Optimizing your Wi-Fi Network as Fast As Possible

Wifi optimization tips – some of them are free, some cost money, but they all help save you the headache of dealing with slow, unreliable Internet browsing, video streaming, and file transfers!

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Derek Swanson says:

I also upgraded my laptop’s mini PCI-E wifi card… Intel 802.11n 2×2 up to an 80.11ac 2×2 model (Intel 7260) on an Asus 17.3″ N76VZ. Fairly easy to do and noticeable faster. Just wish I could have upgraded the GT 650M… 2GB of 28GB/s memory is just pitiful for any kind of meaningful gaming performance.

Rayan Ighil says:

sitting here with my 1mbs internet

Matthew Szymborski says:

how does comcast have control of my internet speed, and I am also very curious how companies can offer X mb/s internet speed and always fall short? I have gone on long enough with wireless and wired, and have seen this on consoles, pc’s, and my personal x99 deluxe 5930k build using many different isp’s…

Curtis Jennings says:

Do hotels use repeaters to get Internet throughout the whole building?

Taelend Sauve says:

I like to name my wifi network virus

lobo25usn trx says:

WiFi analyzer from google is the best thing to get if…..you don’t mind the app having TOTAL access to your files and device in general and of course, you must agree to all that if you want the app.

PlzKillMe says:

ethernet ftw

frani02 says:

In my country my ISP doesn’t allow me to modify the settings of my router, I’M FUCKED!.

Adrian Valcarcel says:

Great video, very informative. I have a question. Currently have a DLink AC3200 Gaming Router & I have great signal on 95% of my house & was wondering if you could suggest a wifi extender/repeater to compliment my current wireless router to extend the wifi coverage into my front or back yard, since you review many products. Thnx in Advanced.

Elemental Nova says:


James He says:

My mom’s internet is on a metal table next to stone walls with concrete pavement outside, and to add insult to injury it’s on the other side of the house. 😛

Favri says:

well none of these tips will help me becouse my isp gives me 600 FUCKING KBPS OMFG i wanna die

Mursal Khan says:

you have an htc m8 <3

Zenwork says:

Hotspot shield support is not so great .. ;-(

Leo N says:

Just get a really powerful 2 mile wifi router with a really big antenna, plug it with the Ethernet cable and put it in your closet, the neighbors will hate it but who cares. They’ll just complain to fios or something.

Zymon Ramirez says:

My neighbors get better signal from my router than i do.

Miguel Rojas says:

so the max over wifi to a phone is only close to 500mbps ?

Adrian Butler says:

A good wifi router is key, I haven’t had wired connection on my heavy used gaming PC in the last couple years due to the size of the house I live in and with a decent router and wireless card I get a 92mb connection wireless and 96wired through a wall. Ping to the local server went from 1ms to 2ms and have only once had to reset it in 3 years due to issues.

Oscar Brito says:

Hi Linus, I’m from Venezuela. Here the maximun bandwidht is 10 Mbps. Do you think I should buy an AC or N router, or I can keep my actual G router? I live with my uncle and my brother and we use the network for work, video conferences (yeah, it souds incredible, haha), emailing, youtube streaming, etc. What do you think?

Cha Siu Bao says:

too many possible cause due to interference.  just go hardwire for streaming or gaming.

D Loader says:

Wimax,Why isn’t everybody screaming about it?

Ed Russo says:

Don’t discard WIFI arbitration (two or three access points on same channel) as a best solution. I have only one clear channel on 2.4ghz and a long narrow house. The three access points have separate ID’s to insure connecting to the closest one from any room and it works like a charm (even on Netflix at 1080p).

Felenov-offical says:

USB-C to Ethernet, USB-C, USB3.0, HDMI adapters work perfectly with my phone. I don’t even have a Wi-Fi router

Eli Cook and the West Side Gang From Kentucky says:

my wifi is 54 mb

zolika1351 says:

What do I do if I have 2 houses but I only have 1 router? The problem is I mostly live in the house that doesn’t have the router, so I get REALLY bad signal strength.

WiggleMcJiggles says:


mini brosef says:


Nado93420 says:

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catsoften says:

Well that app is good, but you need an android device

Doge_the_Almighty says:

are you allowed to be sponsored by more than one company?

If so, explain.

If not, does it depend on the agreement between the two companies that you are being sponsored by as well as if they are being competitive against eachother? Also, I know that by law that you must say who you are being sponsored by but, is it illegal to be sponsored by more than one company?

Gepo de Mesa says:

im having a little trouble understanding the solution. my wifi in my home tends to get crowded with 8 people with their own multiple devices and so every now and then I lose connection and can no longer reconnect. I also have 2 repeaters that constantly lose their own signal. If I purchase a tri-band router will this solve my problem? Will i get stable connection even through my repeaters?

Jjjefrey Linkstin says:

250 Download speed niggas.

TheTrueDaWeezel says:

Hey quick question my internet seems to be cutting out a lot on my laptop.. are there any internet optimization programs I can run to make it better

Gerald Kang says:

You should work as a supervisor during installation of ISP to their customers so that you can educate both the customer and the installers on how to use wifi connection.

PawsNetwork says:

I don’t know why, but my neighboors think someone is dumb enough to fall for their network name, “404 Network Not Found”

James He says:

My mom’s internet is on a metal table next to stone walls with concrete pavement outside, and to add insult to injury it’s on the other side of the house. 😛

Love_ Your_Pitty says:

is there a T1 line explained?

HyperrNova says:

My friend I live in a brick house and I don’t know what to do

mini brosef says:


Hacker -Z7 says:

Any recommendations to increasing overall performance on 700-800$ modem and router on gigabyte internet in an apt? Or how to bond 4 modem RJ45 output ports to a single RJ45 input port?

Asyraaf Wheezer says:

QoS as fast a possible?

Firdaush Bhadha says:

Feels like an addd

Loki Blanding says:

I have *sonic* internet

Cinabutts says:

Linus please reply but question, how do you act off camera? like it seems like you’re busy a lot so I feel like you’re stressed out.

kamil douglas says:

u hear that this goes for all y’all gettho retards that like to hide there routers

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