Philips Hue Bridge 2 w/HomeKit & Siri Control – [Review]

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James Anderson says:

Do you know if i would be able to use my GE link bulbs with the Hue Hub?

Nancy Lewis says:

How do I set the lights to come on with Siri when I am away from home? I tried while I was at a friend’s house and it couldn’t connect with hue using my iPhone. I opened the home app and clicked a scene and got an error message.

Shawn Maiberger says:

If you’ve got a lot of Hue bulbs, have you noticed the Hue Bridge 2 being any faster at bulk operations?  I use an app to control my lights to music on my Bridge 1, and it seems like the hub just can’t keep up with 17 lights.  I was hoping the Bridge 2 might be able to send lights in parallel, or faster in serial, to keep up.

MR FreaxXCrafter says:

Can I have a bridge in my Room connectet at the Wifi from my hous and my brother the same in his rome, but without disturb eachother (That I can’t disturb my brother’s lamps)

André Kuhlmann says:

Hi Andrew, maybe you want to take a look at the nuovo by senic it’s not out yet, but this would be greate for a smart home!

Norm Krauss says:

How do i cnect 3 more bulbs to my exsisting bridge

Paul Horne says:

The first thing most Hue owners will discover is how irritating it is to have to use your phone to operate your lights. Adding a Tap Remote was a big help for me (as well as wall switch covers so people would stop turning off the wall switch and killing my whole system). But for me, adding an Amazon Echo changed everything — entirely voice controlled, no need to find my phone — from wherever I am in my house I can just say “Alexa kitchen lights on” or living room or all lights off, etc. Walking into the house and just asking the house to turn on my lights and music is the vision of the future we all want. I also have Wink, so it works with GE and other bulbs (not just Hue). Echo also works with the original Hue hub, so no need to upgrade and no need for HomeKit or Siri. Having to find your phone and push the home button so you can use voice control seems pretty antiquated now (if it’s plugged in you could use Hey Siri, but you’d have to be right next to the phone — the Echo picks up voice from just about anywhere). I’m an Apple fanboy, but I am SO much more impressed with the Echo than anything Apple is doing.

jay smith says:

can u use it for andriod


Do u have to connect it to your router via Ethernet?

rmccorma says:

I have some newer non starter kit flood light bulbs, the one that is farthest from my bridge (15 feet) seemed to never get firmware updates with the other lights and would usually lose connection …with the new bridge however I cannot add the light at all. I used to just have to re-add the light after moving it close to the old bridge. The new one wont be found no matter what I do, auto, manual search, 5 inches from the bridge …nothing. Im about to put my fist through the monitor im so frustrated haha. Anyone else have this problem?

Dan nav says:

Can Siri also change the colors ?

Everything Outdoors says:

Can you use more than one bridge at any given time if you have the need for more than 50 bulbs?

Dom Iadevaia says:

can i have the bridge in my den and the lights in my room?

Oliver Maynard says:

Can I buy a single smart light without a smart hub and connect it to homekit?

arsenalhero101 says:

does the bridge need to be connected to router or can it be connected via an ether net port in the wall

Jean Fradet says:

There’s no way to group bulbs through the hue app for siri control?? I get the scene support but that’s a one off of specific lighting. I can’t just say turn kitchens lights to 20%??

rentts mark says:

can i use new 2.0 lamps in my old hue brigde?

AceXprt says:

So do I need a home kit module to use this with my iPhone? Or is HomeKit the name of some software I need on my phone? I’m so confused.

Manfred klaus says:

Where is it made? No way I buy made in china stuff. Philips hue failed heavily for making them in china with cheap rgb unable to reproduce many colors. Have a nice day.

SanctumGaming Q says:

It doesn’t turn on

Dean Yordanov says:

so the best thing about it is that you can control it with Siri??? What if i don’t have an iPhone?

SketOG says:

I don’t use apple products so this is all useless

Irwin Lati says:

What does it due

Moffino23 says:

Hi. I saw that you have rooms in hue app. How you do that?

Guy Wolfenden says:

Hi Andrew. I have just been researching how to make my Sonos system work with a new Philips Hue Light strip I’ve bought and I came across your very useful film. I wonder if you could help me with my dilemma? I don’t seem to be able to find any options on the Philips Hue app to connect to Sonos to activate a ‘disco’ mode with the lights. I’d seen videos of people playing Sonos systems with Hue Lights but I don’t seem to be able to connect mine. Any ideas gratefully received! Thanks in advance. Guy.

smzaccaria says:

very cool. I would be interested if it wasn’t so insanely expensive.

Stig Wolff says:

I’ve have Philips hue, and after I have switched it with SIRI, I would also connect my wife’s iphone with SIRI, so  we also from her phone could turn on with SIRI.
But it can not be done, because we use two different Apple ID, we each have our own, so we do not interfere SMS together.
Do you know of a solution to this problem?


Is it possible to power up the led bulbs remotely? Without connecting the bridge with any cables…

Héctor Tarraza says:

Thank you for the video
I change the Internet company and now I cannot connect the bridge with the new Internet, can you help please?

Steven Walxim says:

The app 2.0 is odd… cannot find the Siri setup… so could not pair…

JustGood712 says:

Are there any light bulbs that you can control with Siri and on HomeKit without having to connect it to your wifi? Basically bluetooth enabled.

TheTCOLL says:

Your wrong, you can also control your lights via cell reception not just wifi.

John 3:16 says:

HELP I need help I bought the new bridge and I have one bulb that will not recognize the new bridge I tried putting in the serial number and it still does not work

Andrew OHara says:

@Steev Janssen (for some reason I can’t reply back directly :-/) Im glad you like the videos! Im not sure what to tell on that not being able to find your bridge. Unfortunately mine went rather smoothly I didn’t have too much to trouble shoot. I would try all the normal stuff, signing out, redownloading the application, and then resetting your new bridge to factory settings, then trying again. There have been a few bugs with the new launch and Im hoping for a firmware update soon!

Andrew OHara says:

+Martijn Terpstra For whatever reason I cannot reply directly to your comment! Either way, I can but you won’t notice much of a difference. I actually filmed this, but on film it was particularly hard to notice a difference.

Edward Jasper Concepcion says:

Hi andrew is the hue bridge 2.0 multi voltage 110 to 220v on the power adapter, i am planning it to buy while i am here in the US and going back very soon to the philippines and is the hue bloom 110 to 220v compatible please let me know as i am a follower of your videos

kiran rohera says:

Hi there I was planning to buy the Philips hue kit as I would like to ask you my bulbs are going to be fitted in my room and bridge need to be there in the hall with the router does the bridge work properly as there is a wall in between as slightly drop of the router signal on the end portion of my room

Master Master says:

The new hue 2 bridge will not find the old bulbs with auto search. My original hub was broken I couldn’t make a transfer and the new hub will not find my old hue bulbs. Tech-support says I have to manually enter the serial number although I haven’t tried it yet. That’s ridiculous the new hub won’t find the old bulbs without the transfer.

Value Venture Investing says:

Mine says iCloud keychain syncing is not enabled when it clearly is. What does your iCloud keychain page in settings look like?

Ignacio Araya says:

Is there any big difference between the old bulbs and the new ones? Is it noticeable the increase of lumens?

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