you another question. I have it connected to a Netgear R6400 NightHawk router right now but both my router and extender are glitchy, I’m thinking about switching to Google Wifi system. Question is, can I just unplug the ethernet cable from the R6400 router and plug it into the Google Wifi? Or should I reset the Pace 5268C and then repeat the process all over again.
Thanks again for the incredibly detailed step by step instruction!

teddy thodo says:

I followed all the steps, until you said plug in an Ethernet cable from the NEW router into your PC, and netgear decided to change my IP address automatically to some shit like that. Did I mess everything up? Should I restart all over again? Or is this something as simple as changing it back to

rgp7777 says:

Hello Glasscock, I wanted to add my thanks to all the others for your excellent, step-by-step guide to dealing with the AT&T Pace router configuration. I would also like to respectfully make a suggestion that might help future readers understand that you ended up needing to significantly alter how you configured your network and settings from what is shown in this video.

Your video is so clear and definitive that I initially went away convinced that I knew exactly how to setup my new network. It was later that I discovered that this configuration results in lower speeds because of the dual routers. Of course, in the Comments section, I then found your pointer to the newer video where you explain why you needed to change the configuration. I didn’t catch that in your pinned comment and the new configuration changes some of the Pace config settings in this video.

My suggestion is to add a prominent note in the header of this video to alert viewers that it’s important for them to view your newer network setup video to get the entire picture. This might help minimize the numerous new comments piling up as people bump into the performance issues.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us and please understand that I am not trying to be critical. Just trying to help.

Alan Spicer says:

Now show IPv6 working … You can’t because it doesn’t.

Howard Fox says:

This is great information. I’ve thought about looking for it ever since I switched from cable to AT&T (which was a huge mistake). I do have a couple questions, though. First, how does all of the changes affect the HomePNA for the DVRs. Do you think it’s possible to switch the IP pools for the GW and a second router or will they simply pick up new addresses in the 172 range? Secondly, I have a large home that requires extenders to get decent wi-fi to all areas. Currently, since I’m not in bridge mode yet, my secondary wi-fi router is in AP mode and connected via cable to the 5268ac. I also have another AP in my attic connected via PoE to the 5268ac as well. Finally, I have two other wi-fi extenders utilizing the wi-fi from the attic AP to boost the signal at the farthest areas of the home and garage. In the last two days everything went from working fine to going crazy. (maybe a firmware update?) Every time a client tries to connect via wi-fi, I get the “Router behind Router” error. The latest of these indicates that my laptop has suddenly become a router?? In any case, I think that if I follow your instructions and bridge the 5268ac, I’ll need to re-configure my second router to provide wi-fi and plug the other wired AP into that router. Can you confirm those mods for me possibly? It would be much appreciated. (apologies for the length of this, everyone)

wclub9 says:

Quick question I’m getting my service set up soon. Currently have a second router set up in bridge mode to extend my connection in a dead zone. Could I do this with main router and keep using my second router in bridge mode?

Tricks says:

Hey so I doubt you’ll answer this as this is somewhat of an old video but for some reason im missing the Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ option in the firewall settings. I don’t know why but it’s just not there and I was hoping you could help me out

Kyle Roles says:

Assistance if you can.. followed step by step all the way thru w no problems. My router is bridged and showing “all” in the firewall status section. However, when I unplug my laptop from the pace to my new router, it shows up as unidentified network no internet access… Any suggestions??

Ethan Knott says:

I tried this but my internet speeds are still the same as before

armpit says:

Great guide, thanks.

James says:

any chance you know the steps for the BGW210-700 gateway supplied by ATT Fiber? thanks

brianmwei says:

WOW THANK YOU, your directions worked for me!! I have been fighting the ATT 5286AC for a year now. Finally I have great router working of my choice, Thank You again.

Frank Berdan says:

It’s works for me! I like your approach better than everyone else! I have a Netgear Orbi. It was working fine for maybe a year. All of of a sudden, this week, it stopped working properly…it wouldn’t have let me connect my two pc’s directly to the router….I have a gig speed…it would only have 25 download speed…I like your way by changing the DHCP NETWORK RANGE…that approach works better for me and my Netgear Orbi….thanks for the info!

MasterOfGameplay says:

Would replacing my isp modem/router combo with a aftermarket router to connect to my ONT Box solve latency problems through multiple wired & powerline connections?

Money Bag says:

it tell me is a network address. What should i do>?

Will Lingo says:

A million thumbs up for this video. Scoured the internets for detailed, accurate info about how to do this with my ATT U-Verse/Fiber modem/router, and this was by far the most straightforward and accurate. Followed it carefully and everything worked beautifully. Make sure to change the Pace IP address. I didn’t need to remove the bridged router from the DMZ Plus zone.

Br0 says:

Does this work with Arris NVG589?

demac209 says:

not really bridge mode, I need my wan ip one my router and i will replace the pace unit

Rudy0.24 says:

yo i was wondering is it worth to switch to bridge mode or connect a new router even if it’s like a 30 $ one will it make a diffrence I have att as well.

James Rodriguera says:

So after bridging, were you able to get faster download and upload speed from the new router or did it stay relatively the same? Have the same Pace 5268 from at&t and was thinking of getting the nighthawk ac2600 specifically for pc and ps4

John Glasscock says:

*TIP* If you experience a slowdown of download speeds using your bridged router, just remove your bridged router from the DMZ Plus zone on the Pace 5268ac. But ALWAYS make sure the Pace is set to use 172 IP addresses, and your bridged router is using 192 IP addresses. You’re welcome

Darryl Mc Donald says:

If I bridge my at&t. Will I still be able to use the landline phone that plug in the back of the at&t?

Tree Beard says:

I did this with the nighthawk R8000. Any way to get my PS4 to have NAT type 1? I have a feeling it’s the Pace 5268

Calvin Singh says:

I set up everything as you did but im getting way lower speeds connected to my netgear router. directly connected to the gateway I was getting around 950-1000 down/up. now connected through my netgear router im getting around 570 both ways. I tried removing it from DMZ plus zone and rebooted but no change. Any ideas?

Omar Allauddin says:

Thanks for video. Everything is working great. Do you know what “Add Cascaded Router” is used for? A forum post I was reading mentioned changing that setting.

josh isenhour says:

Glasscock. I’d like to choke you right now. It took me damn near a month to figure out how to passthrough the pace then the bgw210.

I finally figured it out and I see this video after the fact. Lol

Only reason I seen this video is because I moved and now I’m tring to figure out/find best way to bridge a hiltron gateway.

Appreciate your videos. Always very detailed and well spoke. An internet company needs to hire you to make how to you videos.

Hentai Lover says:

For AT&T fiber can I use a different modem?

ItsTrizzyTV says:

Will this method prevent the Double NAT issue on Xbox?

Steve Barajas says:

Great video. Question, I like to see what is connected to my network so i like having one address pool that shows me all devices wifi and Lan. According to your video if i split the address pool , then move over all my devices to my new router it will continue to use one address pool for all my devices correct? I wont have some devices on one address pool and other devices on another?

Silent Shot says:

Bro… Thank you… #Subbed

Richard D says:

Thanks!! Ive had a Asus router that ive been try too connect for a year or more lol thanks again

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