Nexia Home Bridge Review and Discussion: Is It Worth The Money?

Dave Taylor — of — examines the Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge and the Nexia Home subscription service, making some surprising conclusions about how it works with the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt and whether it’s worth the $9.99/mo subscription fee.


Dave Taylor says:

What? You’re interested in *home automation* and haven’t yet seen my video criticizing *Nexia* and *The Z-Wave Alliance* for poorly thought out pricing policies? Then it’s time to remedy that! 

Pixel Gun Qween says:

expensive, all my Nexia are collecting dust

bullswarriors says:

Been using nexia in my other house for 2 yrs. I’ve enjoyed the full automation. Using my phone and amazon echo I can control the A/C, Irrigation, lights, cameras, door locks, garage doors, all sensors, and more. Awesome automation. For just $10 a month.

capitolcitydean says:

I actually like this system as we have a large complicated home with multiple wifi systems. This system uses z-wave devices to relay connections to each other. The online interface allows me to check really complicated connection percentages and repair actual device firmware. That’s worth the 10 bucks to me… The more compatible devices there are, the better they work as they talk to each other.

Colin Sevier says:

At least the Wink router is free practically.. i had nexia for 2 locks.  I haven’t renewed it.  I went with Wink.. it’s buggy with my Hue lights also.  wish my viper system would integrate with it also.

Cliff Richards says:

Budget Blinds will soon be offering free subscription with Nexia for 1 module and Window Shades. You ask we provide. Thanks

louspinuso says:

So I see you’re complaining about Nexia’s crappy pricing policies and you seem to be lumping them in with the Z-Wave Alliance. I agree that the pricing from Nexia sucks, but this has nothing to do with the Z-Wave Alliance or Sigma Designs. Nexia is, as many of these Z-Wave companies are, an independent company. As such they are responsible for their own pricing policies. That bridge that you’re complaining about can be replaced by a number of different bridges that don’t require a subscription fee at all. Additionally, you can integrate some of these bridges with Amazon Echo giving you voice control over your home automation. If you’re into tinkering and making your own stuff, you can actually use a raspberry pi and a z-wave daughter card and build your own webserver that runs on your own network so that you never have to use a third party to connect to your home through the internet from anywhere in the world.

In short, yes Nexia’s price plan sucks, but no, that’s got nothing to do with the Z-Wave Alliance.

jay walker says:

do you have to get the subscription I only want this for garage door opener

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