Wireless Bridges for Networking

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Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: July 29, 2010
Length of Class: 12 Minutes


Introduction to Networking
Purpose of Class

This class shows students how wireless access points can be used to connect networks.
Topics Covered

Why Wireless Bridges Are Used
Creating a Wireless Bridge
Class Notes

Wireless bridges can be used to connect networks in separate buildings, or inside of buildings where network cable cannot be run.
You cannot use 2 wireless routers to create a bridge. One side HAS to be a dedicated Wireless Access Point
In the Wireless Access Point set the access point to Bridge mode, and then enter the MAC address of the Wireless Router or Access Point it is connecting to.
You can attach high powered antennas to the access points to make them work better.
If you are going to use real time communication the bridge should be created with 802.11n equipment


Michael King says:

Whats an ANN Tana

dylan rambarose says:

thanks Eli

Hack theripper says:

Thanks for all your videos. Much appreciated. Question: I have a receiver Denon AVR-X1000 that needs to be directly cat5 to the router. My router is PPpoE which Denon does not like. If I buy a wireless bridge will that get my receiver to network and have internet access? Thanks

Phil Andrew says:

Wow this is amazing. so if the wifi doesnt reach your place, all you have to do is build a bridge with wireless access point instead ? the main router must have a wireless access point so that main router can give an ethernet to the wireless accesspoint as the deliverer, to your wireless bridge. so which mean you have to buy 2 wireless router? so i can set up this in the modem ip on the website?

Power Power says:

does it really slow speed when doing bridging?cuz some post bothered me saying that it will split wifi speed and cause it to slow the wifi speed

Sarrah Wilson says:

silly question. I’m worried about signal strength. If the guard shack is made of brick will that interfere with the signal?

Dillfaro says:

I came here because the thumbnail looks like a penis laying it’s head on a pillow.

hapticfeedback1 says:

hey so i got a tplink access point i want to configure the to transmit ip cctv cams so i want to bridge them but on other bridging tutorials they configure the router side AP as a standard AP and the ip cam side as a client what the difference?

Ren Adam says:

This little dude is so cute. But I wish he’d stop with the stick figures and get to the point. IT dude’s gotta sync!


i watch many videos for understanding but this video excellent good enplane thanks

Peter Moeller says:

What about a powerline internet connection?

Sam Lui says:

very informative, thank you Eli for creating the video lecture, great one!

Steve Earle says:

I assume the guard shack is range of the main building wireless access point broadcast, as the access point in the guard shack picks it up. Why would you not just connect the guards computers directly to the original access point via wireless?

Rock Dock says:

can I use my direct bridge with my neighbor router for my access?

OpenMic Broadcast Network says:

Would it be possible to set up a bridge if the buildings and question are one mile apart?

punjabiexplorer says:

How to use Apple Airport Extreme router as wireless access point? I can not see where to put MAC address in Apple’sAirport Extreme using bridge mode?

Randy P says:

Is it possible to use my Dlink DIR-655 as an “access point?” Meaning is it possible to use it as an expander but still utilize the settings within the DIR-655? I have a crappy Arris modem and want to shut off it’s wireless and use the DIR for the wireless only

Manuelito Balonias says:

Im sorry but I can’t get/catch what type of wireless devices use for voip, digital survilance or any type of real time communication in a wireless bridge. May i know what is the type of wireless devices please…

David R. Darrow - drdarrow says:

“Little Security Guards.” Ha!

R3KONT3K says:

but distance is usually the enemy with this parking lots are huge so will most likely be and issue in everyday scenario – but Ubiquity Bridges (point to point links) are somewhat good in cost and have much farther distances

ctdesing says:

Configure the access point at the router location so you do not have to run from one place to the other.

Sean Robinson JR says:

I honestly still don’t get it. I understand why they do it, but I don’t understand why my home router has a bridge option to turn off and on. All you have done is hook up a wifi hotspot from the router to the outside so it’s closer and on the other side they have wifi access spot so the wifi signal is closer to each other. makes sense but can’t that be achieved without the bridge mode on/off feature that is on these routers? Why wouldn’t that be possible?

Raviprakash Sharma says:

hi sir …in my project i need to place around 100 wifi bridge only 10 meter apart with each …will it work .

PreFlightShirt Brickee says:

Great presentation by a great instructor….HIghly recommend

Max Kane says:

This video was as useful as a windshield wipers on a submarine.

elevengiant says:

well explain for an old video

Rusty Grunwald says:

Can you have “WR” (or WAP)….then BM WAP1″ next (as in his video) …and then a second BM WAP2 attached to BM WAP1? thus extending this “chain” ?

Uriel Colin says:

so those router are just access point? or can i set up any extra wireless router that I”m not using to an access point? great video by the way

mani kandan says:

what is bridges an

antiisocial says:

did he say “..it’s GUID and easy to do..”? lol

Etan Ohevshalom says:

hi, is it possible to make an old Verizon router into an access point?

thank you for your time and have a great night

asey milii says:

thnx man

Jeremy Carlson says:

This was a great video. It helped out a ton for my home project. Thanks!

martinlopezfl says:

Great, how do you tie multiple bridges in line; say, three buildings in a line?

Ali Shemirani says:

Informative and very well explained, keep it up buddy!

Freddie Ziffel says:

What do you do when your wireless access point does not have a “Bridged” button?

YSKra food says:

convince good capacity thanks

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