AT&T Fiber Installation

Want to know what is involved in a residential fiber install? Watch this video. I just installed the 1000 Fiber package from AT&T.

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Cri5tiaN 1 says:

Bro my internet doesn’t look like and they (AT&T) said it was fiber…. wtf bro

Michael Weilbacher says:

Great video Steve! I was wondering how the fiber to Ethernet conversion was handled. AT&T is in the process of installing the innerduct in our neighborhood in which they will pull the fiber. So my fiber drop will be buried. I am currently an AT&T U-Verse customer on copper and at the maximum distant for copper based service.

Any One says:


Greg Kay says:

Great video!  Very helpful.  Thank you for posting.   May I ask what the dimensions of the ATT ONT are?

Anna Carpenter says:

Good guy!

Yohalmo Carrillo says:

I only get 320 upload and 183 download

ml zz says:

I dream of having a fiber gigabit connection. I have Frontier FiOS and they only advertise 150/150. They max out at 500/500, but charge a ridiculous rate.

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

So the fiber line that is coming through the basement is black. Just like the main Comcast line is Orange. Hope I’m right.

Max Warner says:

Would this help everything load on devises other than downloading and uploading like will it help a vid or something load a lot faster

Daniel Pierce says:

I am so excited, I just found out that for $10 more a month we can go from having 24Mbps to a 300Mbps fiber connection, we are starting with the 100Mbps because I bitched at them about how my 24Mbps service costing the exact same as the 100Mbps fiber service, so they are giving me a $20 a month credit for a year.

Jason Bryant says:

I would like to extend the distance between the exterior terminal and the interior ONT box. Any idea what type of fiber optic cable I would need to extend it?

Goran says:

very interesting! currently waiting on AT&T to run fiber to my house…

Tuomas Levoniemi says:

Great video, but I wonder often how poorly protected (in the US) those (cables) fibers are (not piped on the wall) and are still using air lines, etc .. For example, if a internet connection is used with an burglar alarm device, it is too easy disconnect the fiber cord with the pliers and then break into the house.

Michael Weilbacher says:

Steve – How long after the fiber was installed in your neighborhood did AT&T offer the fiber service? An AT&T contractor pulled fiber into a pedestal behind my house and throughout our neighborhood 2 weeks ago. There is also coils of fiber attached to utility poles along the street near my house. Finally there are AT&t fiber customers already connected just down the street from my house. I am dying with my current 20 Mbps copper based U-Verse service.

jimmy walter smith the 3st says:

So fiber internet is dsl 2.0

Mowcowbell says:

Great video, thanks for posting. I recently got AT&T Fiber at my home, although my first Gateway (5268) failed within a few weeks and was replaced with the 210 model that you have in your home. Good to know you got your Ubiquiti devices working with AT&T. I was hesitant to try it but will hook up my Ubiquiti equipment and see if that gives me a bit more wifi bandwidth in the further reaches of the home. Perhaps a good idea for another video would be to show how you setup your Ubiquiti equipment with the 210 gateway?

Tai Theguy says:

Didn’t say anything about cost/fees. Install, monthly, annually, equipment??

Ben Evilsizer says:

What are your wireless speeds measuring at?

Lenese Prince says:

Thanks for sharing. Will the tech need access to all phone/wall jacks? I was wondering did I need to move the funiture in all rooms (for preparation)?

Altar says:

good vid, i am currently stuck with only 10mb 🙁 but fiber is coming here soon..

LadySaltlife J says:

I just got my system in and its not working at the speed I’m only getting 90-96 u and down and at don’t wanna take the blame so if they don’t get it fixed today then I’m going back to Comcast

미띤새끼 says:

how much does installing the fibers cost? and the total u paid for the internet

Julian Medina says:

Thanks for the video! I watched it before our service was installed back in April. I overall really like our service but have experienced issues with a recent firmware update on the BGW210. The same tech who installed our service returned and switched it out with another BGW210. Same issue so I ended up calling and asking for a Pace 5268AC. It’s older but still better than the BGW210 IMO.

GopKin says:

How fast would the internet speed also be if I have the Linksys MAX-STREAM AC4000 MU-MMO TRI-BAND ROUTER ?

mmlzz805 says:

Nice setup, wish I had gigabit service here. We have Frontier FIOS here, but they only go up to 300/300, but charge way too much. I believe AT&T charges $80/month right?

