Silex gigabit Ethernet to USB bridge to share USB devices (Giveaway Review)

The Silex SX-3000GB Gigabit USB Device Server is essentially an Ethernet to USB bridge. It allows you to share up to 15 USB devices across your network. This is also a giveaway, check the video for the details. Entries must be posted by 3/6.

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Chantal Hawkins says:

i want to enter the giveaway

Jennefer555 says:

Giveaway-nice vid

vertifai says:

Giveaway! cool

Brad Gibson says:

Giveaway – Very nice!

yuprulesing says:

Give Away Please.

Question: What happens if two people print at once? Does one job go through and the other one fail and you have to hit retry?

viewer1000 says:

Giveaway – You mentioned that you learned you can’t share a FAT32 with HPS … do you mean that you can only read (not write) as is the case with HPS to NTFS or do you mean that you absolutely can’t share FAT32? And is it just this device or is it network sharing or all connections? Because on an earlier version of Mac OS I swear I plugged in a FAT32 USB hard drive and it was fine.

Looks like an amazing product. THANK YOU for sharing it with us!

Devikvampire says:

Giveaway- Hope i win :3

Mike Flaminio says:

Well, I plugged the drive into my Mac, and it didn’t come up over the network. I reformatted to HFS+ and it did. So, donno. I didn’t spend much time on it since it was unrelated.

owieman2004 says:

Giveaway – this is great. I would work awesome with my Harddrives!

Lauri K says:

Giveaway – very useful product!!

iPhone3gCaseReview says:

Giveaway- thanks for the giveaway

Buzzz5152 says:

GiveAway- I would love to have this

BARAKTV World says:

can i give internet from my laptop to Ps3 ???

undeadnow says:

holy hell of editing you left out all the hard parts when it got hard to do it you just cut it

Red says:

Giveaway - Need it!

alfineart says:

I love this Giveaway! Sign me up!

. . . says:

Really great review and insight on how it could be used. Count me in for this giveaway!!

Matthew S says:

Giveaway- Awesome! My Airport Extreme only has 1 USB Port so this will be awesome!

Boltstorm181 says:

Giveaway – wow that thing is cool

Ahsan Malik says:

Please sign me up for this, thanks for a cool video

Skullflag44 says:

Giveaway- That’d be awesome!

Al Borland says:

Giveaway – that is really cool.

Shadmed says:

Giveaway- Nice product.

Niroshan Amrasiriwardena says:

Giveaway – share an iPhone/iPod!

Robert Wood says:

Giveaway!!! Please sign me up! Thank you!!!!

Mactutor30 says:

Giveaway- SWEET

Suzanne Ripple says:

I would love to be in the giveaway.

hirn1994 says:

Giveaway- Hope I Win

AcekillerPC says:

Giceaway- Wow interesting product!

houchi69 says:

giveaway review! i love these! 🙂

azn980980 says:

giveaway review! i love these! 🙂

wildrebels says:

Giveaway- cool!

Jim Blackburn says:

Giveaway- Hope I Win

iloveipods2 says:

giveaway hoping i can win!

David Pollak says:

Giveaway- really cool product !

Elad Gafin says:

Giveaway- im desparate for one of these

Notpoop says:

@basturk18 reeeettttaaaaarrrrd

jian rui says:

Giveaway- this would be cool. thanks for the giveaway.

tony9318 says:

IGM really does some good giveaways. I hope I win this one

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