Netgear Orbi (RBK50) Review

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In this video, I review the Netgear Orbi. I have the RBK50 package, which includes one RBR50 and one RBS50. The Orbi is the fastest router I’ve ever tested, but it isn’t without its drawbacks.

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Craig Ellis says:

I just added a 3 unit system to my house, and I’ve been in tech since the mid 80’s. This unit is exceptional and I agree with everything the OP said. The web setup is way better than the phone app. I give this product 5 stars.

Mark Chan says:

What is the voltage rating volts/hertz?

Ganstero says:

Can anybody tell smth on vpn ) wanna know if it’s possible to set up on orbi( OpenVPN , l2tp) or maybe smth different . Bible question for me )

AssCrown says:

Thank you for your review and thank you for showing the speed test result for a wired connection to a satellite! That has been my main concern since I’ve an original PS4 which can only connect to the 2.4Ghz wireless band which really really sucks for gaming online. One question, I’ve gigabit internet with Xfinity can I expect the same +400Mbps performance as yours via a wired connection with a satellite?

Charlélie bories says:

Hello I have a question : how far apart are the two modems ? And do you have big walls or something like that between them ?

Alex S says:

Does Orbi work with Fios?

gohsef says:

Why’s the upload speed only 24Mbps?

Luke Hernandez says:

If you’re planning on using this for gaming, you might wanna reconsider. It connect well but if someone else in your household streams Netflix or any other streaming apps, your game will lag badly.

Pras K says:

Initially when I bought this product, I had no issues. A few months later, the internet connection drops every few minutes. There is no support from netgear and it seems to be an ongoing issue from what I can see from other users on the netgear online forum. Has anyone experienced this issue and how did you fix it? I’m on the verge of throwing away the product altogether.

joe palomino says:

Love that the light dosnt stay on blue have an issue sleeping in a room and the router is blinking and bright

Hulk says:

It supports external hard drives now.

Christian says:

Thanks for a great video. Can you connect the satellite unit to the router via cable for a more reliable connection and improved speeds?

David Duerksen says:

thank you for the video.. the Netgear X4 or X4S range extenders are more my price range.. are you familiar with setting up the “mesh” Network on those units? Are they simply plug and play units?

Jason Ong says:

Does the web version show real-time connection between devices and so on?

Yusuf Gazi says:

Watching them through these lol

uwack23 says:

Any performance updates? I want to buy for my 1900 sq ft home (1950s built).i hear a lot of chatter about dropped connections and difficulty syncing with the Ring doorbell. Any advice?


Great video. What speed are you getting from your ISP?

LarrysNetTube says:

If it did track real time data usage, you would not like the performance hit it would cause. It’s a MAJOR hit on performance, regardless of MFR.

steven mccrorey says:

I just purchased this and I’m still not getting good speeds over wifi, I have Verizon Fios 940/880 Mbps and over wifi the most I get is around 175/200 Maybe its on the Verizon side idk..


Nice video i subscibed

Felix Rko says:

So I have 150 mbs plan from comcast. You mean to tell me that I will have a much higher speed than that. I cam here because I have been having so much trouble with when I play online with my PS4.. I don’t mind the price… I just want a better gaming experience. Now will I get a far better signal when when I purchase this device.

Thy Tran says:

I have 1 gig internet, will i pull around 800-900 mpbs on wifi?

A. Mac says:

Is this a modem & router ?

If not, Is there an Orbi that is a combination ?

Dhdhaha Sndhdhd says:

The Orbi is awful. The garbage mobile app allows people to “pause” other people’s wifi connection and my parents use it to harass me. Kill it with fire.

Ryan Amirault says:

How did you get the VPN option to show up on your phone?


Is this alright to go between floors(concrete) on apartments?
Better than Ubiquiti?

Domino says:

Maybe if I don’t have sky I wouldn’t have to return my rbk50.

1Smoking Lizard says:

@5:47, some fine looking pussy you got there

Ghost's Graphics says:

*Sees spectrum

F for respects

tazdotcom says:

Question did you connect the Orbi direct to your internet port or via a cable box?

will Grello says:

I still lag on league of legends so i give this product a thumbs down

kai chen says:

People get tons of disconnect issue after couple months use. go to check Netgear website and see how many people complain about it.

Josh Armour says:

So you mention seeing which clients are connected to which AP, can you do that with the web interface since you mentioned that you can’t see it in the app?

I have Google Wifi and also want to know which devices are connected to which ap, since I’ve noticed that some of my devices will (for some God awful reason) be connected to an ap across the house, and getting poor performance even though they are in the same room as an a different AP..

I’d like to see this get better by moving to Orbi. Have you noticed devices connecting to the wrong ap with Orbi?

Jason Ong says:

Orbi or Amplify? Amplify HD?

nishiki says:

Yes, you are exactly correct, the orbi system setup as star topology (not full mesh) is amazing… definitely beats most other competition. There are a couple settings to be wary of that I cannot remember off hand (look up settings you aren’t sure about to get general consensus if it is good or bad to enable in its current state/firmware version, especially if you are noticing subpar performance).

One thing I really like about these also is that the web admin interface is fast in page refresh and settings changes. Some, even modern ones, are god-awful slow, which is extremely frustrating.

I have been so impressed as to recommend and install these in the houses of 4 other friends and family, and they have worked flawlessly and problem-free…. the first among them 2 years ago.

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