Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra network bridge/streamer/purifier

Pro-ject is known for their affordable, great turntables and some time back I reviewed the fine Pro Box S2 Digital DAC and preamp. From the same designer now the Stream Box S2 Ultra. A very small streamer that in my memory will live on as Giant Little Dwarf.


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Pro-Ject Pre Box S2:
SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo:

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Rick Yarussi says:

Looks nice but I need a SPDIF digital out to feed Meridian digital speakers. Is there any streamer that has that, and also has Roon and Spotify? I haven’t been able to find one… Thanks!

Ed Incleve says:

Hi Hans
Interesting review. Looks like a very good, reasonably priced streamer. How about a comparison to the Allo DigiOne Signature Player, next. Btw, why wasn’t this posted on Patreon?

Michael Rotaru says:

dam..! your music taste thumb up to that.

Kuryan T says:

Did you mean 100 kilobit Ethernet or 100 megabit Ethernet (you said kilobits but I suspect a slip of the tongue)? Can even 100 megabits handle hi-res audio? I was under the impression such devices need 1 gigabit, but I may be mistaken. Thanks.

Giuseppe Del Re says:

The setup stage and the interface seems to be Volumio 2 , isn’t it ? Can You honestly say that it sounds better then a common raspi with volumio 2 onboard ? ( Using the same external dac and psu of course…)

Adrian Gabriel Gimenez says:

hi hans thanks for coming up with good stuff for your audience, when is this going to be available in the united states?

Mopem Czesany says:

Hans, can You make a video about NAS set up from A to Z for newbies ?

Ian Sharp says:

Wow. goodness!

Steven Dean says:

Very interesting Hans! I currently use a Yamaha WXC-50 via digital coax into a Chord Qutest DAC for music on my NAS (via Ethernet). Will I hear an improvement if I use this Project streamer via USB into my DAC? Your opinion is highly regarded. Thanks!

Guy Gichon says:

If it could only decode MQA it would be perfect. Is that even possible or is MQA decoding only a privilege of DACs?

Ville Aho says:

Hi Hans, How would you compare this audio-wise to Allo USBridge and Cambridge Audio CXN v2? I’m mostly curious if it’s worth it’s price when compared especially to Allo USBridge.

Morne Coetzee says:

Why would this be used over a small form factor media PC running streaming software? I am trying to understand it’s function.

Kim Jensen says:

Better than the Magna Mano?

Dan Bretherton says:

Thank you very much for this review. I have the pro-ject s2 dac and love it, I was excited about the release of the streamer box but dismissed it after reading and believing forums saying it was jus a RPi in a box with volumino, I can see from your review and explanation that there is some high quality components and engineering involved. I’m looking at the pro-ject power supply as well so I would be interested in your views on that.

Željko Naumović says:

Thank you Hans for your reviews..
Can this streamer decode MQA and send it to ifi xdsd? I think of software decoding, like in Tidal app on desktop..

novisnick novisnick says:

Really enjoyed the Pre-ject video BUT I’m Really anticipating the video on jitter Hans? When might we expect it? Thanks.

Andrew S says:

Thanks again for a great review!

PT R3 says:

Thank you.

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