[TSHOOT] DD-WRT Repeater & Repeater Bridge Issues!

In this video I’ll explain some issues that might happen during the DD-WRT Repeater and Repeater Bridge setup and possible solutions and workarounds that worked for me! Hopefully they can help those who are experiencing the same issues! Please don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks 🙂

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Please check out the following DD-WRT links for the latest information and changes:
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DD-WRT WiKi [Linksys E900]: https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Linksys_E900
DD-WRT [Firmware Location]: https://download1.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/downloads/betas/
DD-WRT Wiki [Wlan Repeater]: https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Wlan_Repeater
DD-WRT Wiki [Repeater Bridge]: https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Repeater_Bridge

Disclaimer: Please install and use DD-WRT firmware on your wireless router at your own risk and beware doing this might void the manufacturer’s warranty and if something goes wrong there is a chance to permanently damage and brick your wireless router. I do not hold any responsibility on what happens after you use the information in this video. This video is for educational purposes only. Please attempt any changes to your wireless router or network at your own risk.


Sean Woolford says:

Hi Behfor and thanks for doing this video. I have a TP-Link C7 archer as my second router and this has Atheros CPU. After watching your videos last year on doing a Repeater Bridge and with the C7 archer router not having the Repeater Mode setting, this just through me and trying to search YouTube for this problem with no success.

With this video, you have shown and covered a small portion on this: 3:54 – thank you but I still get confused as first:
. is “Client” the same as “Repeater” with “Client Bridge” the same as “Repeater Bridge” – if not what is the difference between “Client” and “Client Bridge”

also from 4:14, where it shows about Atheros Considerations notes, it states “then create a virtual interface to broadcast the new SSID -does it has to be a “new” SSID, fo you can have the same SSID as your wireless network

Last, this maybe too much to ask, but as I mentioned before, I was checking on YouTube for this “No Repeater Bridge” mode, I send out afew requests to other YouTubers on this with no replies – possible to do a video of a router with Atheros CPU – I even get people reply back to me it I found the answer

Thanks for your time and keep up the videos – Sean (Australia)

davesdream says:

Long time no see you. Happy New Year.
Have you been fighting a lion?… what a messy hair LOL!!

Justin Beaird says:

Why does everyone always forget the last step, go to Setup->Advanced Routing, change “Operating Mode” from Gateway to Router.
This will fix the problem of when the first router reboots or repeater bridge loses connection and doesn’t reconnect. So you wont have to reboot or power cycle repeater bridge.
Also you should go to Security and disable SPI Firewall.

newbie101 says:

Thanks for your video..this is the 2nd video I have watched regarding the repeater mode..so I set up my tmobile cellspot 1900 with an asus n12 as the repeater that works..thanks to you, but I have found out the speed on the repeater was so slow, my cable internet speed is 100mbps down, somehow I could only get 5mbps or mostly lower than that..download speed from the repeater, is there anyway to make it faster, is the AP mode faster than repeater mode. thanks.

Nyi Zaw Htun says:

Thanks, sir

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