Gamer Setup – This router can save your marriage!

In this video I show you how to setup an Edge Router X and a Unifi Access Point. The ER-X is especially interesting for gamers as it supports SQM, which helps to prevent ping spikes caused by congestion.

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5:05 copy/paste mistake 🙁 The USG costs €111.88 / $119.00

– 2:02 it fixes your marriage?
– 3:36 why an ER-X instead of OpenWRT/LEDE?
– 4:09 why an ER-X instead of an USG?
– 6:27 ER-X basic setup
– 9:19 ER-X Smart Queue configuration
– 10:06 ER-X Port forwarding and UPNP
– 13:13 Unifi Access Point setup

Hardware Recommendations:

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Buffer Bloat Test:


———– UPNP2 Setup ————

//delete old upnp1 service
delete service upnp

//check if upnp2 is active (it’s not if this doesn’t return a number):
pidof miniupnpd

//show routes opened by upnp2
show upnp2 rules

//enable upnp2
set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_1

set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_N
set service upnp2 wan $WAN_INTERFACE
set service upnp2 secure-mode enable
set service upnp2 nat-pmp enable

———– // UPNP2 Setup ————

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D K says:

are you german or austrian ? ..

Keith derrick says:

Does more bandwidth on a router mean it can take more load from users before lag spikes in online games happen?

BxPanda7 says:

On the speedtest my buffer bloat jumped up to +2000ms both up and down, does that mean i need this router bad ? lol

qwasd0r says:

Can I stick this router inbetween my PC and my LTE modem and have it regulate the bandwidth that way? Does it even work with LTE?

Alfredo Breednagel says:

MANY MANY THANKS!!!! I bought it and replaced even my ISP modem and SMQ works perfect!!! This was my biggest frustration for over 10 years CoD! My internet speed is 200/200 but to get the perfect buffer bloat I had to put in 100/100 for speeds otherwise the speeds are to high for the router to work perfectly. I tested it and it plays so sick and smooth i just still can’t believe it. i do have to mention i put my Netgear XR500 behind it for the Netduma software to be sure to play on close servers. When i perfectly have setup and done with more testing en setting up I will look on patreon to sponsor a little bit just as an appretiation for so much frustration that NOOOOO BIG YOUTUBER show how come they have great internet and only show the gameplay.

LeeNoverEx says:

This works if you’re streaming video from one device, playing a game on the other. If you have high torrent traffic on the same PC as the game is running, you will have a problem if that game is not in the ERs app list, which is the case with Overwatch 🙁 In my case the latency doubles and I get a lot of packet loss. If you turn on Network Analysis (EdgeRouter X SFP v1.10.3), it doesn’t display packets from Overwatch, instead they’re in the Other section. Time to do some DPI on Overwatch’s packets and update the DPI rules.

Kirk Eby says:

If you buy the correct uprated PSU. You can output 24v passive and power the AP directly.

hyperspace36 says:

Wo hast du denn den USG für 50€ gefunden? Überall auf Amazon kostet der eher 120€

Julian N says:

I have 1000 Mbit up and down which I can achieve by connecting directly, which router would you recommend?

Jett A Angeles says:

The only reason why i have OpenWRT is because of SQM with Cake and piece_of_cake instead of using the old FQ_CODEL.

Lion says:

Hi, deine Videos sind der burner :> Ich möchte mir auch so ein Setup kaufen. Ist die Hardwareempfehlung noch aktuell? Und kann ich den Router auch einfach hinter meine Fritzbox hängen?

Buddy Bapkins says:

Excellent guide my only beef is you don’t tell people how to disable offloads.

Codel works better the more offloads are disabled.

Offloads make all udp gaming slower and less precise.,_Generation,_Capturing_%26_Monitoring#Gigabit_Ethernet_Using_UDP

Cablelabs docsis 3.1 now uses AQM gamers guess why cause using a single lane fifo buffer ruins your QOS and makes bufferbloat worse.

