Sonoff RF Bridge Review

A quite a long video on setting up and using the RF Bridge in a few different scenarios. I show you how you can use the RF Bridge and RF devices to control other Sonoff Wifi devices and vice versa.

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These are the sensors and remotes I used in the video:
4 button small keyfob:
PIR motion sensor and door sensor:
DIY relay board:
(DOA) Water leakage sensor:
8 button remote:
5 EU remote sockets:


Golan Trevize says:

where can i buy that remote controller?

Miki Kálnai says:

Szia! Nagyon jó a videó!
Van egy hatalmas hiányom/problémám ezzel az RF bridge-el. A hozzá csatlakoztatott távirányítók miért nem lehetnek trigger eszközök? Mikor megnyomok egy távirányító gombot, akkor felvillan a piros statuszled a bridge-en, szóval nem egyirányú a kapcsolat…

Florin Costea says:

I plan to use 4 pir sensors and one rf bridge, so I need to know how the ewelink app is working. Can you receive the notification with the phone in stand by mode (in your pocket)? How much it will eat the phone battery in one day?

John says:

Very bad audio

Yara Brandao says:

hi there. awesome video. question please; can i add the sonfoff wifi/rf switch to my air conditioner and control it by using my google home and / alexa? i read somewhere else that it wouldnt work. because to turn the ar conditioner on you have to use the rf controler of the ac. do you know anything about this please? thansk.

Andrea Mitchell says:

those cheap RF relays are great and they have more than just the momentary mode,
there is also a latched mode so you can have either one button to switch it on and another button to switch it off or you can have it so one button switches it on and off and there is another mode too but i forget what it is since i never use it and thye also come in 10 amp 120/220 v so they can be used for main just like a sonoff basic and it also has the different modes, so you can make it on with one FQ and off with another FQ

i use the 12v models for the garage with a broadlink RM pro
well i use one right now but then you only have one FQ for both open and close
i got a second one for the garage and now i am waiting for my momentary SPDT button switch to arrive from China so that i can wire the 2 relays and the switch up to get separate FQ’s , one for open and one for close here is a schematic for you if you are interested
9000 hours in MS paint

i plan on mounting or gluing the button to a magnet and then sticking the magnet on the end of the
rail near the opener so that when the door opens the trolley will press in the button

idonar1 says:

@Csongor great video. question is it possible also to learn the rf bridge my air-condition RF ? so i can turn my AC on-off using my phone/alexa? thanks.

Joao Lopes says:

Hi Csongor, if you have multiple devices won’t they interfere with each other? Lets say you want to turn on a switch, will it not interfere with the other switches?

looking16z says:

Great instructions – thanks for taking the time to create them as I was unable to find instructions … most helpful

mug mal says:

Thanks! Nice video. very informative and educational. I have a question? I have just programmed a remote control (RF) for the sockets connected to the lamps; works great!… My garden lights also have an RF Remote, but it will not learn that one, nor will it learn the RF Remote control for my chandelier. Any suggestions?

Jagood says:

Thank you for the video. What is the range of the device? I would like to use it for outdoor gate (433.92 MHz). The gate is about 7m away from source.

Norbert Rieberger says:

Nagyon nem vagyok jártas a témában…A kérdésem az lenne,hogy bármi féle módon ezekkel a termékekkel lehetne-e egy klíma beremdezést működtetni?Párátlanítókat már sikeresen beüzemeltem,de ez komolyabb feladatnak tűnik.
Válaszod előre is köszönöm!

Chmiellification says:

Hi, as you say “One RF Bridge supports to add up to 4 RF Remote controllers.” – but is there possibility to add another bridge to that eWelink app to control another RF remotes?

Brian says:

Can you have more than one one RF Bridge within the same installation? Only being able to control 4 devices, makes it limited?

patches141 says:

Ok. Thanks for your attention

Ryan Alexander says:

Can someone please tell me the signal range for a sonoff pir sensor or door detector? I cant find anything anywhere

Viper090674 says:

thx for the video. If i want to set up a DIY relay board, do i need some remote to learn it to the sonoff bridge? Or can i press a button on the print to learn it to the sonoff?

richard says:

hi there
will the sonoff RF bridge work with a 350 watt rated power of electric gate opener

farma for president says:

Such a shame that they don’t improve ewelink app… I own a Broadlink RM pro, it costs around 3 times more than this one, but it also has IR capabilities. And I finally could integrate it in HASS without changing the stock firmware.

