Review: Google Wifi. Still worth the investment?!

We are approaching nearly one year with Google Wifi being available, but is it still worth the cost of getting it? In this video Greg talks about setting up and using Google Wifi as well as talking about whether this router system is the ‘best’ in todays market.

Greg talks about the app, the router itself and overall tech specs of the Google Wifi router.

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Google Wifi

Google Wifi is smart, automatically putting your devices on the clearest channel and strongest band, so you can do what you love without missing a beat.

Google Wifi has you covered, no matter what the shape or size of your home. It’s everything you love about Google — smarts, security, and simplicity — brought to home Wi-Fi. Google Wifi is reliable and flexible, handling your devices and online activities seamlessly.

Simple Wi-Fi control
Use the Google Wifi companion app to see what’s connected, run a speedtest, troubleshoot, set up a guest network, and more.

Family-friendly tools
Manage kids’ screen time by pausing Wi-Fi to their devices at bedtime, during dinnertime, or whenever appropriate.

AC1200 2×2 Wi-Fi
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports

Color & Materials
White • plastic

WPA2-PSK • Automatic security updates

512MB RAM • 4GB eMMC

Quad-core ARM CPU

15W power adapter

Dimensions & Weight
4.1 in dia • 2.7 in H





MrDunkyBoi says:

my house is just around 1600sqft, so is it worth it to buy just one of these? or its better for big houses that way you can use all 3 of them

FAYMprod says:

I’m really interested in this hardware. curious what’s your isp situation. i have an at&t modem router I’m stuck with and the only reason i haven’t purchased google wifi is bc I’m not sure if it can run gwf on top of that router. I’ve read some conflicting and unsatisfying anecdotes.

Chris Hoath says:

Thanks man – great stuff

Budar Endario says:

Do I need to buy a modem in order to connect?

sam tan says:

I recently purchased the 3 pack. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks now and all I have to say is that it has been working great. I have wifi coverage through out the house now, no dead spots and my ping has dropped dramatically and the download speeds almost quadrupled. I don’t have gigabit speeds to run any test but I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to setup and forget. Very simple setup and easy to use interface, dhcp reservation simple as a click of a button. I’m glad i upgraded my wifi, my movies are not longer buffering.

assignmentearth says:

Okay my question is, and what I understand this system to be, is an enabler or amplifier to our house cable system that I already subscribe to, like AT&T or Dish Network, or whatever. It just aids in that, right? If so, then I’m interested in getting it. Please advise.

Firas Jobran says:

I’m located in a country setting where Hughesnet is the only provider available. Speeds are very slow, will this help?

Kay Fun Chan says:

i can understand why a mesh network will work great as a solution for older homes with limited or few LAN points. but for those newer homes with LAN points in each room, would it be better to have wireless access point set up in each room? i am trying to figure out if it is necessary to purchase and set up mesh network or to convert an old router into a wireless access point with existing LAN points.
Thanks again for the public announcement. Cheers.

brol1k says:

Does it have qos to prioritize let’s say for gaming?

Miguel Peralta says:

I don’t know who I’m going to believe to this ad now!? Who’s the best really?

jason rodriguez says:

great video bro, but I only got one question.  will this setup work with my pc and laptop? I usually use lan port can it handle a pc with high intense gaming bandwidth?? please let me know before I make this purchase. thanks a million

Santo Jaime says:

Great Video, looking for home mess system, did you perform any speed tests? Video tests like Netflix? Alsome Video!

Marcel Franquinet says:

Well.. great.. when your house is NOT a two or three level building and is NOT made from Brick and Mortar.. let me explain here…

I had four of these but returned them to google.. reason being that I have a central tech-room in which I have a Managed HP Switch (19xx series) with POE+ and in my house which is out of Brick and Mortar (and concrete floors), I have UTP connections on four locations where I wanted to plug these in to rely on the GBit Connection, yet create a mesh field..

Well.. Google stated that these Routers are NOT allowed to be connected to the same HP Switch.. only ONE may be connected.. thus the MESH network fully relying on the wifi connection between those four routers.. being brick and mortar.. with 180Mbit incoming, I was getting 5-15mbit.. yes.. that sucked!

I was going to replace the Apple Airport Extremes as Apple stopped making those and I do like to be on the forefront.. but these did not deliver.. unless a red glowing orb is what you fancy..

Randy Jethead says:

Thanks for your review you just made my decision easy for someone not real techy.

matrix86 says:

So how the hell am I supposed to use this if I have Comcast? Their internet connection runs through a coax cable and the Google Wifi pucks don’t have a coax connection. I’m not going to go out and buy a converter. These should come with coax connections.

Jun Li says:

Where is the still part argument? I know what google wifi does, but it’s second half of 2017, comparing to what’s on the market at the moment, is google wifi still the best choice? You didn’t answer that question.

Ralph Suarez says:

Great video. I’m curious though. I’m running on at&t interent and where I live is a pretty remote area. This is the only internet provider that works our here. I’m running on at least 2mbs. High Def videos buffer a lot. Would this help my cause?

Thomas Garza says:

So I don’t know too much about tech stuff but if I get this does that mean i no longer need Comcast to provide internet to me? Does this device replace them or is it meant to use in place of the modems or routers they use?

Alex Man says:

Hi, should I keep my current router from my ISP and use the Google alongside? get rid of the ISP one? Also my house is abit laarge with thick walls will this be an issue?

