What is Bridge Constructor Portal?

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I was given a key by Headup Games.

Today on Valve News Network, we review the new Portal licensed bridge builder game, Bridge Constructor Portal.

Steam Link : http://store.steampowered.com/app/684410/Bridge_Constructor_Portal/

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Schwanzus Longus says:

i would prefer portal 3 but ye .. we are just the little gamers that puttin in money since 15-20 years.. who tf cares .. lets just make a dota 2 card game i would say .. oh wait

YouTube IsGay says:

Give me.

IActuallyWuvYou! says:

Sewage Pipe Valve

toby sawyer says:

In response to ” Where are my vr games”, I think you ment to say “where the fuck is hl3”

Michael Yanni says:

I like the part where I bought an HTC Vive at release, played it several times on my own and a few times when friends came over… Now, it just sits in a box in the corner. It reminds me of the Wii. Same thing where I played a few games, played the party games, then never used it again. Valve’s killer game for the hardware just isn’t there. And, I feel this device is already outdated, because of the resolution used on the displays. I really hope my ‘donation’ helps drive a company, LIKE VALVE, to release some kind of game, preferably a single-player experience, for this type of device. When Gabe said he doesn’t see them making single-player experiences anymore, he clearly didn’t foresee, at that time, that VR is, by far, the best domain for single-player experiences with the current hardware. An epic, story driven VR experience, would substantially help the platform as a whole. I know you can do it, Valve! Please! Don’t let my $800 I spent on this device be for naught!

InsecureWifi says:

Valve probably hasn’t even read your email yet

reogaro says:


You should put that at the end of EVERY video you make from now on, until they release one of their new VR games.

BeekeepersInc says:

Long time subscriber and I had to comment, don’t refer to your inquiries toward Valve as “crap.” They’re non communicative, but your work is highly appreciated. People are really glad you keep making these videos, and we all saw you interview Gabe before. It’s ok to demand answers from your favorite company

Abbas Raza says:

I’ll take anything portal

verdatum says:

Meh, I’m sold. Sounds worth $10 to me.

marinesciencedude says:

Is ClockStone’s ‘Bridge Constructor’ games as good as ‘XConstruction’ on Android?

Joel Cullum says:

Dear Valve, I’ve been given only 50 years left to live. Please make a game I want. Thanks

Davidino says:

Im only going to play this because I need my portal addiction fed.

Luc DK says:

Isn’t this just Poly Bridge?

Anarchymatt says:

This bullshit is giving me cancer – Portal Goat Simulator next?

Kite says:

Where’s Left 4 team portal 2 episode 3?

The Scumbag Yoshi says:

>Nintendo switch logo
guess who’s on board with this

ZNemerald says:

This looks like a flash game lol

Yandi Febrian says:

Next game: a HL2 fighting game

knexfan100 says:

Artifact will be a good game. Send me your salt, it fuels me.

Chris Season says:

hah wow didnt know clockwork went from tf2 scout main pro to game developer hah good for him, hAh

Ll C says:

This is like Artifact all over again

cheatsykoopa98 says:

ok, so if another company is making a portal game, couldn’t someone ask valve to make a half life game?

MrZsc says:

does anybody that wants a portal 3 even know what kind of plot itd have?

Esteban Failsmore says:

*puts on his fake Gordon beard, glasses and tin foil hat* Bring it on, Tyler.

iCrazyBlaze says:

I don’t know whether this hypes me up for Portal 3 or Bridge Constructor 2018

Guiorgy Potskhishvili says:

how much will it cost?

Qwerty says:

Is this worth it?

TehKhan ofLeWorld says:

Covering this game beyond “the Portal IP is being used” (which you already did) isn’t necessary or relevant for this channel. Valve is not involved in the development any further than selling rights to the Portal IP. Therefore, this game has nothing to do with Valve, very little to do with Portal, and a lot to do with Bridge Constructor – a game that can have no original ideas of its own, as it is merely a remastered version of old flash games,

Kreeper Gamer says:

Can someone get me that clip of the HTC Vive robots?

Theorak says:

I’m for one would be glad if more IPs, that Valve CLEARLY doesn’t want to make games for, would go to other devs.

dan boii says:


Meteorcow says:

We are not upset that it is good or not, we are upset because this is a massive slap in the face to the community that have been waiting for something good for many many years.

SuperCityscan says:

I understand all the hate for Artifact, but why for TF2 monopoly and this game? They were not made by Valve, they were mostly guided by Valve. It’s just looks sad, how people lost their temper over a little harmless game. Valve may deserves hate, but these componies, who made these games, don’t.

Ishi TheShepherd says:

this actually doesn’t look as bad as i imagined it.

Ramiz Ünal says:

Two blue portals!? Unplayable

Jani Johnny says:

pls Valve, don’t sell Half Life copyrights to EA

coolkid18751 says:

in 2020 mcdonalds will commit to sourcing all their foods with farm produce

source: a commercial i saw back in early 2010’s

RaeofSunshine says:


StHappyfaces says:

Can we just get Obsidian to do an Opposing Force sequel?

Leo Šefčík says:

Its out on appstore

GeniusGT says:

Why would anyone be mad about this?

WolvenSpectre says:

I think I will keep my pitchfork right by my side thank you very much.

D-ray Ent says:

I’m gonna stop following you on Twitter, it spoils the new videos.
Love you Tyler.

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