New Vision says:

Than you very much for the information. I have problems with smart welink right now, it says “smart we link is unavailable right now”, but still makes the connection. I think the problem is in the new update of smart welink app (yesterday) . do you have the same problem?

Nick's Stuff says:

Good hardware, very mediocre app.

Does it work with openHAB etc?

Ben Huson says:

Hello! Decent video first of all! The water leak detector, sorry if this has already been mentioned, you say at the beginning of the video its dead on arrival. I ordered 1 and thought the same thing! However I quite embarrassingly realised the device just didn’t come with a battery installed! Needs a CR123 battery!

István Nagy says:

They could’ve put an IR receiver and blaster into the same box. That would also work with infrared devices, like an A/C.
Still, very handy device 🙂

sherrythomas123 says:

Grate job…Txxxxx…

Xavier Cabezas says:

Great video! Have you implemented a solution with the DY-SQ100B Water Leakage Detector that you are linking to?

patches141 says:

Can you think of a way to have a light turn on and off through a sonoff switch with the open and close of a door ?

ed.G. Hansen says:

micro usb plug for power. ? like the old phones used to use.

Kim Kristensen says:

excelent video, you make it easy to understand, thanks.

zemismart smart home says:

Dear Friend, Thanks for your video ,could you also help us to review our smart pordcut If you like our prodcut ,pls send email to me for review details, Rearlly thanks.

Gad Ofir says:

Hi Csongor
will this work with any 433 or do i need the sonoff stuff?
for emaple can i buy any brand PIR,Smoke?

zearthus says:

@Csongor Varga
can sonoff touch be trigger using RF and not through wifi? I’m planning to have a alarm setup wifh RF only and not mix with wifi controls. thanks

Pete clarke says:

Great video. I have been struggling to understand the applications of the bridge. Your video has given me all of information I need to create my own layouts. Your hard work is most appreciated and I am looking forward to any follow up videos in the future.

Zoltán Törőcsik says:

Szia, Gratulálok a videóhoz, jó lett. Egészen hasznos dolognak tűnik, az nem egyértelmű számomra, hogy a brige-nek és a telónak ugyanazon a hálózaton kell lenni vagy neten keresztül is működik?

patches141 says:

When I link the sonoff door sensor with the sonoff pro 4ch rf, it only activates the switch when the two parts of the sensor are separated. When I put them back together nothing happens. I need it to turn off the when separated and turn it back on when reunited. What am I doing wrong ?

squalazzo says:

there are 2 types of 433mhz devices: 433.42 and 433.92, i think the latter is more used…

and you can flash it with espurna free firmware to have an independent device which can learn on and off commands separately…

and even add an IR transmitter, if you want 🙂

Árpád Tóth says:

Szia Csongor, korábban vettem az első generációs RF Bridge-et, de gyakorlatilag egy távirányítót sem tudtam vele használni (433 MHz-esek), a szoftver frissítés után sem. Az új változat jobb a régi változatnál, van rá esély hogy ez jobban működik?

Carlos Pineiro says:

For your RF remotes, you should setup as 2 buttons ON and an OFF.
then make another for unit 2. That is a good work around

Antonio Marti says:

Ciao. Con App chiusa non riesco a ricevere notifiche sullo smartphone. Lo uso come allarme. Hai una soluzione?

Istvan Szabo says:

Két kérdésem lenne. Először is elérhetők a videóid magyarul. Második, a videodban ewelinkel több eszközt is vezéreltél, az én ewelinkem azt írja hogy max 4rf csatornát taníthatsz rá. valamit rosszul csináltam vagy van másik verziója, ámbár ma lefrissítettem a legújabbra .

Matthias Kuerten says:

Thanks for sharing this video. Well done and super insightful

Sothun SENG says:

well done and thank you for sharing

Marcos Ribeiro says:

Excelente vídeo! Parabéns

Dominik Korsa says:

Great video

Ryan says:

I have a klikaanklikuit remote control ( the APA3-1500R) does that one work with this bridge? How much rf channels can i pair on one bridge?

Ekl Internacional says:

I just bought a sonoff RF Bridge just only for alarm use, I set 4 door sensors. I already settled all the scenes but my main problem is: how can I turn on and turn off the bridge when I am leaving my home and when I arrived. I dont want nothing automatic just tell to the bridge is time to arm the alarm when I’m gone and shut down the alarm when I’m in home. Thanks.

Richard Hubbuck says:

Brill, many thanks.

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