Norton’s Theorem Example-Bridge Network Part 1

Finding the Norton equivalent circuit of a bridge network; the equivalent resistance is found as the ratio of the open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current. Part 1. More instructional engineering videos can be found at

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Darryl Morrell says:

You are correct-361.67 Ohms is more exact than my computation. I rounded the intermediate results in computing Voc and Isc, and the rounding error gave me the different value shown in the video.

Drojas818 says:

Why can’t you add the 350 ohm resistor with the 350 ohm resistor above the 400 ohm resistor? Are they not in series?

Sainath Ramdeni says:

when finally we get 175 ohm and 186.67 ohm.these two resistors will be in series .as they are in series ,doesn’t the same current pass through them????

Saja Am says:

Can I use the nodal analysis to find Voc?

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