Access Internal Networks with Reverse VPN connections – Hak5 1921

Accessing internal networks without an internal VPN server. Learn how to setup a reverse VPN gateway on this episode of Hak5!

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Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”


Skyler F says:

What if you don’t know what the local LAN ip is , if I move the turtle from network to network for example

Leonid Levin says:

What are options in .ovpn file to set it up without pretty gui? i need 3 clients interrouting. because of reasons

Sean Killen says:

Hi Hak5

Any chance you could publish/make available the (sanitized) .ovpn files your clients use and the openvpn.conf? I have openvpn (not the AS version) and cannot get the routing between client networks functioning – guess I have a config option missing.


Plotter says:

Intro music?

Norbert Harrer says:

Awesome!! That’s much more powerful and a lot easier then doing tons of (reverse) port forwards through ssh. Thanks Daren.

mar5den says:

Anyone aware of what Linux distro Darren is using?

TheOnlyJanko says:

What type of Laptop were you using? Need a new one have to many but must have another laptop lol

osnapitzjamie says:

traceroute shows then it just gets stuck…

Hiwot Yirgu says:

How much is the ssh server because I went to that site and it told me to pay. It didn’t even say how much, it could be $3,000 or something how much is it?

Piccl Feicar says:

What computer are u using?

hlidskjalf666 says:


Tony DeJesus says:

Does this induce double NAT problems? Port forwarding, qos and overall latency issues?

codeartha says:

Darren, can you please tell me what program or plugin adds this CPU;FREQ;NET;THERMAL;BATTERY on your system toolbar on the very top of your debian laptop? Can’t find it 🙂

travis meeks says:

*standing ovation*

Lord Black says:

there is no cloud it’s just someone else’s computer.

Matt Baker says:

Is the Turtle open source and if so where can we get the source?

Akarshan Mishra says:

if you guys got the guts,hack my Gmail I bet you can’t do that

William Martens says:

Hello Hak5, i have seen a bounch of videos about the lan turtle, But, if you just connect it to the Home’s /work’s ethernet (and NOT a computer, just to a powersource like a powerbank,outlet,etc) can you acces everything on that network that are connected to the ethernet??? + is the lan turtle ‘s tools (msf-meterpreter,scan networks,MITM-attacks, etc) fully undetectable? Please answear this as fast as possible!

LeakedFilms says:

The terrified power outlet distracted me the entire video

Zelig Urbina says:

VPIN is user-friendly. Switching on and deactivating it is quite hassle-free. For me, VPN “gagugo shocking plan” (Google it) is the ideal one on the market. I`ve used this VPN service for Two years and have experienced no difficulties with the program. The up-date of the software program occurs every couple of months. Internet safety and security are outstanding.

extraDrones says:

Excellent tutorial 🙂

Jean-Michel Ruiz says:

Awesome, it works like a charm ! Thanks a lot for this video !!!

I wonder now, if there is a way to use the gateway client (NOT the access server) as the default gateway of the other client… ?

John Welsby says:

Great video! I’m trying to set this up using a Raspberry Pi instead of a LAN Turtle. Both my RPi and pentester can dial into the VPS, and I can ping the RPi from pentest, but can’t access the rest of the RPi network. This might be a firewall issue as described at the end of the video. Could someone help me fix this on Wheezy?

Val says:

I wish I could find something that acts like a WiFi Turtle.

Fernando Benavides says:

how you config the the firewall on a ubuntu client gateway? (i dont have the lan turtle)

Matthew Scheurman says:

I just want to say that I love you guys…your videos are awesome…way beyond my comprehension at times, but so much fun to watch. Thank you!

Luca Rossetto says:

Has anyone tried this with a free server solution, pritunl maybe?

truesoldier27 says:

Would have liked to see a network diagram. Sorry if i missed it somewhere in there

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