RP-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Range Extender/Media Bridge Overview

The RP-AC68U is an AC1900-class dual-band Repeater (Range Extender), with a 3-transmit, 4- receive (3×4) internal antenna array that delivers Wi-Fi speeds up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, for a combined total of up to 1900 Mbps. It’s easy to install with its one-touch WPS button, and it features a high-speed USB 3.0 port that works with AiCloud to give you fast wireless access to files stored on a connected USB storage device. Five gigabit ports let you convert any wired network device, such as a game console or smart TV, to work wirelessly. Smart status LEDs give you all the information you need to know, at a glance.


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Candybar121 says:


Sameh Bahubishi says:

very cool 🙂 is it available in Amazon ?

Toàn Nguyễn says:

I forgot my ssid that i set on the router! And i reset it but it as security! How can i reset it to factory? Some body know anything

stashe aus says:

can i connect a ethernet cable from my DSL-AC68U to a RP-AC68U and it will still act as a extender? distance between the 2 units would be approx 20+ meters away

Marcus U says:

Is there going to be a media bridge that matches the speeds of the RT-AC88R?

8KGAMING says:

the only thing ASUS have to do is lower their product prices as its very high compare to other brands

tigerbeer1231 says:

What is the advertised range between the router and the range extender?

Tamimi Ahmed says:

can i use ASUS RT-AC3500 ROUTER AS A RANGE EXTENDER iam getting a open wifi till my room from my neighborhood can i place asus router in my room as a range extender

Colonel Chewbaca says:

Can I use this in a dual mode, such as a range extender and a media bridge?

Tech-Know Scope says:

This thing is beautiful, I posted my review of it yesterday. I didn’t even know it existed until the day I bought it.

zodiacfml says:

Hmm…..a design pulling from Apple’s Airport which is only pretty, sacrificing function. This design though is better suited for a Mini-PC or a Two-Bay NAS. A NAS with Wi-Fi capabilities would be neat.

John Doe says:

Fucking hate this guy.

CrucialConflict says:

Asus RP-AC68U The BEST!

Charles Benoit says:

any one know range between rt-ac5300 and rp-ac68u

8KGAMING says:

THANKS ASUS for these acces point and media bridge . i think i future devices kindly add the gigabit ports to all range extender and acces point as its compulsory for console or pc to get higher speed as wifi speed not enough for online gaming and uploading videos on youtube or streams video which need wired connection

Sean Cassidy says:

I assume this would integrate with the Netgear R8000 I already have setup. I was looking to extend the strength of my 2.4Ghz signal to my second floor 2.4Ghz only devices and found this unit to be exactly what I want. I stream everything, Netflix/Shomi/Plex & my own direct ISO’s however on the 2.4Ghz band I just don’t seem to have the bandwidth available to support a full BD ISO streaming unfortunately or anything over 20GB for that matter, devices needing more speed upstairs are unfortunately only 2.4Ghz. Using Expressway connection, RP-AC68u connected @ 5Ghz to one of my 5Ghz wifi bands on my router then RP-AC68u connecting to my devices upstairs on the 2.4Ghz Band looks to be the solution, no signal reduction with that Feature if I understand it correctly. That Expressway feature really needs to be talked about more and reviewed in depth as the release of the device happens. That aspect of a repeater/extender where you lose half the bandwidth when using multiple frequencies vs 1 dedicated per side is nice, heck I’m not sure I still fully understand that myself. Just saw the price on CanadaComputers………$235 Canadian WTH ! OH ! Fastlane technology, Netgear…$170 for competing product. I’d buy the Asus if it was the same price as it has 4 vs 3 antenna’s to the Netgear EX7000

Marcus U says:

My EA-AC87 keeps dropping the connection & i have no idea why. I tried the factory restore from the GUI but it didn’t help anything.

Danny T says:

Can this be used both in Media Bridge mode to connect my TV, PS4, TiVo PC AND a 5GHz Express Way repeater mode to connect to my farther 2.4GHz wifi devices? If not do I need to buy this and a repeater? I’m looking for a combined “wireless network hub bridge” and a repeater all in one box. I don’t want to buy a plug in repeater or buy another wifi router just for media mode. I’ve been hoping this is the one I’ve been waiting for.

lara lord says:

Hello Asus north america! we are here, answer our questions????

dave01978 says:

could i hard wire this to an RT-AC68U and have it comunicate via the ethernet ports? my Router is on the one corner, and thinking putting the extender on the other corner would cover the house well. Is this possible, or does it need to comunicate via wifi?


Duke Nl says:

I sent a question to JJ AND Asus with no reply.. My question is Would this RP-AC68U Offer more range and performance than getting another high end router like the asus ASUS RT-AC88U to use as access point in different location where its harder to get a signal and extend my network… my existing router is the ASUS RT-AC5300. Thanks

Satanas EastLos says:

I need one of those for my ps4

TexasBulldog74 says:

This thing or the customer service sucks. It does absolutely NOTHING in my house. Lights come on, looks like strong signal but the wifi you access is a do not go. gonna sell, and buy the best router i can and hope it can hit the wifi security cam’s on the other side of the house (which is not that big, average at best)

Pedro Croca says:

Hi, just want to start by saying that this is a great review, thank you very much.
Also, I would like your input on something: So, I’m basically looking for a Ethernet Switch that can also “distribute” via wifi, meaning that it’s basically a repeater but instead of receiving the internet signal from the router via wifi, receives it by an Ethernet cable (I don’t know how dumb my question is since I’ve just started learning about this today). Does this product allow me to do what I want or can It only be connected to the router via wifi?

The Dexinator says:

Does it need to be connected with utp on the modem/router? or can it be wireless connected?

Ca Ba says:

Hi there, first of all, let me tell you this is a great video. 2nd, I just got this one, and while setting up along with my Asus RT-AC3500, using WEP, the repeater was able only to sync with the 2.4GHz, but the 5.0GHz… I wonder why if my router, has the exact same EAS as pwd. Also, noticed the repeater has as default the IP (same as the Router). I do not think this is a good idea due to IP conflicts on your LAN. Last but not least, I’d like to now where is the RESET button… (is that little whole closed to the center of the repeater? Please, advice. Thank you

Bylga says:

I need this! (._.)

fusion 7171 says:



00Clive00 says:

I never understand why the wps button is on the back of the Router, surely having it on the front would make more sense?

Joe Joe says:

can this only have 5 connections at one time connected to it?

Fady Adel says:

anyone know the range of this device (ie 200 m ,300 m,etc)?

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