Wireless 802.11 AC vs Powerline Real World Test

Which is best for your home? Wireless AC or Powerline? Which is better for speed? and at what distances?

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus
Writer: Christopher Lim
Editor: Edzel Yago


Amir Ali says:


Mr Fluffy says:

dosent AC stand for autta controll?

Michael Bagley says:

So I actually just setup power line adapters in my house last night and wanted to give everyone my results. First the reason I wanted to do powerline adapters is because I wanted all 4 of my consoles and my gaming room of hardwired, but did not want to run cables through the wall. Secondly I live in a 2000 sq ft home that is newer construction. So Wireless was normally working fine but when I got my new PS4 a couple days ago things were just really bad and was averaging 2 – 3 Mbps, sometimes even slower to where things wouldn’t load for several minutes in the ps store. I don’t know why and at this point I didn’t care because I was tired of occasionally having wifi issues anyway. So I went to Best Buy and purchased the Netgear 1200 powerline adapter kit and a 4 port switch. Plugged in the adapters, connected the router and switch, then connected the consoles to the new switch. I switched all console settings to Ethernet. I was blown away by the results! PS4 speed test shows 45 – 51 Mbps. Tested my xb1, xb360, and PS3. All showed much better improvement. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Jaws2817 says:

Am I too late for the giveaway?

Tim says:

but can it run crysis?

Poptarts911 says:

My router doesn’t have antennas, but I got a solid 80 mps thats weird right?

Kevin Lalach says:

any one hear the CTU ringtone at 3:28?

Phil Kasafir says:

My theory on the supply of software disks when 99.9999999999% of EVERYTHING install itself, is somewhere out there I bet people are still using Windows 95,98,2000 etc… So they NEED driver disks for everything haha, we all remember how long it took to get WIndows 98 running properly with everything installed :’)

Poptarts911 says:

Get a better mic XD

Russ Eastburn says:

Powerliine being connected directly to your building electrical without no surge protect . Shouldn’t a person be concerned with electrical surges from lightening strikes or power surges . If you are in a building with old wiring is there a concern with line noise when using powerline?

Joshua Schumacher says:

the only thing on the disc is a program that says its not compatible with your version if windows.

William Beard says:

You’re not supposed to plug these into surge suppressors. That’s probably why you got the weird results when you plugged them both into the same UPS.

sam kc says:

0:37 i am disappointed

pharohbender says:

Power line adaptor perfect for brick houses, and rich people that have very big houses, damn you wifi damn you.

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

psh the powerlink worked amazing for me, let me get 0.5 mb more than what I’m paying for, the wireless was lagging behind the powerlink by 16.5 mbps

Death Anime Gamer says:

I really prefer wifi over power link

Satyajit Ghana says:

this guy’s is not NCIX he is LTT

nikulaye says:

there are powerlines that have wireless too

Dulan says:

I’m guessing the wiring in a 1970 house wouldn’t benefit much from it? might be time to venture into my ceiling and runs an Ethernet cord to my room

Pixel says:

What about a house from 2001?

12y/oCODkid says:


Mike s says:

Powerline is awesome

ZcomputermanZ says:

what computer was he useing in the video???

floppychicken68 says:

Hmmm, this guy must be fairly young. INF/ICM used to be on the CDROM files and he would have known that had he worked on or built machines that required these files LOL. They were used to help operating systems to identify the proper monitor, model and capability and relay information for color matching, performance, etc… They were CRITICAL for persons who were doing any desktop publishing.

DAT BOI says:

that was very informative thanks!

Aaron Smith says:

I love the tp-link power line adaptors I have a long house with long garden at the back of the house 2.5 only just about works where the 5ghz is no go at the back of my garden I have brick sheds where there is no chance at all I got the power line adaptors with WiFi built in put one in back of house one in one of the brick sheds now I can use internet while on top garden amazing as the signal goes down about 25m of cable for the sheds.

epic fooza says:

Just a tip if you buy the Power-line, I did buy one however nowhere in the instructions did it say not to wrap the Ethernet cable around your neck long story short I now have to eat through a tube.

Pickle Rick says:

I live in an apartment built about 5 years ago, I’m assuming powering would be a good option for me? the 2 plug sockets would be about 6-7 meters away

Ryan Schlueter says:


Matt Harding says:

I have always used wireless AC and have 10mb down and 4 mbs up, but things always download at1mb, I am hoping to switch to Ethernet

Brent Roberts says:

I’m late, so give me one anyways… Lol!

Brian Wee says:

I still feel like wireless Ac is much better as you’re going to buy a router anyways so money is saved

statikreg says:

Collision domain are the words you were looking for 😉

Also, what about compatibility between these devices? Like is the TL-PA7020 KIT_V2 2-port compatible with the v1 single-port? Are TP-Link devices compatible with D-Link, Netgear, etc?

Bass Blog says:

How can this be possible if electrical outlets can be on COMPLETELY diffrent circuits

kirshcrete says:

Excellent video NCIX! The explanation of comparison was well put. Thank you.

Ian B says:

I’ve used Powerline but it does drop out from time to time.

DaveB says:

Powerline works well for general browsing, but I can’t seem to transfer files faster than 4 MB/sec, from a desktop to a laptop on a different floor… I wonder if the newer AV2 Powerline adapters are better?

Aiden 29 Division says:

These are worse than WiFi, using these turn your electrical wiring into a mast, radiating all over the place, you can pick up emissions on shortwave radio in the form of severe crackling, this happens because signal does not stay in wiring, Avoid!!!

Mac Pelao says:

I have a really hard time believing Powerline Adapters run Internet signal through the electrical wires in a house… in my opinion.. both Powerline Adapters connect with each other WIRELESSLY.. so that means they are acting like a wireless client bridge providing internet to devices via Ethernet port.

The reason Powerline Adapters get better signal than wifi is because they are on the different frequency and do not have an issue with interference.

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