Setting up a Wireless Bridge – 5 mile wireless ethernet cable part 1

Pox, Yakko and Couchguy show you how to setup create a long range wireless bridge using low cost Ubiquiti Nanostations

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Too Smart Guys says:

We have been for the past 2 years, It’s really cool, we have one link 21 miles and get’s over 75Mb real bandwith. Good idea for a show.

snipercamtv says:

is the guy with the check shirt HIGH on drugs, coz he says fuck all, or his he there just to suck dick when the videos done 😉

Pinball Steve says:

Where’s part 2?

Greg Griffin says:

Any advise…I am trying to setup some form of security on a rehab house I purchased 1/2 half mile from my home. I do not have direct line of sight due to trees, also same elevation. Trying to avoid an internet or security monthly payment at this property. Looking for options. Any advise is appreciated.

Jamy's Channel says:

You should do some testing on those devices, speeds vs. distance and stuff ! <3 the show btw 😉

RPG_ash says:

cool video. more of this stuff is fine by me :]

Cement Box says:

I need a 3km wifi range. Im thinking Bi-quad + Dish… what do you recommend?

Alex Girard says:

i currently work at a computer store while im in school and the most common question is wifi not covering there house.some of the time people are limited to keeping there router in the basement for whatever reason and have problems on the upper floors and moving the router is just not an option,So i usually recommend a range extender(repeater) or sometimes powerline adapters(how good/reliable are these) and also would dualband help at all for range on a router on DB mode and normal N mode?

m0dm0use says:

powerline in my experience wouldn’t work it depends on the electrical wiring setup in the house but it didnt work for my house that is about 40 years old building.

m0dm0use says:

I’m wondering if its becuase of surge protectors and other surge protection including surge breakers, this was some years ago when I tried it soon after they first released as we were not to keen on wires or wifi at the time.

Too Smart Guys says:

I have a good working power line connection from my house to my studio 500Mb, not too bad.

jacobhn2 says:

I have experienced Just like sound has dead spots in a room that has wifi too, I can move my ipad 30 cm to get the signal back or better

qoaa says:

been doing wireless Ethernet client bridge since 802.11b/g on dd-wrt wrt54gl hehe using external antennas on the wrt54gl set 2 beams pointed at each other at a mile for our use but that was long ago of course

lepompier132 says:

You show a product that is no longer available at Ubiquiti. They have a different product now.

Us Pia says:

Ey guys, please let me know if this setup will work. here we go, setup the AP(the one with the internet service) then connect it to the router LAN. then on the client bridge can i connect it to the WAN connection on the second router (the side that need internet service, client bridge) so it can grab IP or if i decided to go static IP it will be on the same network as the AP on the internet side. Can i still use the wireless capability of the second router(side that need internet, client bridge) for ipad, cell phone, laptop and wireless printer? I have the Ubiquiti NSM5 and the distance between the two is just over 1KM. i choose this one for full speed at this range. thanks guys!

Brad DeMaagd says:

What is the name of the devices again?

Ron Henderson says:

Great Video, where is Part 2 video??

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