4G Antenna Installation for Sprint / Netgear 6100D LTE Gateway

Installation of a flat panel antenna from 4GAntennaShop connected to a Sprint-branded Netgear 6100D to provide backup internet access.

I rambled on for quite a bit about SMA and RP-SMA connectors during the unboxing segment. Skip to 9:11 for the actual install.

This is my first instructional/howto video. Aside from doing better with the whole brevity thing, let me know what I can improve!

To read more about 4G Antenna Shop, check out my blog:


And for more information on the Netgear 6100D, here’s my irritable review of that terrible, terrible device and it’s major security flaws:



Index Art Center says:

Great video!

Bongo Bobby says:

Why not just mount the modem close to the antenna, and then run ethernet through the whole house. Would give you better performance overall. Also when you touch an antenna you are affecting the matching of it. So dont touch when measuring rsrp

Knappy says:

What type of cable was that you used? 50 ft is the max run before signal degradation?

Carlos Serrano says:

My problem with this router is my lte keeps dropping forcing me to use cdma 3g , any help??

Kandi Klover says:

I love the Netgear 6100D

Safardik Sidik says:

does antenna need power supply because of long cable?

Ramon Calero says:

Great video! Thanks!

Agent Office says:

what’s the point? your losses negate all that

MrAvbz says:

Hi Scot. What did You use in software? Some driver? And, could I share that internet with my router?

Dj Morgan says:

Is AT t have a Box like that They gave me a small netgear

RejectedSpiritX says:

Good presentation, but Sprint still sucks.

Giustino Cuatto says:

Hello Scott.  Thank you for this how to video!!  It is almost perfect for my means!  I am curious though for your network why does it appear as though you used the ethernet cord to hard wire instead of connect wireless through the gateway(modem/router)?  I will have to watch again to make sure I understood correctly.  Thank you again!!


Pardeep Singh says:

sorry brother
4g signal not pass through wood

Mitchell R says:

Why haven’t you neatened your rack yet!? 😀
Any reason you didnt place the antenna on the upper side of the truss instead? it would have given you more room to walk without having to worry about knocking it
I do think it would have been more suited to place the router up there, even with the heat and cold, it should be fine – signal quality is more important
re power: you could have run gigabit POE and split off to a DC jack
So you can run the power from downstairs, no issues with UPS etc but would increase signal quality

Ideally I would rather have placed the antenna outside as you would get signal loss inside.
If you need the speed as you go forward, upgrade to a MIMO antenna, but place it outside.
You should then be able to max your providers network limit 🙂

Nice vid btw… I actually didn’t realize about the SMA vs SMA-RP so shot!

Shapour Moinian says:

excellent presentation!

Salim Safran says:

still Sprint is the only 4g lte that provides public static/ dynamic ip address, tried t-mobile and does not support that so i could not use my ip alarm nor dvr system with t-mobile but all good with Sprint.

Cyn C says:

Not at all applicable to my situation, yet I kept watching. You’ve got a sick setup an are an excellent filmmaker. Keep producing videos!

Freddie Williams says:

The video is really great.Keep uploading this type of videos in future and keep sharing.If you need the most famous Aerial Installation in Bourne End,then visit us at – http://plus.google.com/113221335877320543622/about

niko berserk says:

какой то подпольный интернет у человека развернут))))

John Beatty says:

Great vid Scott.  I am moving just outside of a central Missouri city limit, Columbia and located in basically “fair” Sprint LTE coverage.  I’d like to setup an antenna in the attic as well to support a reasonable hot spot for home coverage.  CenturyLink at best is 3MB internet, so I’m researching cell connection.  Your vid has given me some great ideas.  Thanks very much.  John / KF5KI

Kandi Klover says:

I have a TS9 connector netgear. Link for this cable and antenna package plz

Agent Office says:

what’s the point? your losses negate all that

Samuel Rodriguez says:

hey Scott great video! quick question.. on the netgear 6100d I thought the antennas were used to broadcasting the wifi signal? is one antenna to receive 4g LTE signal and the other is to broadcast? does it have an internal antenna? I’m confused..

S.co.tt says:

I’m not exactly sure what usage of “mobile” +Dean Pepler is trolling about, but I guess that his freshman English class didn’t cover oxymorons.  It’s commonly referred to as a mobile network, even when I’m accessing that network via a fixed base station.  Besides, the 6100D is still mobile; I can pick it up and use it anywhere in the US.  That’s something I can’t do with my FiOS or cable connections.

Good ol’ +Dean Pepler also doesn’t understand the concept of a WISP (assuming he’s referring to a Wireless Internet Service Provider).  I am not an ISP.

But those are a couple of good terms to clear up, so well done on the trolling.

Ben Simpson says:

Love this channel, but 0_o at 13:46

Jd Toledo says:

you did good man

4G Antenna Shop Inc. says:

Hi, Hope all is well, I loved the video and I agree that packaging was very poor on that shipment, We have shown this to the R and D team and we will have this resolved TODAY!!! 🙂 Furthermore if you need any other supplies for your modem such as the correct F Type to SMA adapters please let me know. Thanks for everything Robert 

Brandon Currin says:

Hey scot great video could you give a link to where you got your antenna at and do you know if they have any for the Netgear/ Aircard 771S wifi hotspot device?

Peter Priest says:

Scott, excellent video! Curious why you didn’t mount the Netgear radio / modem in the attic. Then, instead of a 50′ Coax cable run with the associated cost and signal loss, it would be a 50′ Ethernet run. In any case, I have the same issue with low signal, and am looking for an external antenna. Looks like the panel antennas now have two connectors for MIMO. Any thoughts on the MIMO vs single connection? Thanks again for the excellent video! Peter

David Evans says:

Can the antenna be mounted outdoors?

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