Complete UniFi Setup Start to Finish

People love lighting up all of the bubbles in the UniFi Controller – this video walks through how to set up a complete UniFi network infrastructure from start to finish.

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Tsolo Dakov says:

Great Video

Justin Rideout says:

Best info I’ve found on the internet. Helped me install an office enterprise network at my church with variations of this equipment and used these guides to set it up. Also looking into getting a FreePBX system set up. Any chance you’d make a video regarding your (or a generic) AWS cloud controller that’s not the cloud key like you’ve previously mentioned so that you can know if something’s wrong without needing access to the cloud key?

Christopher Mataga says:

Can I use the unifi ap lr without USG CLOUDKEY & US-8-150w

CraftyCidDJ says:

Do I see a DiO Homebox behind you?

roodyz says:

Hi Chris, great videos. They helped me configure my unifi devices very well. One issue persists, I am using an LB1110 as an internet modem. If I set the modem to bridge mode, no internet will pass through, if I change it to router mode, I get a double NAT problem. Do you have any recommendations on this issue?
setup is like this; Modem -> USG -> Switch POE+ 16 ports -> admin pc

Thanks in advance.

Amon Rakhmatov says:

Thank you Chris

Your PCMD says:

Around 8:00 your were talking about configuring the WiFi SSID. What if you have 2 or 3 UAP Pro’s connected? How do you do that configuration? That would be helpful.

Gason Gregor says:

Just got my new setup working thanks to the video. One issue I had worth mentioning is that my controller didn’t recognize my switch until I updated the firmware. After that I could adopt the switch!

Kevin Chambers says:

Thank you for this end-to-end config video Chris.  How would you change the config if using OpenDNS for all traffic and also for just a specific network?

healthfulservant says:

Thanks for this great video Chris! It’s seven months later and I’m wondering if you can shed any light on the “Wave 2” UniFi® AP AC HD. Are these newer/better than the Pros?

Jim Newton says:

This is a terrible product and the support of the product is totally unacceptable!!!! Their documentation is terrible as well

David Surman says:

I really like your no nonsense video’s I cant order with your affiliate link due to being in the UK. I have spent a lot of time learning from your video’s and would like to thank you


Stephen Martin says:

Just wanted to tell you that I appreciated having this video to reference while I setup my own UniFi implementation at home. Great resource!

Remy De la Cruz says:

Wish I have seen this vid earlier. I went with the AP AC Pro back in december, then when moved into a bigger house bought the pair, one for each floor. Now im debating whether to get the ERLite3 or USG, but seems to me that ERLite is the way to go. I have a mikrotic, but have no desire to learn a new Network OS to accomplish what I am looking for, have very little time. I game, which is why i need the Edgerouter options mainly, otherwise the Mikrotic is doing fine. Your videos are very good, keep it up!

AJ says:

Chris great videos! I am looking to do a similar set up at 4 of our office locations. Could I run a USG, switch, and AP’s at each location on a single cloud key? Can I use one SSID for all the AP’s regardless of location?

Robert Caro says:

Thanks Chris My install went smooth. Can you do a video on adding a second UAP-AC-Pro to a network to cover upstairs on the same network. Thanks

Rick Malkin says:

Chris, can I use my Comcast router/modem as my DCHP server?  I have a net gear switch with PoE on it to power the unifies (2) but cannot get them to show up on the controller.

StarzKri says:

Came here to check the video, leaving a comment because FunHaus!

Moderateinsanity says:

awesome FunHaus tee!

Sanjay Sachdeva says:

Hi, I just subscribed to your channel. couldn’t see any phone app reviews of ubiquiti products.specially the USG. Can we control internet traffic by blocking internet of the clients on USG. the clients could be wired and wireless. do we have any parental control, or block internet or scheduling of internet on clients Through App. I don’t even know if there is any app with USG.

Carlos Montalvo says:

Chris, thank you for this awesome video. I do have a question, I have the USG router, one AP Pro, and one AP LR, don’t have the switch yet, however, I am stuck in the decision of which switch to get. The only think that I will be connecting to the switch will be my desktop, Mac mini, Vonage VoIP, and the AP Pro, the other AP I have it as a repeater so no wires to it. A cloud Key is also in the process. I have read and heard good things about the 150W and the 60W, but I don’t quite get what is the major difference from one to the other, especially for my home set up. Thank you.

Madmonkey says:

Hey Chris, how do you have the Edgerouter configured in order to connect to the USG? I am assuming it’s in switch mode but I’d prefer to keep some features like DNS forwarding.

Allan Au says:

Thanks for the video! I only have the one access point but I am planning to get 2 more place the Gateway. I am still a little confuse do you need the cloud key. I am just doing this for home use and I think I really need to get remote access to the controller.

