Setting up Vonets VAP11N Wi-Fi Bridge & Triple-Dragon USB adaptor

This Video shows how to avoid the pitfalls of setting up the Vonets VAP11N – this Wi-Fi bridge can turn any item which has a LAN connection into one which can communicate with a wi-fi router (it also provides it’s own hotspot)
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Gareth Pinhorne says:

So happy I found this video. Been pissing around all day trying to get the setup software downloaded from Vonets site to work to no avail. This took five minutes and worked first time. You sir, are a gent.

Dennis W says:

Hey! I have just a little question about the range of these devices. I’m trying to span a distance that’s just about 50% longer than the range of an average wireless router (across the street). Now I found a similar device to this by Vonets which they claim has up to 500m of range. Do you know if these actually have a higher range then regular repeaters? Thanks!

Mario Cisneros says:

Please help me with Xbox 360, old edition

Camping Le Mondou says:

We have a 300 vonet vap11g-The configuration is the same, and is not a problem.
That’s all good, but he could not connect to the router. Do you have any idea what the problem may be.

Matthew Ehrlich says:

Thank you for this video! I’ve been struggling with setting up my Vonet and your video was extremely helpful! Great job!!

Bob Black says:

Cheers for video, helped me as well.

SDannniel2552 says:

Thanks for the help

Axeman Fink says:

ok i have a 3g wifi modem i can plug it into usb port but it clashes with normal router . could i put this into a load balancing router with existing adsl and new connection.

Darren W. Taylor says:

Do you know if this works with Directv? I’ve managed to get the Vonets to work, thanks to your great video, but my Directv receiver isn’t recognizing it.

Ratsizaonen Hensley says:


William Gerolami says:

Is the passphrase written on the router? what if it has been changed to another password? because i have been inputting so many different things and I simply cannot get mine to work. I have the vonets mini 300

Eric Schnidrig says:

What a waste of time! Why don’t you stay with configuring this POS? I
bought 2 and the manual is worthless to use this as a bridge!??! Example: What are the source and destination parameters supposed to be?

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