Ray Adamick says:

He left out pricing, guess it’s way to high to mention, lol

Elijah Harrington says:

I work for Windstream Concord Telephone, which is a subsidiary of Windstream, our fiber is totally different from theirs. Their service seems to be a lot more complex and time consuming. We run fiber from the pole to the ONT which we mount outside on the side or wherever the old telephone NID of the home is. Then take a piece of CAT5 into the home whether it be the crawl space or into a ON-Q panel then right into the modem. We have pulled the fiber line indoors with large enterprises like Amazon, Carolinas Healthcare, etc. from there the same thing though, a CAT5 to the modem.

homezman says:

Informative video. Thank you for taking the time to share it with everyone.

Tech Guy says:

I had planned to install ATT fiber to my house last weekend. The ATT tech said he had to drill a hole to my outside wall and must be on the same side as the terminal box. So that the ONT will have power and will be in the kitchen. Then run the cable back outside the terminal box. The existing wire under my house is old telephone wire to my living room, which is where my ATT router is located.

After seeing your video Stephen, I now know that the ATT tech i got was a lazy ass and didn’t want to go under the crawl space to replace the wires. And to place the ONT box next to my router in the living room where it should be.

Thanks for your video. Thumbs UP.

Rene Borroto says:

Thanks for posting! How has the reliability / up time been so far? Our neighborhood is getting wired for fiber by AT&T. I am currently a Comcast internet customer, which for now is the fastest and most reliable service (albeit also very expensive due to zero competition). It’s not cheap at $80/mo. for 100Mbps down / 50Mbps up, but it’s ALWAYS working, and with a 1TB cap.

AMP Tech says:

This is excellent, thanks man. I love seeing these vids. Gives me ideas to do with my house and fiber optic internet

Yohalmo Carrillo says:

How can I get your speed

BhxBeast says:

Thank you

Mortiss Coffin says:

How much did all of the equipment cost? I recently switched over from Windstream to AT&T Wireless & was wondering how could I get AT&T Fiber at my house? I live anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred yards from the main road..

Jason Reid says:

By the way for all the other att customers do not open these boxes like this customer if you break the fiberoptic att will charge you over 100.00 to fix it

EverythingEvo says:

Great video. I’m getting at&t fiber installed today. Pretty damn excited.

Sean Yu says:

Oh man, you’re only using Cat5?!!! It’s gotta be at least Cat5e if you want the full 1,000 Mbps. Personally, I’d get any Cat5 out of your entire network and replace with Cat 6 (or Cat 7/higher if you want to overkill it). Switch out that cable ASAP!!!!! Also, is that BGW210 a router only or is it a router & modem combination? I’d rather use my own gigabit router if possible instead of one from AT&T.

Matthew McKinney says:

I’m glad they were willing to run the inside Fiber to a central location to your network equipment area. I have all of my networking gear in my master closet. I have 12 drops around the house. I want them to place my ONT there in my closet. I recently ran a gray 1/2″ conduit from the outside spot where the slack NID will go when they install it to my closet and placed three pull strings, one for AT&T Fiber and two more for possible future Fiber service pulls from other Fiber providers in my area. There are two other Fiber providers, one aerial and another buried in my yard. Those plus AT&T makes three Fiber providers running past me. LoL Quite rare, I know. Plus, there is a cable provider here that I am currently using until AT&T’s website shows me as available for Fiber. The Fiber is there but the website hasn’t updated to allow me to order just yet. 🙂 Nice setup, BTW, man. Looks clean and orderly.

Elijah T says:

Great video! I live in a rural area/the country for almost 2 years now & don’t have internet. There aren’t ANY providers that are remotely good in my area, most of them are satellite internet & I’ve heard horrible things about it, but I almost said screw it cuz we needed internet & almost ordered satellite & signed a contract with them, but before I did that I tried chatting with people at AT&T to ask if there was any possibility that Fiber would come to my area & they told that it’s actually scheduled to be installed & ready by March. I couldn’t believe what I just heard so I chatted with 3-4 other people at AT&T to make sure it was true & they all told me yes that I should for sure be able to get it & that it should be ready by the first week of March. I still can’t believe it so I’m just waiting for the day to come lol. I hope it’s true because I’ve been waiting forever & it would be amazing if they are bringing it to my small country town! I wanted to know, can they install the ONT anywhere in my home or it has to be wall that has access to the outside?

Brent Andrew Hendricks says:

Are you required to use their “router” or can you BYO? I hate hardware from third parties.

Nino Cano says:

you are losing 5 db of light guaranteed with that connection in the slack nid (outside box).

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