Amplifi Teleport Review – Access Your Home Network from Anywhere / Hardware VPN

Find it soon at Amazon: (affiliate link) – The Amplifi Teleport is a hardware-based VPN device that allows you to be on your home network anywhere in the world. See more networking: and subscribe!

01:35 – How it works
03:39 – Requires an Amplifi Router
03:51 – Pricing
04:06 – Connection will be slower, dependent on home upload speed
05:50 – Remote testing from a McDonalds
06:29 – Configuring Teleport through Wifi capture page
06:54 – Working with Wifi capture pages
08:53 – Speed test
09:19 – Areas for improvement
09:22 – No secondary authentication
10:00 – No battery , requires a free outlet
10:26 – Does not support multiple teleports
10:43 – Unknown tunneling protocol

I was pleased by how easy it was to tunnel back to my home network. Once plugged in and connected to a public WiFi hotspot it will create a secure tunnel back to the Amplifi router it is paired with. Your computer, tablet or phone will be on the local network through that tunnel with full access to printers, NAS devices, and other computers.

Speed of the network will depend on the speed of the local Wifi connection and how fast your upstream connection is at your home.

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Derek Fu says:

1. I wonder if AmpliFi provides a way to unregister the device remotely in case it was lost. Otherwise, users need to be very careful about this device for privacy issues.
2. It would be better if you can test the McDonald WiFi speed without connecting to the Teleport. Because the Teleport basically uses MD’s WiFi to connect home internet, so the bandwidth will be based on the slower one. In this case, I would assume was the MD’s internet. I think people may want to see if the Teleport would lose speed somehow, so you can use MD’s internet to compare solely.

Greg Ernst says:

Can anyone recommend good vpn options, install and configuration vids ? Would like to know more

DarthSimon says:

Lon, comment about having to plug into power to use it doesn’t make sense…. How would you expect it to work? Batteries???

Jared Anwyl says:

Lon, I was wondering if you have another solution you’d recommend or if you’d use this. Plex server at my house and HDHomerun at parents house. As far as I know they have to be on the same LAN (Can’t do it remotely) which this would solve. Do you know of a better solution? My parents LAN which is secured so maybe a non-VPN solution (No overhead – just a bridge)

Gadget Addict says:

It seems like more work than just installing a software VPN client. And without any benefits?

Norval Paisley says:

There are many reviews floating around youtube of this product. After watching a review on another channel i still wasn’t quite sure how it worked. But Lon’s explanation of how it works was so clear and easy to understand; that’s why i’m a subscriber.

Chris Pistocco says:

Great Review!!!!

abdu232 says:

is it good for gaming? if i want to play? with friend


Why wouldn’t you just create a private vpn connection between your remote location and home? That would be simple and free.

iamrlk69 says:

Hi Lon, Good review as always! There is no month Fees? Only have to buy it and go? Rick

G R says:

Wondering how well it works on many lackluster hotel wi-fi networks.

Cameron Collins says:

Would this allow you to connect to your HD Homerun tuners remotely? I’ve tried accessing the HD Homerun through a software VPN in the past without any success

Lubomir Georgiev says:

I was going go say.. All Synology NAS’ come with super easy to setup VPN servers.. This is easy but seems kind of expensive and not very flexible..

HI How are you? says:

Once people have learned how to block the teleport they’ll​ block it and will make you pay.

Cosmin Chiriac says:

Damn’! you talk more then my wife! :)))))
Great review! They could insert a line code in firmware to allow connect to openVPN but no! They fine you 100$ and keep the “secrets” in the house. Smart move Ubiquiti!

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

you can use fundme dot com I guess that replaces patreon right?
I don’t see the link to support you

Jason Matthew says:

As always Lon, I like your reviews on your channel

Brian Su says:

If you have time, can you get comments from these companies on WPA3 support updates?

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

and with the intel security issue now you need an AMD CPU 😉 to complete the security kit LOL

Alan Wong says:

Hi, i was wondering if you know, can you use multiple amplifi hd routers instead of the mesh points that plug into the wall? for example you have one as the main one and add another amplifi hd router in another room and be able to use the ethernet on the second amplifi hd router? Also what kinda speeds could i expect on the ethernet on the second router?

Paul Hjelmen says:

Were you able to watch movies too? Just wondering about Kodi or possibly big box application

mattymatt3078 says:

Nice review. It would be nice if the made a portable teleport device you didn’t have to plug into a wall

Andrew Ellis says:

OK, so when ur at ‘starbucks’ what do you do in powering the teleport, it’s AC right? Do I need carry a car battery and an AC inverter? Or do you hand it to an employee at the counter and ask them to go outback and plug it into a wall socket. I can see the use case, but it’s limited by its power supply needs. ??

GodAtum says:

this needs usb power!

fisayoolat says:

So if you are accessing your internet connection through Mcdonals , are you using Mcdonals internet data or your home network internet data from there on ?

Conchezness says:

Awesome video and product. Truly useful. Thank you 🙂

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