Review: Nova MW6 Mesh Network

Greg is back this week to talk about one of his favorite bits of tech: Wireless Mesh Networks. This week Greg reviews the Nova MW6 home mesh network system by Tenda. Will this be the router that FINALLY dethrones the mighty Google Wifi? Check it out!

Music by Joakim Karud — its awesome!

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From Tenda:
“Nova MW6 is powered with true Mesh technology, a set of three units covers home up to 6,000 square feet with strong Wi-Fi signals. Smart Auto-path Selection Technology to ensure a robust wireless network and maximize a faster home internet.”




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Florian says:

Can I also connect the first cube existing wifi instead of connecting it using a cable?

jcrazyblue4u says:

Good review quick question does the mw6 support more nodes than supplied 3 nodes?

Bill McGovern says:

Excellent review. Thanks.

AndroidOnlyPlz says:

how is this compared to MW3? would you still recommend MW6?

Bobby Gainey says:

Just purchased this….how do you manage the app outside of you home ?….

Aminul Chowdhury says:

If I buy 2 sets will I be able to add the 3 additional nodes to total 6 nodes?

Wolfie1038 says:

Hi Greg. Very informative video and answered most of my questions. I have 1 other question….if I get the 3 pack and only need to use 2 of them……can I give the third one to my sister so she can replace her router and get better reception in her small house? Thanks.

Jeff Merritt says:

Did you have any issues connect a VPN? I have one for work and when I am connected to one of the secondary devices my download speed goes from 25-75 Mbps (non VPN on device not connect to main unit) to less than 1 Mbps.

Ross Eldrin Taupa says:

Are those water proof?

Brad Haggett says:

Does it work with Chromecast devices?

Lou Lopez says:

Best investment I’ve made in a while considering our two story home made wifi living hell.Five minutes after I set it up we were flowing like a river.

Nazrhael says:

Does it support OpenVPN?

Victor Vargas says:

I have been looking at the Google Wifi, this seems like a contender as well. However I live in a 2 bedroom basement apartment so I do have concrete behind the walls besides the walls that split the rooms. Would Google Wifi or Nova MW6 Mesh Networks work ? I will be using all 3 just to really reassure a good connection because like you said before “density is the wifi killer” Thanks

dontbothermewithchannels says:

Will it send personal data/Data I send in the WLAN to his headquarter in China? Do I have to configure my firewall to be extra secure when I use these boxes?

Sjoerd Koerts says:

I bought this Tenda nova mw6 set and having problems keeping it connected to internet.
When it works it’s working like a pro but suddenly the mw6 set just lost connection and no matter what I do.. power off, reboot.. nothing happens just a red led.
I keep it powered on and randomly the led it blue again and the connection is restored. The firmware is up to date also.
Anyone any idea what causes this problem?
Thanks a lot for your time.

JohnnyNismo says:

The Tenda 2-pack is on sale for $95 for Black Friday. Sure, it’s not the fastest 802.11AC 5Ghz but it’ll get the job done for that price. I’m a senior Cisco wireless engineer by trade and am fine with this for the price. You want MU-MIMO and beam forming if possible and this cheap thing has it. With that being said, it’s cheap so you may get what you pay for.

Walter Gray says:

Can I use my own router with this system as I would have better controls over the settings? Settings static IPs based on MAC, changing DNS, port forwarding, Disabling some devices from reaching the internet. Could I disable the wifi in the router and use the Trenda MW6 as the wifi mesh? Or does the Trenda have to act as the router?

Jenny Penny says:

Would like to know what is the fastest speeds that you have gotten?

Avelino Torres says:

Great video – thank you! now quick question. I understand I need to connect the first cube to my router for initial set up, after I am done, can I disconnect this for using all cubes on bridge mode instead? thank you!

Ziontrainism says:

This just went on sale on Amazon (Lightning deal) 3 pack for $128. Hurry!

Reno C says:

I purchased the MW6 and the connection speed is strong on all devices except for my MacBook. When I plug in via ethernet its fast, just slow over wifi. I have run diagnostics and it keeps coming up with the same thing about conflicting country codes. For some reason, the country code is CN. Any ideas how to fix this? Tenda Nova have by far the worst after market support in history.

Leon Summerfield-Kehoe says:

In a review by another publication, they state “that using bridge mode will disable other features, such as the guest network and parental controls” which isn’t ideal. I suppose my question here is… could I not simply connect the first Ethernet port on the Tenda unit to my router and the second to an unmanaged switch then move those devices physically connected to my router to the switch negating the need for bridge mode altogether? I appreciate it’s an additional expense, but it’d still work out cheaper than the more expensive alternatives which, for all I know, may have similar limitations.

Shawn Kirk says:

I’ve watched several videos on the Tenda Nova Mesh MW6 and I’m slightly confused about 1 thing. Port Forwarding. No video mentions how you handle port forwarding on these things. All the instructions seem to indicate you are replacing your existing router with these. I have older PC hardware with no WiFi ability, so I need a switch to provide Ethernet access. That aside, my current router has several port forwards for web, FTP, and gaming servers. So does the Tenda router have some ability to port forward? Can I simply plug them into my existing network without a router conflict? I’m new to Mesh so bare with me.

Wolfie1038 says:

Great video. I recently cut the cord and I’m looking for a stronger router to use to cut down on buffering in a room not close to the current router. This might be what I’m looking for, but I have a question about the connections on the back. I have 2 other items that require being plugged into the router. I don’t see how I would do that. Can you help me understand if I can use this system and how to connect the other 2 ethernet things. Thanks.

Robert Price says:

Can you replace existing router with one of these and use the other nodes or do I have to keep my existing router?

Steve Ledbetter says:

I dont want a individual network I want the mesh network to work with my network I have . I am having trouble with this can you help.

thunder708 says:

Interested in buying this system, I’m a strong believer in cables, can you set each node up with a wired backbone?

Shawn Kirk says:

OK… so I purchased the Nova MW6 kit and the setup was really simple. Walking through my house I have a consistent signal strength and never drop. I have several devices all connected at once (app shows 19 devices all connected). Several Rokus, PCs, phones, tablets, Alexa, Google Home, and printers all working fine. Then I went to do some port forwarding since I run a couple gaming servers and BAM! There doesn’t appear to be any way to forward a “range” of addresses. For instance Source game servers use 27000-27050. Seems like the only way to do it is to manually add every single port…if the Tenda router even allows that many. I’m still going to mess around with it, but wanted to add in what I’ve learned thus far… Easy setup… lacking port forwarding of ranges. It also doesn’t have any firewall settings so… uhh… unprotected?

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