*THE* most powerful feature in Adobe Bridge

Computer file systems have not advanced much since their inception but Adobe Bridge can move beyond that and give you powerful controls for searching and manipulating files.

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Magyar Képek - Kanadai Magyar TV says:

It was really cool. Thank you so much.

Michael Schmidt says:

Good video. Apparently 3 people prefer their files to be hard to see.

fishfreak911 says:

Very cool! I just started with Bridge and this is an incredibly useful nugget. Thank you!

Ken2nd Amendment says:

Great video, but I wonder if there is a way to create a collection that will do just that search on other folders? I have a NAS (Network Access Storage) device where I move files from my computer to the NAS, but sometimes I am looking for a file type on my NAS, that isn’t on my computer any longer. Well if this was possible to have a collection I can find what I am looking for much faster.

Andrew Clark says:

Thank you Mr. Smith; truly do appreciate this awesome tip. Great video with excellent presentation skills. I’m definitely clicking “subscribe”!!!

Damian Movalli says:

you’re very clear in every explanation, i understand all what you say. even when i don’t speak english fluently.
Speak clearly like you do is very valuable for tons of people with middle skills in english. Keep that in mind 😉
Thank you!

AloniTuts says:

Thank Colin. this tip alone worth gold. great one. saved me a lot of time. keep on the good work.

Shahid Jutt says:

Great video sir plz tell me how can we search files in adobe bridge plz make video on it

Ollie Broadie says:

Thank you for the video. I’m finally going to start using Bridge. 🙂

Shiela Mae Batoon says:


limboea designs says:

thank you for this video!

Ashik Ahmed Nakib says:

Thanks a lot!

HanHuman says:

Exactly what I was looking for, how fortunate to randomly find this video, THANKS!

Gratefuldeb Thatcher says:

WOW!!!! I’ll be back.

Ita Co says:

Very useful !

1366 Films says:

Thank you so much! Great tips and tutorials always from you. I am trying to put together a shot list for a final clearance review for a film. I’d like to export thumbnails and other pertinent info to Excel. Would Bridge be the answer after all? Thanks again….I have subscribed to your channel.

Claudio Cammarota says:

wow…thank u so much..i didn’t know bridge..but now i love it so much! xD i think it will help me a lot! 😀 <3

akp2011 says:

Thank you!!!!

Mel Feliciano says:

Great tip but unfortunately I cannot open the AVCHD folder to get to the MTS files from Bridge, at least not on a Mac using Adobe Bridge CS6.

Miles Hunter says:

That’s a good one. Thanks!

Rowby Goren says:

Bravo. And yes, I’m a Patreon supporter. …Rowby

Chris Collier says:


Anatoli Sergejev says:

OMG! For a few years I have this Bridge, and didn,t even know it’s so useful! Thank you mr. Smith!

Volkan Y. says:

Perfect! Thx lot!

Bernie Gator says:

Thank you, I never thought of using Bridge this way, this is a great, great idea!

Creative films Ratlam says:

wow good I was looking for it thanx to mr.smith.


I’d love some more Basic Bridge Tutorials.

Laurent Henry says:

WOW ! Thanks heaps !

Melvin Chong says:

Adobe should really turn Bridge into a full fledged MAM instead of a half-baked media browser. It’s no wonder nobody’s using it much.

Ran Fuchs says:

Great feature. Just saved me an hour of searching. Thank you

erfut says:

Great man, thanks

Ravi Shekhar says:


Luke Flegg says:

Are you aware that in Windows, you can go to the parent folder of your 38 folders and in the search button (top right corner of Windows Explorer) you can just type MXF.
That shows you the MXF files from ALL of the folders inside that folder…
From here you can delete, copy, cut, rename, etc… view various metadata etc…

gerlos says:

Great feature, thanks for sharing!
But you already can do something similar with modern file managers, just using the search field in the top right corner of any window – as in your example, you can enter a folder and search for MXF files in there.
I use mostly MacOS and Ubuntu, so I’m not sure about Windows (I expect it to work the too).
On MacOS for example you can search a file type in a folder, and that search will show files from sub folders – and you can even save that search as a “smart folder”, to use it later.

bob.bob7020 bhupinder singh says:

Thanks. Very much and God bless you sir.I from india and now I am working in Photo printing lab in Lebanon, this tip will help me to much.

illg60 says:

Any tips for rooting out duplicates ?

BLADE4 Productions says:

Hey Collin! Watched this before and it is still amazing. Back then I knew I would have use. Well today I do. SO… I have gotten a little sloppy in my house keeping with all my Phantom 4 Video from many parts of this side of the planet lol. What I need to do is get all of my videos together so I can upload them to my Cloud Storage. I think it would be useful to take your video here and make a part two. In that part two it would be really cool if you would show us more use for bridge in this manner AS WELL as how to… Like How to Merge all of these into their own folder for upload like in my case? For example I have 3TB of storage. External SSDs. I have an new 500 GB SSD I installed in my laptop that augments or assists my 250 GB SSD SATA (C: Drive. (For Operating system and software. NOT for storage of course). Ok so I want to condense my video clips.

What would be super awesome would be to take the Collections we make with Bridge… Then have our Cloud Storage come down to that ” Folder ” even thought the videos are scattered between two Ext SSDs. Then upload them into their own location on the cloud.

Sorry for the long winded response. LOL Maybe it is simple and a How To response from you is all I need. Either way you are one of TOP Go To How To guys on the net for Adobe etc. Keep up the good work!

DrHanna says:

just simply go to the windows search bar and click on folder you want to find the videos and type *.mxf and it will show only mxf files

Midnight Tornado says:

The Adobe site (and others) didn’t really do a good job convincing me why I should be using Bridge. So I came here, and your super clear 5min explanation sold me on it instantly. Thanks!

Micky Mouse says:

Thank you!

MiataTravels says:

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone looking for certain types of files on my whole system. The tip on finding files in subfolders is HUGE! Thanks so much.

Hoan Lee says:

thanks sir!

Christian Gallego says:

Hi, Can I created collections for external hdd, ssd… etc ? or the images and the rest of files (images, videos etc) must be in the computer?Thanks. I’m sorry my English

Silver Von says:

Many people knows the command, not many people know how to use it properly. Thanks for sharing this !

Dave Jones says:

Many thanks.

Josh Ethan Johnson says:

Great tip. Why didn’t it generate thumbnails for those mxf files? Premiere does. Curious.

Bliss Garcia says:

…or you can just search “.mxf” within that folder and it’s subfolders…

Vee Draw Stuff says:

This is a video that actually delivers the promise of the title. It is truly a powerful feature. Thank You.

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