Tor As Fast As Possible

The Tor network has become popular with people who want to stay hidden online. How does it work, and what are its limitations?

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Oscar 義の軍 says:

One very important note, even though this video is dirt old dy now, is the fact that the US government are the main founders of the Tor network. It’s mainly a network for spies and other intel gathering operations and it has to, in nature, be totally anonymous or else would ruin the cover hence why the Tor project exists. In order for the government to be completely invisible they have to melt in with the rest of the people using Tor. I feel like this is an important thing to note since I’ve seen a lot of people being afraid of using Tor because they think it’s a bait, but as I said, in order to keep their spies hidden they must blend them in with the rest of the anonymous userbase because (even how weird this sounds) if a criminal on the Tor network isn’t hidden, then there’s also no guarantee that the person undercover isn’t hidden either.

Pellyx says:

VPN+virtual machine+ tor = maximum security

welshdragon2008 says:

Did i miss where you told us how to speed up Tor? A misleading title you have!

Some Guy says:

VPN + TOR through a Proxy server

(Distorted bass)

LikelyValentine says:

Is tor completely safe to use if you only do regular stuff what u would do on a regular browser?

Banka says:

3:59 thats the lady from the jealous girlfriend meme

Aashish Bharadwaj says:

I had TunnelBear, which he keeps advertising for, but I unsubscribed because it was slow.


you know onions can be used to block nuclear radiations too …

Felenov-offical says:

governments use TOR as well, for obvious reasons.

Zelig Urbina says:

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Wylie Braxton says:

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theMike97_ says:

A lot of nodes are monitored by the NSA so just because your packets are encrypted doesn’t mean the NSA can’t keep track of packet movement.

queue says:

is he/she a guy or girl?

Manlai Chonos says:

piece of shit annyoing as fuck

Wylie Braxton says:

This VPN solution called “fetching zonet com” (Google it) performs efficiently. I did not have any issue installing it and it`s quick. I had it for a year, and have signed up again already. This vpn service provider is my favorite it protects my computer from hackers and viruses on the web!

uk2usa says:

this guy is a cock goblin

RobyTheDino says:

The Tor Browser is like a Firefox, which received the Holy Spirit. It gives it the ability to send data to send in tongues.

MibMoot says:

I recently explained Tor with an onion.

My family didn’t get a thing.

Iphone Lifestyle says:

That entire video was a product placement for tunnel bear…. SOAB !

MibMoot says:

You didn’t even talk about the biggest “flaw”…

SasukéMKW says:

you copied the intro from HighTeckMan……


Zelfa Cruz says:

VPIN is user-friendly. Activating and deactivating it is quite handy. In my view, VPN “kanat unique one” (Google it) is the greatest one on the market. It`s been two years since I began utilizing this VPN service and so far it functions well for me personally. The program is continually up to date every couple of months. I am impressed by the net security and protection.

dennis 212 says:

is tor dangerous??

orbis says:

How overerkill is VPN and Tor at the same time?

Entity 303 says:

Tunnel bear: Mario and Tunnel bear combined.

Nathan Green says:


soundspark says:

Wonder if that could result in a lawsuit from Nintendo?

Ami Hoosin says:

“??so i should uninstall chrome and use “tor”

madtec 1 says:

linus can tunnel bare be used on netflix and how

EasyFolkDude says:

do any of your videos helped anybody ever besides you?

Ferocity says:

Here i thought he’s going to explain how to make it faster.

Odder says:

best free vpn?

The Truth Is Out There says:

Tor tor tor, goal goal goal 1:0

timolsen75 says:

Tha crunching sound when she bites the finger…. ARRGG

soundspark says:

When mixing VPN and Tor, do you access Tor via VPN or do you access VPN via Tor? The latter will completely bypass Tor, and the former only pushes the plaintext to a single point of failure.

FRAMOB says:

CM Security give you 200mb daily for free on Android and IOS

Pest 213 says:

Cant use tunnel pear whit tails?

Konstantin Frolkov says:

Tor is bullshit man. It is dysfunctional just like your bear at least in Germany. It is somehow fucked maybe. You know by chinese or german government. But I can not activate man it is way tooo slow.

Zennor Everson says:

Quite simple to utilize VPN. It`s easy to shut off or on, that is all I need. In my view, VPN “fetching zonet com” (Google it) is the ideal one out there. It`s been two years since I have started out utilizing this VPN service and so far it really works well for me. The up-date of the software program occurs every few months. I am astounded by the web protection and security.

ABlankNam3dKid says:


Dark Mystery says:

What about the Dank Web browsers?

5H17 P0573R says:

You forgot to mention the part where the NSA puts you on their watchlist

HumpMeHardDaddy says:

0:32 Futurama!

Mong Sokvisal says:

k says:

Man I really wanted to know about TOR cause I was researching about blue whale game these days and found out that it’s a content belongs to dark web then I came to know about TOR and wanted to know about it and man today suddenly I got this video man deep and dark web is soo fucking creepy but anyways guys just wanted to let u know blue whale is not a game it was called game in general but it’s not a video game even though it was developed by developer (programmer) who designed this creepy weird task base software is totally kind of a virus which was not available on the app store nor on the steam infact it was sent by a link on Instagram or facebook, Twitter something like that and then once you clicked on it it will actually taking you to the dark web world and this community of blue whale they actually hacking your phone once u click on that link and then they steal all your info and then blackmailing the person and weird thing is the people of this community soo weird that there is place on dark web where people pay money to see people live having sex and murdering as well so blue whale was actually was selling photos of players photos in which they were showing that they cut their hand and lips and list goes on and the last task was suicide so recording of this video were selling that’s how it was and police actually caught that devil administrator of blue whale community sooo never ever click on the link sent by unknown people on instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter.

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