Don’t Buy the Telstra Gateway Max 2 Connection kit


hawkesworth1712 says:

Usually when people get two modems and they both do the same thing it’s a user problem and not a technical problem.
To me it sounds like a setup problem like the wrong username and password for the Bigpond login.

ishtiaque mahmud says:

My gateway max 2 run for 12 hrs before it died

leilaminette says:

Telstra Technicians are TOLD to blame everything else except Telstra gear! Trust me on that

memyselfandi says:

Fucken hell that modem is one big ugly looking piece of shit.
Telstra are an absolute bunch of dumb fucks and don’t know how to do anything correctly.
They were the first ones to offer ADSL and they had nothing but problems with it from day one, because they had to do it in their own unique and complicated way.
Then other providers began to offer ADSL and because they all did it in a simple un-complicated way, they had nothing but success and happy customers.

saturnthunder says:

We have just joined Telstra and expect to inherit some of the probems you have.We had the same type of tech issues at first with optus until I switched over to my Netgear adsl modem which wiped the floor with their homemade grenade of a modem.We then told them the speeds were pissweak and with a phone call boosted it up to about 20mbps.The technician they sent out though still claimed their modem was perfect so I reconnected it for him ran a speed test and he had nothing to say except ‘it must have been a dodgy one’ ha !
Once we get installed and up and running(hopefully) I will give you an update.Thanks for the upload.

Lesley Russell says:

Matt , I have just cancelled my change over to NBN. I am going to wait to the latest possible date. I am on the verge of changing to another provider. There are only a few people at Telstra that know what they are about. But as with you I have had a gut full of Telstra.

Mil Man says:

We originally had their tg797nv3, the shittiest router Telstra made at the time. We used it for 5 fucking years. I don’t even know how I did it. Eventually I gave up on it, and gave a call to Telstra to get a new one. With a shit ton of negotiating they sent us the “Telstra Gateway”, after a week all our devices refused to connect to it. after that if I wanted to connect to the router I had to make it factory reset. Another call to Telstra and I get the Max 2. Trying it out so far its been alright, but I will get back to you on its performance

DarthMuse says:

I’m on the NBN and I brought the Gateway Max 2 worked for 2 hours and than just died… It’s really no better than the normal Gateway.

Julie I AM says:

Yeah I’m sick of Telstra too. They screwed up my mums phone with nbn instalation with that same modem but she didnt want internet, it doesnt even work with a simple phone. Been “TROUBLESHOOTING” with them 10 times and 2 new modems now getting a third on monday! They have NO IDEA at all. I keep commenting on my own upload about the bullshit they are doing.

Kev Knight says:

You MUST Disconnect all the ADSL Filters. Like the one behind you on the wall.

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