Comcast/Xfinity Gigabit Home Internet Speed Test & Review!

Comcast/Xfinity now offers gigabit home internet for many metropolitan cities and expanding daily. Recently, I switched to their new Gigabit home internet and finally upgraded to gigabit download speeds.

Advertised speeds are 1000Mbps down and 35Mbps up. Wifi will be much slower since your wireless technology still can’t realistically go up above around 300-400Mbps. To take advantage, you will most likely need to hook up your devices via ethernet to get the full gigabit download speeds.

I recommend Google WiFi mesh, check out my review here:
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Mauro B says:

What is your data cap?

Jacob Alvarez says:

Nice I’m thinking off doing it, but my provider is Cox but they do have it but it’s less than that price.

CREED says:

for $60 I get 1Gbps UPLOAD aaand download, I feel blessed 🙂

mathguy3801 says:

Does comcast require a home visit to install this service?

sai sreekantt says:

Loll…We get 1 Gigabit Upload and Download speeds at just 14$ here in India.

JJop123 says:

If it were about the uploads, then Comcast was a terrible choice. Verizon fios would have been a better choice especially for that price for the upload if it’s available in your area.

Tobinat0r1337 says:

Slow Upload Speed

Georgie Hogman says:

Have you tried running it through a Nighthawk x10? Quite spectacular.

Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado says:

That’s a crazy difference between download and upload. Always hated that companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable (Now Charter Spectrum) had bad down/up like that. I love that FiOS providers (Verizon and Frontier) have matching down/up. I take my 50/50 over 100/4 any day.

ctk4949 says:

AT&T Gigapower is much better!!!! 950+/950+. With my Nighthawk X8. On the 5G bands, I get about 600Mb/500Mb. Also I got this great deal, since im a DirecTV and ATT Wireless customer. I am locked in for “life” for $60 a month!!!!

DissTrackReaction says:

I got 100 up and 100 down

daniel Leeteckmeng says:

Can you do a Huawei p20 pro review?

Matthew Wolf says:

The router and switch comment is inaccurate. It all depends on hardware and your computer.

Flatty says:

upload so bad lol

Mike R says:

I have comcast also. I hate how comcast doesn’t match there upload speeds with the download speeds and it’s so expensive compared to other countries…

Aaron Goodrich says:

Not to trash on you, but that computer is loading simply blockable ads. Especially with todays browsers. (ADBlock, etc.) You also have to tune your computer to this type of service to allow processing of the network traffic in much bigger packet sizes. This will put a minimum of 10% overhead on your CPU. But good lord on the poorly performing browser. Get that computer right… and re-review this. This isn’t fair to Xfinity honestly.

ployth9000 says:

you might have an outage you should be getting an average of 940mb on the download make sure you are using a cat5e or cat6 and that you are using it on a ssd

Tuhin Mondal says:

1Gbps download 270 Upload,landline unlimited calls,170 tv chanels 70 in hd for 30.99 euros per month here in france

편집자공실 says:

HD로 봐도 영상이 선명하네요! 카메라랑 렌즈가 다 좋은듯

George A. Wilson says:

I like to hard code my ip and dns settings. is a great dns that blocks malicious sites. Quad9:
Norton ConnectSafe (Malware, Phishing and Scam sites):
Comodo Secure:
Yandex Safe:

I stay high on Android

DissTrackReaction says:

Crap upload speed

Lanz Milay says:

how much does it costs? i live in daly city also

JOHN. says:

wow. In my home I can get only up to 100mb/s Germany have to upgrade this shit

UhHuh says:

far as I’m concerned, it’s not gigabit if it has a shitty upload speed. This isn’t even exclusive to gigabit, 150mb down and 5mb up? Stupidest crap I’ve ever heard.

CaptainVane says:

I had Xfinity Gigabit for a few years at my condo. It was good, but the upload speed was pretty awful. I switched to AT&T Gigapower when I bought my new house. It’s a lot better. 950MB download AND 950MB upload. Great stuff!!

Aziz Bouyhy says:

Im getting 887 mbps download and 270 upload and paying 24.99 $ here in france with Free carrier

wwjoshdew says:

I had this plan with Comcast. Downloads are super nice, and uploads were finally bearable.

Ernie Manning says:

Glad you like the service. Watch that data cap!

Sergio Ruan Vega says:

Here in the L.A area we only get up to 300mpbs, we’re still waiting for that damn fiber

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