Comcast announces all-in-one home Wi-Fi service, hardware at CES 2017

Comcast wants its customers to use its products and software to connect to the internet, and it’s creating an easier, more powerful gateway to entice users.

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TechTodayNation - The Home of Tech says:


Moe says:

Comcast can suck my left nut for all I Care. Worst internet provider ever.

Aditya Mehta says:

for my 17th birthday can i get as many likes as you can give

Beastie Boys USA says:

I’m gonna be forced to upgrade again yay

Yojimbo413 says:


Grant Rodgers says:

I still don’t get how gateways perform so much worse than separate modem and router… and how do 250 dollar routers not cover my tiny freaking house????

uindy4 says:

One of the worst router/modem on the market. Just say no.

Daniel Chavez says:

Us good humans need a new version of Tomorrow Daily. We miss you, Ashley!

QuietStormX says:

Just saying, Cable & Comcast? Old Technology trying to hang on with Others and FiOS HD that is Fiber. Glass and Fast plus More.

GAboy3030 says:

I picked up the XB6 Gateway Wifi Modem today. So far, I am actually impressed. I had connectivity issues and some lag. The signal is stronger on this device. I was able to upgrade for the same rental price. No complaints so far.

Aditya Mehta says:


Swami Amala says:

They won’t spy on you, right!

Austin Shutt says:

Spoiler Alert: It’s still going to be slow as ****.

phivunguyen83 says:

so you guys hate comcast and att all those telecom companies. ask yourself a simple question. CAN YOU GUYS SURVIVE WITH NO CELL PHONE AND INTERNET? ask yourself that question. If you still paying then why you complaining. Just keep paying and keep your comments to yourself. Home internet is a service its not free so pay for it or dont.

Bobby says:

It is worth it to upgrade to this modem/wireless gateway router. It’s smaller takes up less space on your desk or wherever you put it. I love how Xfinity designed this and it doesn’t have those indicator lights on it that can be annoying especially at night. It’s easy to set up as well.

Nicolas Argueta says:

It sucks don’t get it

Anthony Marsiglia says:

@Mrcevy baja , Seriously by you not being able to come up with anything better than trying to insult a president while reviewing a product just shows a lack of intelligence.

Luigi Marroquin says:

stop, stop, stop this now

Roger Hart says:

I worked for Comcast Business and seen numerous router firmware updates go out bad over nearly three years. I dont trust their software updates at all and how they handle static ip addressing (which you can lose your static ip at anytime by comcast-and they replace with a totally different IP scheme) worries me greatly. In the end, Comcast needs to show me a long term solution to these router fubars before i rely on these exclusively.

Eric Walker says:

This is just an attempt to keep poor tech confused customers paying the expensive equipment rent prices they charge. Regardless, it does seem like a good system.

DocTones Official says:

Same dL speeds as old router, latency nearly doubled. They sending a tech out to check for “flux on the line” but after reading all these comments seems I just need to invest in my own modem/router

The Rock says:

i have the modem. its trash. its constantly dropping connection even to my PC that I have a direct line to and from the modem

Ruth Yoerg says:

One of my computers is not able to connect with my new wifi xb6 modem. How do I fix the problem?

IAmReal_LSV says:

Their price will increase

Chris Shao says:

You know that’s not going to happen. Especially the part about user data. :LOL

Jimmy Moonshine says:

The new modem wifi on this device is complete garbage, and why add a cloud based system? Oh, let me guess…so you can invade our privacy and easily sell our internet searches to different companies…I’m going to FIOZ!

Zesty Boy says:

I still hate you Comcast and at&t

Blu-TSX says:

But it’s still Comcast

Prence says:

Does anyone actually believe what Comcast tells them.

Radkon Psygami says:

Willingly provide personal information (where you go on the internet) – no thank you.

Mrchevy baja says:

comcast is the donald trump of internet providers.

GoodDay says:

90% of my subscribed stuff is from cnet

Daeshawn Vinson says:

I’m using someone’s account now they can easily log me out

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