Unboxing the Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M900 Network Bridge

This is similar to the M5 Nanostation and Nanobeam.  The speed is lightly slower but the M900 works better through trees than the higher frequency 5GHz.

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Cheeto Residue says:

I just bought 2 of the the nano stations m2 (2.4 GHz) locos. I have one as a access point and the other as a station which the station is installed in my detached garage about 100 ft away. I absolutely have no line of sight from my condo to my garage.there is another Condo in the way and a row of other garages as well. I am still able to get a constant signal penetrating all those walls which is pretty amazing . Though testing locally when I settting up I was getting about 70 down. When I set up the station in my detached garage it dropped down to about 5 Mbps down.

Now that the m2 locos are tested to work for my application would the m900 better penetrate walls?

I will return these but need a more solid answer if the m900 would be better as it works off 900mhz.

Thanks for a he vid as there are only a few out for this product.

Caleb Gardner says:

Does this power supply support both 110v and 240v? Thanks very much.

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