AQM makes any connection under 4Mbps-10Mbps because devices are managed and nothing can hog the routers queues too much. Guess what happens to most of you when you don’t run aqm.

Besides tuning your ethernet coalesce settings on your devices there is nothing better to make your gaming more low latency based.

seriously get on most routers and find out what the ethtool -c parameters are. guarantee you will find that both tx and rx frames or usecs are insanely high. I say this using both linksys acm wrt3200 and netgear 7800 with custom firmware build of lede. Not a lot of consumer routers are real routers they are glorified hubs posing as routers with proper net or security.

Killer nic got it wrong the problem was routers and all networking devices not merely nic devices.

Wish big ISPs would start using this tech would make the net a lot better in general.

I dig your work bro.

DreamTwister says:

This video started me on the dark, seductive path that is home networking, from simple 5 port switch and cable modem router to Ubiquiti USG Pro, APs, Synology backup, and surveillance systems among other goodies. Thank you, Battle(non)sense. I should send you my receipts. lol!

Ace_Of_Spades Gaming says:

I have upgraded my ISP to gigabit…and the ER-X is starting to have issues. Turnin on QoS limits me to 250MBps. Hardware offloading disabled caps me at 500. I am thinking it is time to cough up some money and get the new Edgerouter 6P that will do QoS over gigabit easily.

RamboUnchained says:

Have you made any specific rules in your QOS since this video?

trisha torres says:

Lol I received worst conncetion with wired then wifi. wTH? Hahaha

UselessDood says:

WiFi is *always* worse than Ethernet.

Andrew Brinkman says:

Just set it up with SQM enabled on a 305/12mbps connection and I’m getting 208/10.5mbps after SQM. I’m impressed

xyzHero says:

Is this easy to do would I run into any problems doing this. I just want to hook it up follow instructions and be done. I dont want to buy two new product and run into some trouble shooting problem that annoys me for hours.

Anthony Defillippis says:

Do you have to use upnp at all times or only when strict? Again thanks for ur vids Chris. They are Very useful.

azure98 says:

I have been having issues with buffer bloat in recent time. Would you recommend the ER-X for a 150Mb/s connection or is there another I should be looking at? I would also like to have a Wifi connection if you could also recommend a wifi access point or something with one built in.

omega_vfx says:

I bought an Edgerouter X, applied all the proper SQM settings, and now I have insane buffer bloat compared to before… I don’t get it.

Kaid. says:

What is an ISP Modem and must I connect it on the Router?

deeyup says:

I noticed on both your video, and with my results at home that speeds tested at dsl reports are slower after applying the QoS

herdlever says:

Just bought the edgerouter x did what you did, but i could not get a static ip address from my provider and I only got a B on bufferbloat.+ I get moderate in online games

DafT says:

Thanks so much for this video – just pulled the trigger on getting one of these and will follow the steps herein. Was getting limited to 10/3 speeds on a 25/25 line, and dealing with lots of hiccups on my ISP provided router (is it just me or do they really skimp on those, if the router cant even manage the speeds you’re paying the ISP for, then why do they bother giving a free router?). Looking forward to giving it a try!

Mecrom says:

How would this work with a 4g modem? 4g modem -> Edge Router X -> Wireless Access Point?

Lord GrayHam says:

Hey Chris, I have an Edgerouter X SFP, and when I enabled SQM my download bufferbloat stayed low, but my upload bufferbloat went through the roof! (+2000ms), am I doing something wrong? I have it set to eth0 which is where my traffic is, and i tried setting the limits to 60/60 (my true speed), and i also tried 50/50. Cheers mate

103213able says:

amazing work on this tutorial. really clear, good explanations and speed.

Neiva says:

feels bad man, doubt this would help my 3mbps connection…

Dyeless says:

That test is very confusing and not consistent for me. Once I get A+ then second time B then A etc

V-GUN says:

i still dont get it will i be able to use my olds modem’s wifi in the living room for my wife or will i after the installation of ubiquity have to use only lan? i use lan cable in my room for gaming but my wife uses wifi everywhere at home.

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