Sonos Bridge – Hands on Review. Part of multi-room home setup

This discreet small unit allows you to create the necessary ‘SONOS Net’ in your home b connecting this to your home network or directly to your home Router.
This then means that any other SONOS equipment you have communicates to this unit and through this to your music library over your network and to all the growing number of internet services. SPOTIFY, Last FM, etc.
Placing this near your Router makes this a convenient, elegant and relatively cheap way to free your home from one more CAT 5 cable.

Note – This unit does not play any music and can nt be used on its own.

Note – This is one of a series of videos I am making about my SONOS kit.


Tom Strong Reviews says:

100% yes. You can plug an CAT 5 cable into the ethernet port that links this to your network and you are off and going.
(For this sized unit – IMHO – Sounds excellent as well)

Stijn Stijnsen says:

can u use a sonos play 5 without the bridge?

Tom Strong Reviews says:

At least ONE of your SONOS units must be plugged into your Network. That can be direct to the Router or a HUB or Switch that allows it to access the LAN and ideally internet. Then SONOS can play music from both files on other drives / devices on your LAN as well as from Internet radio and Internet music services.
I have another video that may help you more. (Check out my channel)

eph massive says:

this review sucks

RedesCat says:

if you turn off your router does it turn off the bridge?

P Kelley says:

I’m tryin gto set up my Sonos system…not digital…want to go into my old school receiver (which is on the 2nd floor)…I have the Connect unit and the Bridge unit…do I still have to run a cable to my router (which is on the first floor)…for sme reason I thought this was wireless and the Bridge unit would wirelessly connect to my router?…thanks!

kenneth chung says:

can you connect this to your laptop?

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