Reginal Breed says:

Great video brochacho

Andrew Dismukes says:

Does this increase internet WiFi speed? Or simply just stretch it across the house further? My router and modem are next to my room, so it’s not that I’m too far away, I believe I just have slow internet to begin with. Will this be the answer to increase my internet speed?

Ylli Thaçi says:

Hi Technically Speaking,
thank you for the review on google wifi.
I have a few question regarding Google Wifi.

this is my situation.

There are two homes of around 100 Meters between them, which im going to call HOME A and HOME B, I have home network, broadband on Home A with WiFi setup etc,
on a regular router, where I have a DVR CCTV connected via Ethernet cable (port forwarding etc all setup), now I can just about connect to the network of HOME A from HOME B
via WiFi but i would like to extend the range of the network of HOME A to reach HOME B and give HOME B a greater range, instead of buying another ISP subscription. and also connect
a new DVR CCTV system on HOME B via an Ethernet Cable on the extended Google Wifi Unit on HOME B, so my questions are

1. Would this be possible on Google WiFi.
2. can I connect Ethernet cables on all three Google Wifi Units
3. Is Port Forwarding possible on Google WiFi for multiple DVR CCTV systems
4. would the range of the WiFi for connectivity of approx. 100 meters between each Google WiFi unit be sufficient for the HOME A Hub and HOME B Hub to “talk” to each other

Hope you can answer my question and also hope this would be a possibility as buying a new ISP subscription long term would be more expensive, where the Static IP address along costs 50 euros a year plus the monthly chargers for the connection.£45 a year plus the monthly chargers for the connection.

Kind regards


Ron Goldberg says:

Very good video! I think I’m buying the 3 pack. Could probably get by with 2 but the 3rd is essentially free.

Hacker Boy says:

Hey i wan to no how you do that


Do the additional devices need ethernet connection or do they feed off of the main router wirelessly?

Charles Guinchard says:

Can I straighten your acoustic panels please?

Anz Beatzz says:

So IS The Internet speed 1gb on The Ethernet ? And how fast its wireless

ricky bass says:

Does the Google AC1200 produce it’s own WiFi or does it act as another router for a single for that I already have?

Dukeoden7458 says:

Would you get this or a Netgear wifi extender?

Steve El-Sharawy says:

Great, really clear and now I understand what Google WiFi actually is. Thanks.

Jorge Rios says:

Do you have a review of the Samsung Connect Pro? I’m wondering if the Connect Pro has the feature to turn off the internet access on other devices

Ivan Ciego says:

I gave this a thumbs down because I disagree that this is one of the best mesh system out there. There are better ones. I just got rid of my Google WiFi because it created a bottle neck on my network. I have 300mbps cable connection and the router speed test reports 340mbps download in Oct. when Google issued an new firmware in Nov. my speed dropped to 65mbps. This is unacceptable. I have verified the speed with, speed, Netflix fast speed test and numerous others and still could not get at least 200mbps. Google customer service is extremely slow and takes two weeks to return an unacceptable reason for the speed problem. I am now using the AMPLIFI HD kit and is getting 250 Mbps.

Franci Kriza says:

man i wish i had it. on paper it looks freakin amazin (1500 square feet, fast wifi, gigabit port, etc.) but i should probably not waste my money on something like that for my 2013 devices…
edit:with other words: i want it but don’t really need it/i need to get upgrade and buy this $hit

Chris Collins says:

Found you by accident trying to make sure I could do a wired backhaul via Google WiFi… Even though this video didn’t address that, I found it to be an excellent video and found your delivery style right up my alley. I am now a subscriber of yours. Great work!

Will McCain says:

Thanks for posting this review and letting us know that the Google Wifi system is still going strong. I ready to enjoy the bliss of a mesh network, but have you heard rumors Google will announce Wifi 2 this fall?

carl eaton says:

Seriously considering this product but I was wondering f I should also change out my relatively old modem (arris DG1670A). hat affect would an old modem have on how well the google router works?

Tim Jones says:

Our house is a little over 1400 sq fts, (the upper end of the suggested range for one point), i mount two of the google wifi on to the ceiling on the 1st floor and mount the other one on the wall on the 2nd floor and the internet throughout the house is blazing fast. Working great with the bracket i bought from amazon! You can check it on amazon through this link if you like it too,( Why Google choose to not including mounts is beyond me.

Bob A Booey says:

I just hooked mine up, very easy to set up.  My download speed stayed the same, but my upload speed slowed down.

gigihonee says:

Greg, you’re so handsome and great info! You made me smile at “give your wife the ability to check if the wifi is down”. I’m the wife and I do all things technically speaking around here. Google Wifi is superfast! 3x faster upload and download speeds than FiOS.

Tyler Wessling says:

Will this increase your internet speeds or no?

Jabari Stegall says:

You took too long to get to the point

ryan rufe says:

how would this handle Xbox gsming? would there be frequent lag or no?

Josed D says:

thanks for the video. do you think other mesh router are better

Rodolfo V says:

Does a single pill (without having 2 or more necessarily) has more range than conventional routers? or the whole idea is to have 2 or more? My problem is that in my apartment which is very small (90 sq meters) i have a linksys routers (3 antenas) probably the best one in the market for linksys 2 years ago, it sits in the living room but the signal in the master bedroom is weak and its just a few meters away. A lot of people say that its because the way the building was built (lot of iron and other materials, not a single wood) causes issues with the signal, this also happens to other friends as well. One friend did purchase the google mesh 3 package and now he has top signal everywhere at home. I’m just wondering if buying the 3 its an overkill and maybe one will just do the job. Thoughts?

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