Philips Hue is a RIPOFF

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Finally a competitor for both LIFX and Philips Hue bulbs that isn’t going to break the bank – Yeelight

CORRECTION: The newer generation LIFX bulbs no longer make use of a mesh network, instead they all connect directly to the router.

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S V says:

Eddy Wally says “Waw”

StefixMaster says:


Socman86 says:

I was unsubbed to u I did not unsub your channel. Anyone else have that happen?

Thor says:

Does this yee bulb work with homekit yet?

Fifty says:

Feit bulbs. $34 CAD/2pack from Costco. Works with Alexa/Google.

VitoTheo says:

*Yee* Light

Matthew Pease says:

Do these light bulbs require internet WTF?

HackingDutchman says:

Smart bulbs?!? Nowadays it’s just integrated RGB LED strips in the whole house. I almost don’t use bulbs and don’t now a lot of people who do anymore.

plainlake says:

Wait.. Why do I need this?

krankenheim13 says:

Yeelight is now $30/ea.

Jason M says:

sengled is also a cheap alternative available at many canadian retailers locally (well at least 2) and amazon, much cheaper than philips bit more than yeelight

Rick Maassen says:

Did you say yeetlight?

Blaine Rohlfs says:

I like the Phillips hue standard bulbs, not the RBG ones, way cheaper

The Gamer says:

You’re a ripoff to start with.

Jerrin Phox says:

Why do you want to control the thermostat and light from distance? Its another stuff that can be hacked. I prefer the LED light bolt and a regular thermostat that I control with my hand.

Matthew Pease says:

My question is if I live in the middle of nowhere and have no internet can I still use the Philips Hue bulbs

I Commando says:

As of now, Philips Hue, if you are into ambient lighting, is the way to go.
It has a native app on all devices including computers meaning you can have ambilight while gaming.
Also having an RGB bulb with SEPERATE white LED is key for when you want to read stuff.

CTSnyder_Gaming says:

I didn’t know Kanye made light bulbs

Ayhan ÇEVİK says:

Whats is the phone?

Carl Willows says:

Why does the screen look over scanned?

IgWannA2 says:

A company called Yeelight? Pretty sure they’re by the well-known company Xiaomi and product is called Yeelight. I have two of them btw, they’re great.

Noxmiles says:


Danny Riddle says:

One drawback to yeelight – outdoor lighting is not available yet.

Vyndil says:

I’m very happy with my Hue setup but when people ask me about it I do make sure to let them know all of the serious drawbacks before they spend. I also was able to get 5 colour bulbs, the hub and the puck control for <$150CDN by buying older versions on clearance so I feel like I've gotten decent value.

Frederick Röders says:

Ill just get cheap RGB lights and keep a few more of those remotes around.

Null Exe says:

I have two Philips bulbs + the bridge. Owned them for over a year, the bulbs are turned on almost constantly. I’ve had zero issues with them on my in home network, they are pretty much plug and play. The app works every time I launch it. They may be overpriced, but I’m happy with it. Only thing I might do differently is when the bulbs need to be replaced is to get the white only bulbs instead of the full RGB ones, since they are cheaper.

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