Fast Unlimited 4G Internet Router for RV or Van or Rural Off-grid: How to Setup the Mofi 4G Router

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Throttle Junki3 says:

What do you think of it now still work good ?

Brooke Stofan says:

Do you know how to make the NAT type open?

Stephen McCormick says:

Is there a monthly subscription cost?

On The Road Skoolie says:

Just got ours works well in our Skoolie

Paolo Martini says:

How much per month and how many gigabytes at 4G until it becomes 2G? Unfortunately that’s the thing with wireless. And by the way thank you for all the tips and tricks you always post.

LifeOfMikey says:

where does the sim card come from? verizon or something? how do you get a plan with them . want the faatest possible

Ilya Lachtchev says:

Hey Will, the netbuddy SIM cards are out of stock. Do you have any idea how long they typically stay out of stock or is there another website to purchase them from?

andrew bocho says:

Is there something like this in Mexico?

Zach Schory says:

any idea how to make the NAT type OPEN for gaming?

thesecret2 says:

whats the range of the WE826-T2 LTE Router and whats is the furthest tower it can bring in from a distance

Brawly says:

So I would have to get a simcard from a supported service provider as well as a data plan correct?

SkTzO7 says:

Would you be able to use this for gaming on the road (living in a truck)?

JuneBugJoe says:

With advancements in cell services , would you still recommend this?

Tammy Winslow says:

So, after watching this video I decided to purchase the MOFI router and now I’ve run into difficulty in finding an unlimited unlocked SIM card data providers. I’m skeptical about eBay in whether or not it will be legitimate and work! I could use some help. We are moving to a rural area and only Hughes net and Viasat is available. But the gigs are below 100.

Stinky Potatos says:

Company wont respond. I think they got caught

Martir Vides says:

Will, we are two adults and four kids. We usually use up to 6tb of movie watching, game playing/downloading, streaming service. Will this work as far as that high of data usage? Or will they throttle us? Trying to save some money over here. Need to know if anyone has used this closed to that high of data usage.

The Quick Brown Fox says:

does a monthly fee have to be paid for net???

Im Kobiashi says:

I’m confused i need internet does it get service from cell towers or somthing how much does it cost?

Valerie Martinez says:

I tried your code and I only got $5 off but that’s okay it’s better than nothing thanks for the info

David W says:

Thank you so much for your very informative videos. Can you tell why the MOFI you have has different antennas than the ones available?

Christopher Barrera says:

Do it work with Verizon

Charles Regnery says:

Cool video!!!! You made it very simple. Which TV service do you use? If your interested, I can hook you up to a streaming service which gets you 6,000+ channels for only $39. I can even give you a FREE 24 hour trial. Let me know if you’re interested.

Steven Flores says:

So you buy the router and sim card and just pay 60 an month?

cohiba1982 says:

I noticed you didn’t mention the price, they don’t tell you the cost on there website either, why is it so secret?

Z Z says:

Do you pay for this monthly on top of paying for your monthly cell phone bill?

Nomad says:

How is Denver CO area for this type of set up?

Mark Klapheke says:

You only get 15 to 22GB with these people. Scam

recklesssful says:

Whats the gygabytes per month ? Until slows down to kbps

Brian Curran says:

Great video Will

M Mullineaux says:

Sorry if I missed it but did you cover the part about speeds (‘Fast’) or data caps (‘Unlimited’).,, maybe that’s in the follow up? Thanks.

Monte Bank says:

US only?

Christian Samsel says:

Is there a Guest Mode that can be set up on this? Upnp, etc?

Colton Slaughter says:

Is there any restrictions as far as where you are at in the US?

rotten films says:

Wait mine didn’t come with a power source what do I do!?

Rolando Vargas says:

Have you checked into the $30.00 pre-paid unlimited LTE instead of using the Net-buddy’s $60.00 plan?…. just saying might be worth a comparison and seeing if it’s still worth paying the $60…

Kevin K says:

can any router be used with this company or only their suggested routers?

Wanderedwarlock says:

So the sim is by net buddy (att) how is the coverage?

Vanlife Ryan says:

Where do you get a SIM card? Any monthly service fees?

George Martin says:

Where do go to get internet service for mobile service?

Vegan AF says:

thanks bro for the discount got some dollars off God bless you and thanks for all the info very good videos keep them coming brother!! be careful out there!!

Michael Valone says:

so this device will enable me to get rid of my hsrd wired cable company? I have att for my cell phone so this little box could be my hotspot? I have unlimited everything with att and Ipay 85.00 per month to comcast for my internet. I see a savings thing every month. Am I correct thinking this?

Anubis Vaj says:

What internet service ISP or service provider you prefer? I’m having a hard time deciding on what internet service provider I should get. Verizon hotspot and AT&T both used to have “truly unlimited internet and no throttling” service plan. At the retailer the customer service representative says they no longer have or carrying those Truly unlimited data plan and throttling service but just the ones that if you reached your gigabyte limit, the speed will drop or get throttle down to slower performances.

The RV Butler Matt M says:

I’m quite familiar with Cradlepoint products , I usually install this brand in my client RVs. However , I’m gonna pull trigger on YOUR equipment Will! I think you do your research and would like to endorse your gear and help you out brother ! Recently I put a Winegard 4G LTE on my 2019 King Aire Coach that I drive back east and what a crappy data plan. My client and I said heck with that and got a MiFI. Still trying to tweak that system. How’s San Diego life ? I’m playing with my coach this week between events.

Lynn Hylton says:

Hi – I appreciate your videos so much. I struggle to get good internet. I have a Linksys router I used to make my friend’s DSL into high speed wifi. Can that be used with my laptop to strengthen hotspots or anything?

Tom Bombadyl says:

HI – Do the carriers require you to set up (and pay for) a hotspot for your phone to pass through using the wifi connection? What about with your PC or laptop?

dave gubbiotti says:

Do you still have the att unlimited Sim cards available for the mofi router. Do your att unlimited Sim cards work in Apple or Samsung tablets also or are they just for the routers

MachOverspeedsPlace says:

What if all you want is a LAN connection? Can you turn the wireless function off?


2nd Dance RV Adventures says:

Do you know if it’ll work with a GoogleFi SIM?

Hempmilk studio says:

will what are you using as internet provider now that att discontinued their unlimited service? please help

Bill James says:

Great video. The MoFi, however, is well over priced considering its made up of a WE826 router and Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem which can be purchased for less than $200 from LTE Fix. I use both on a daily basis (in different locations), one with AT&T and the other with Sprint. Good speeds and reasonably stable. Had to use external antennas on the MoFi since cellular service is extremely poor at its location.

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