Wives of The Players’ Aid Review Eindhoven Bridge from VPG

In good humour Kelly and Paisley decided to sit down and try and play a game and review it.



sergeantrock1 says:

This reminds me of back in the 70’s, when i was desperate for an opponent, tried to teach my wife Avalon Hill’s Tobruk. Her eye’s glazed over to. It was her first and last wargame. So i became a hermit and spent my life alone playing solo games. A very
sad story.

Joshua Herbert says:

Very entertaining. Cheers ladies.

Gustavo Pares says:

Ok this has to be the best review ever, I think im going to have my wife do the same.. Seriously this made me subscribe because I am laughing out loud!! Hahahahahahah

Klaus Zoidberg says:

Great vid. seems it was a kind of “the longest day”- experience for the ladies. 🙂

john conner says:

And here this whole time I thought Alexander was gay!

Mark Walker says:

LOL, fantastic! I appreciate your wive’s patience. In all seriousness, this is why I roll my eyes when designers tell me they are doing an introductory wargame. What we as experienced players consider introductory, is completely incomprehensible to the average human.

Donald Brent says:

That was hilarious! You ladies are great… and kudos for taking an interest in something your husbands love to do. Just awesome!!!

decb says:

Ladies I hope you both enjoy the luxury spa weekend that the boys promised you for giving the game a go. What do you mean they never mentioned anything about a luxury……….

Judd Vance says:

I regret that I only have one thumb that I can give to this. Well done.

Russell Berg says:

You two are FABULOUS! Its wonderful to see you point out how wonderfully ridiculous our hobby is. Thank you for your very entertaining and interesting point of view and for being so generous with the ways you support and encourage your husbands as they dedicate so much time to producing all of this content for us.

Steve W says:

Christmas came early this year! Paisley & Kelley were good sports. Maybe they should have started with Memoir.

TheSoloWargamingShow says:

Yes ladies we do highlight the parts in wargames rules where players will try to cheat! Classic!

Sławek Okrzesik says:

That was awesome! Ladies, you are The Best!

Siyuan Xu says:

A great video and rarely seen content, definitive like it, great work from the two Ladies. Have to laught at around 1750 for the „absolutely no!“. thanks.

Blue Botic says:

This smacks of someone losing a bet…but great job!

Jacob Ghetty says:

It is funny how Kelly says at 00:23 that there is only 200 people watching this as it is over a thousand now and once it finds its way to the front page of BGG, probably will hit 25,000. Welcome to stardom! lol.

Paul Marcone says:

By far THE best video you’ve posted!! Thank you ladies!

su park says:

Nice work ladies. Do the two of you ever grab a glass of wine, watch the boys’ videos, and laugh your heads off? We gamers tend to take our games a tad too serious. Thanks for letting your guys share their toys with us.

therealrepete says:

By far the best wargaming video I’ve watched in a long time! Thanks for all the good natured laughs. I often feel exactly the same way starting out a new game. Well done and thank you for supporting your husbands and our hobby!!

Quintilius Varrus says:

This is so funny. My wife makes fun of me and my games and how serious I take it. I don’t feel so bad now lol.

Blaine Hubbard says:

That was great! Your wives are very understanding.

Arne Kjell Vikhagen says:


caomhan84 says:

This is a riot. And I was just about ready to grind my teeth that they didn’t know anything about European geography or Market Garden. And then I reminded myself that not everyone is a history nerd. Most people don’t care. Hahahaha. I’m surprised they even attempted this. The one time a woman even saw my small game collection on a shelf, she said “I hope you don’t expect me to play those. I only play Uno. That’s it.”

Sarthak Mishra says:

You do realise that this can be an idea for an entirely new series…

John Sellars says:

a couple of glass’s of wine would be made this allot better . great video.

4Xscalper says:

Quite funny and entertaining. Thanks for posting the video.

Euan Smith says:

“We only get ten turns, and then its over.”


Stuka Joe says:

That was great!! Proof again that we wargamers are a rare lot. For the wives, the best thing about the game was that it didn’t take up too much house space!! My wife would also prefer that all my games came in a small ziplock bag!!

OccasionalGamer says:

Really amusing … they’re such good sports to film this! Gotta love the ladies who support their gaming husbands!

bgm 1961 says:

An awesome video! What a great idea. Plus I’m envious that your wives are at least sporting enough to give the game a shot!

Sven Michel says:

Great video! I hope that my wife never meets the other players wifes…..

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