Sonos Boost Review | What is the SONOS Boost?

Sup guys, so today i am taking a look at another Sonos product, the Sonos boost. Many people buy the SONOS boost and have no idea what it is and how to use it. Once you know what it’s used for, believe me it’s worth the purchase! purchase!

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Evan Zamir says:

I’m getting frustrated with Sonos. I have a pair of Sonos Ones and a SUB in my bedroom where the router is for my house. In another room I have a Sonos Connect which I want to use to stream music to a headphone setup. I don’t know if the issue is my wi-fi or the app but the headphone setup hardly ever works and the app seems to constantly forget it’s been setup before so it is always searching and telling me it doesn’t work. I bought the BOOST as a last ditch effort and so far can figure out how to make it work. Right now I have the BOOST connected to my router via Ethernet in the bedroom. I have set it up several times already but it has not improved the situation with the headphone setup. Any suggestions?

Sandy Scott says:

I have one but have not yet conner o the new network on your controlling devices such as your iPhone, computer, etc., or will they somehow still control the Sonos devices while connected to your regular home network?

BrutalJuice says:

I hate your face. I just wanna punch it.

Ben Rodenburg says:

You dont really need this guy. You can also hook one of your speakers up to the network wired, and have the same sonos network. If you hook one of your speaker up to the network wired, sonos makes his own network as well. Simpely connect one (doenst really matter wich one) speaker to the network via a cable, and the whole system automaticly will connect to their own sonos network. And every speaker, works as a network boost, so the network is stable as a rock! The boost is very handy if you want to extend the reach of the network, or is you dont have place for a speaker near a wired network outlet. Its hard to find on the internet, but I hooked my system up like that, and it works great! I bought the Boost as well, but returned it, because this helped me with the network issues I had. Save yourself the 100 bucks, and try it like that!

amclellan84 says:

I’m looking for a wireless network to connect to my Yamaha as501 amp, will this work?

Aaron T00xGR1M says:

Should just insert it into your bias ass and turn it up 🙂

Bruce Courtney says:

I️ hooked this up and my system got worse!

John B says:

Does the boost need to be plugged into my router or can I just plug it into a wall socket in the room I have drop out?

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