Code Blue says:

Hi Chris, I am planning on building a complete Unifi Home Network and include a Ubiquiti UVC-G3-5 Unifi Video Camera (5-Pack) with Ubiquiti Networks Network Video Recorder with 500 GB Hard Drive UVC-NVR (total of seven (7) cameras). I am currently building a two (2) story 3400 square foot home with CAT 6 and two network closets. Would you still recommend a complete Ubiquiti Network System for home use only and is one cloud controller key and one USG device enough for two Ubiquiti UniFi Switch – 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W)? Note: I will also have three (3) Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US). Two (2) inside the house and one outside on the sofit of the patio.

Mike No says:

This video shows a really easy setup. BUT if your internet/wan ip is 192.168. (same as default inside) then your are in for big problems. I’ve tried to setup this exact same setup for 3 days without succes :——-(
It keeps setting network back to 192.168 and then nothing works…

Saif Mohamed Hassaan says:

Just wanted to ask if I can plug in the cloud key to the second LAN port on the UAG, and not use a switch ?

abilash shrestha says:

in the place of usg we can use normal wifi router?

Sebastiaan Beurskens says:

Hi, can someone help me? I have an Edgerouter X and a Ubiquiti UAP-AP-LITE. I have configured the edgerouter X as a switch (DHCP) using the wizard in the webUI. Now I want to use the Unifi controller but it can’t find my access point. How do I fix this?

Nolan Regenwether says:

Hi Chris,

Great video! Have you ever set up the AC Pro with the second lan link? When doing so, are you marking them as aggregate? What are you doing about vlans if you run both cables to the AC Pro?

first last says:

hi Crosstalk …
are UniFi 5.4.11 Controller can show me AirOS devices (ubiquiti) like nano station M5 or Bullet M2 titanium , or just Unifi devices it show in this software?
thanks for you

Owusu Eric says:


OfficialLeonLionHeart says:

NICE FUNHAUS T-SHIRT! I use the Unifi Pro and Lite 😀

Prem Kumar says:

Thank you. You video are really great for Unifi echo system.

Going to buy USG & CloudKey using above link.

Harry Kane says:

Great videos and advice esp for me who is new to network stuff. Keep up Chris. But would u mind telling me if there are any exact configuration that prevent client assign static IP address to there device. In case they would assign with one has the same IP to server.

jaime marrero says:

isn’t easy step I mean you went through a lot of you make it look easy but it’s for us

Wayne Flittner says:

Great video, I tried following it step by step, but my cloud key does not have the same firmware or Controller software on it as it does on the video. I’ve tried updating to the current firmware and controller software, but I keep hitting a wall and it won’t do the update. I currently use Ubiquity on all my jobs and am running a Server at home that has the controller software, but I am wanting to start deploying cloud keys on my jobs. Do you think I should update the cloud key first before going through the total setup like you show on your video?

John Poldoian says:

Chris, kudos on great video, but concerned about client-to-client security on network. If all clients are on the same network, what isolates them? It seems extremely easy for one user to spy on the data in another user’s laptop. Is isolation provided in ubnt router for EVERY user?

Zack Scriven says:

I just noticed your backdrop is crosstalk colors.

Andrew Makowski says:

I have a smaller network and using the mesh setup so only have 2 ap connected to the switch with a cloud key is this Ubiquiti US-8-60W enough to run 2 UniFi AC Mesh Pro and the cloud key?

IT0ne Academy says:

Nice video Chris! I want become a vendor for Ubiquiti and FreePBX in my area. Your videos are very helpful. Thanks

Sergey Afanasev says:

Hi Chris,

First of all I would like to thank you for your videos!
Could you please advice.
I’m about deployment Inifi solution in my hotel. There will be about 80 access points AP-AC-LR, two Unifi switch (48-750w) and USG-Pro4 as well.
My question is, how can I configure this equipment with Cisco, because we already have this one (switches, routers etc) on the hotel area. I want to add Unifi solution into the Cisco management VLAN for centralize control all of them. Is it possible? Or will be better to split this equipment for two different subnet?


Kevin Maybury says:

I keep getting stuck after changing the network. I lose contact with the Cloud Key and my Unifi online account says that the network is offline.

Christopher Jones says:

EXCELLENT video Chris! Question, I know it may be simple (but I too am new to the UniFi stuff), but can you possibly do (or tell us) how to do this exact same setup without the CloudKey? I have a someone that sets his up using the Controller on a Linode server.

WiMaxx Broadband says:

can we run vlan on unifi

Tyestor says:

what do i buy instead of that AP if i want to hook up my stuff with ethernet instead of using wi-fi? i was just going to buy another router and put it in repeater mode but i was told ubiquiti is ‘better’.

Francois Giron says:

Hi Chris, do you have any suggested equipment or configuration for a home setting? There’s around 10 to 15 equipments using the wifi

John Poldoian says:

Great video. I’d like to use this design for a 50 unit condominium, but concerned about USG handling so many addresses. There maybe 6+ clients on each AP so that’s over 300 IPs which is too much for a class C network. Will USG support a class B network and if yes, how is class B network setup different?

mattloveOHIOST5 says:

Do you need to have the USG and the cloud key to use the access points. Because I already have a router which is pretty good and I would like to use that.

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