Using a WiFi Bridge to get Ethernet Speeds

Connect two WiFi Routers with a Wireless bridge to increase your speeds!

**Routers Used in Demo**

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itsadamoc says:

I already do this but don’t have any problems with DHCP. I do want to upgrade to MESH but my setup has been working well.

Michael Schou says:

Nice walkthrogh! What kind of file transfer speeds do you get with something like smb/cifs?

Daniel says:

I suppose if you need a highspeed connection then yeah good idea otherwise try running a cable or using a good quality homeplug set. You should still get a DHCP ip from your router via the bridge, maybe it was being slow? I just keep important stuff static so it always works.

Andrew says:

I prefer mesh networks now

Zach S says:

Yeah, wondering how your testing on mesh networks compared to this. Using an Eero and like it for the most part, but not being able to assign bands to devices is a big issue. Future video!

Unkyjoe's Playhouse says:

wireless…the connection of last resort. just get a Ubiquiti WAP and be done with it.

adamcartermi5 says:

Love how you point to a 3200acm when you say old wifi router.

Brian Ewell says:

I’m sorry, but isn’t Wireless Ethernet still …Ethernet? Ergo Wireless Ethernet speeds will be by definition be Ethernet speeds.

wiipronhi says:

What about Ping times?

Pedro Medina says:

The bridge is 2.4 ghz or in the 5ghz band?

WNYConsoleServices says:

Your pfsense router should be handing DNS.

cdoublejj says:

first thing i do is bulldoze the stock firmware and install DD-WRT or Open-WRT. That’s me though. I also use ubiquity pros in the house.

daniel little says:

dude you have a 10 gbps network card in your pc so this wont work as well for people using a standerd gigalbit card on their motherboards

ckellingc says:

Is there a way to set up a diy mesh style network where phones and laptops will automatically switch to stronger signals based on where you are?

Stoney_Eagle says:

This is why I’m subscribed. Love those step by step tutorials.

Tyler Adams says:

Nice Vid

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