Powerline vs Wireless vs Ethernet Networking (NCIX Tech Tips #52)


In this episode, Linus is on a mission to find out the best method to get internet connected to his new office. He’ll be looking at powerline, wireless and conventional wired networking solutions.


Harry Akira Eaton says:

I’m currently using 500Mbps Powerline, it’s better than WiFi and I’m getting decent speeds, but after watching this and the video where you run external ethernet cables, I think I’ll upgrade to proper cabling through my house.

r0ck3t says:

🙂 this needs an update, cause im looking to upgrade

J Zoidberg says:

What about repeaters?

Ronny Cardoso says:

Does it the powerline adapter work on 2-3 different circuits in the house? And what about E-smog, is there any risk?

Kurtis Weaver says:

Thank You, this video was helpful


Dont need to wach that – to know the wiered conection is the fastest 😉

timpster ninetythree says:

If the powerline adapter host had to go through that 100 feet of Ethernet cable then I think the test is a bit unfair.

Domaaddi says:


TheDerek47 says:

Are there issues if you have a fusebox in your house?

Zack says:

Lol vista

Eka .Ramdhan says:

i dunno, whenever seeing this guy my head humming lonely no more, disease and little wonder song

Admer456 says:

I can’t use Powerline, lol. At the time of writing, there are only 3 unused sockets in the entire house (whereas 1 will be used for the socket strip for my new PC in summer). Since I’m fine with lots of wiring and mess, I’ll just use Ethernet cables. 😛

Cats Aurora says:

The good ol days of linus


I was thinking powerline was going to not wark

OsbornIOW says:

Is there an adapter that does wired AND wifi output in one unit

denis mwiti says:

Its 2017

Eben The Sand Wich says:


Lewis Co. says:

Will smith, Keanu Reeves and now Linus. Where can I find this fountain of youth?

mr stiekemeheld says:

Oldscool intro like

detailsmove says:

8 years later and this video is still helping me out!

Aryan Bhagat says:

8 years

Alex Vartanian says:

Could not notice that your last name ends in “IAN” by any chance are you Armenian?????

Vance R says:

The new powerline adapters transfer up to 1200 Mbps.

nand kishor says:

What should I do for sharing internet with same speed?
i have internet at home.and my internet speed 16 Mbps. i want to share my internet to my second home which is 400m far from my first home.

what should i do for sharing internet (with same speed) ? cheapest as soon as possible

Aryan Bhagat says:

It’s 2017

Guy Sharon says:

I used a powerline in my house to plug a secondary router to my main one to serve as an extender

Christian Velez says:

lol i bet the cameraman put the cup there

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