TP-LINK TL-PA4010 Powerline Internet Adapter REVIEW

The review of the TP LINK Powerline Adapter TP-PA4010
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Jack D says:

My house doesn’t have Ethernet and my room has super slow speeds for my computer. This will help a ton!

Walaya Maflahi says:

Will this adapter be able to speed up the internet round the house

Glitch Rich says:

On WIFI, i get 16 download and 2 upload. I probably need one of these

Rami says:

does this also extender wifi range and provide hardline??

aqsa khan says:

I have same model but WiFi not working why?

DerpFails says:

My record measured download speed was 54mbps (fluke). Claimed average is ~20mbps. Downloading a game steam shows anywhere between 1-2.5mbps. How bad is that?

OniGiRi says:

Powerline Adapter VS USB Wifi Adapter

My Laptop & Router is just about 7-8Step from my room and living room

10000 Subscribers 1 vid says:

Does it work with google fiber

EXTRA THICC raw sauce says:

I am late to your video but i was wondering if i plug this in to my console if it will speed up my console but make everyone else’s internet slower or will it make everything faster?

Jacob Silverthorn says:

I would like to use this for my bedroom on the second floor. It would be primarily used for streaming video and broadcasting video. Would this be adequate? I have an extremely fast internet connection but sadly this old house is made of materials that prevent a WiFi signal. I was thinking this might be my answer! thoughts?

leif tismo says:

Sir, how far can i extend the powerline adapter? Can i also 3-4 powerline adapters? Thanx

Sku11z says:

hi after doing it i saw improvements in my ps4 but not on my iphone. the connection on my iphone is still the same in terms of speed can any1 help me pls?

SNIPER DUDE 140000 says:

Thank u do much

YourSourSweet says:


n64central says:

The thing doesn’t work in all homes (especially newer homes) my powerline icon would never stay green and I got the same speed

Byron Shepherd says:

should try speedsmart, it is more accurate..all those ads also slow down the speed’s considerably

Nirmal Malinda says:

thank you

Flynn Joy says:

Can you say “conscript reporting”

hunkyvampire says:

Does it have wifi? I want my other room to have good wifi

Pedro Parente says:

I just bought one of these and got 2 download and 1 upload. THIS PRODUCT WAS THE WORST THING I BUIED

Vlastelin Jopovoz says:

thx russian man

Shai Bar-Nefy says:

Thank you

SynaticR says:

cool video

Magma YT says:

I don’t know how to connect it

Geoffrey Liu says:

Does the powerline adapter com with 2 ethernet cables?

Younesplayzz says:


Abid Rehman says:

Can some one help me . So basically i plugged the first powerline to my router for the second powerline do yu have to plug the second one to the pc or no . Will it work if i dont use the ethernet cable

Jag Tiscali says:

Hello Redskull
If I use an extension lead with the adopter will it still work?

Magma YT says:

Finally thank you

Lucas Rodrigues says:


Graham Fearon says:

Get rid of the annoying track in the back ground mate its terrible

markynio says:

I loved your accent

Christian Swanson says:

Does it get plugged into the router or the modem?

Magma YT says:

Thx I subscribed

Nathan Younghusband says:

Great! Very helpful thank you!

Jack D says:

Can I have them plugged into extension cords? My house is stupid and has 1 outlet where my router is

ronald4life1 says:

A file transfer or something else that would have saturated the network would have been 1000x better to test.

MisterUrbanWorld says:

I cannot get mines to connect. How do you know which socket is on the same circuit?

Emil Filtenborg says:

Do you know if you can plug it into the ps4?

Ivan Martinez says:

nice song, thats going to be a hit trust me

Mato Matić says:

Can I still use wifi in other rooms if I have Powerline?

Hotdog Man says:

I want to connect a second router on the second powerline adapter, will that work?

shahmir durrani says:


Donna Peroche says:

Thanks, you always say it the way it is.

Guadalupe Gonzalez says:

So this thing replace

Donna Peroche says:

Your link is for the AV600 and the box you were using says AV500 (they are both TA4010) Is this the same model? faster updated??

XxMatrixXHD !!! says:

Hell ya thank you now I run 500/500 on my ps4 instead of 60/60 with WiFi

Zack Parkinson says:

ok i got 2 of these trying to set up 4 tp links at a time dident work and there is no tutorial on it at all so my brother was trying to set them all for 1 hour n a half and only 1 connected but the other one did not at all or can u only have 1 in the house at a time and not 2 ?

Nico Lay says:

Will this work with multiple adapters?
For example, connecting 1 adapter to router, and 3 adapter to my 3 devices in the same house.

Graham Fearon says:

Great vid apart from tha though

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