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–The Bridge $TOLL–
The Bridge Protocol is an open, distributed network of trusted machines and users promoting behaviors, standards and enforcement mechanisms to provide real-world value and application. The system facilitates an ability for users to deploy business processes that comply to existing standards and regulations.

–The Bridge Structure–
The Bridge Protocol Corporation is implementing a microservices architecture for business applications that uses the blockchain for management of activities relating to smart contracts, services and general logic processing on its network. A micro-services-based architecture will promote continuous development of applications available on the Protocol, consistently enhancing service granularity to provide a robust marketplace for businesses.

–Bridge Identity Management System (bIMS)–
The Bridge Protocol will contribute to this development and further these efforts by implementing a certification path validation algorithm to build the trust network through intermediate authorities, so business applications can be realized on a vast scale.The Bridge Identity Management System (bIMS) will issue certificates observant to X.509 formatting standards, while providing extensions (application policies, key usage, etc.) to allow for application logic to be developed and utilized in processes run on Bridge’s blockchain.

–Bridge Identity Tiers–
1. Tier One- Tier one includes information like name, address, date-of-birth, payment behavior, email.
2. Tier Two-Tier two will include all Tier 1 items but will require more sensitive information like social security number, driver license, passport or government issued identification.
3. Tier Three (Accredited Investor)-Participants that are purchasing offerings that only sell security tokens or using SAFT for accredited investors will want to receive this Tier. Bridge verifiers will process documents from attorneys and/or CPAs to certify accredited status. Credentials will expire unless re-certified every three months.

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Batman says:

Red Hot Chico Pepper! My dude! I’m bullish on TKY. Man KEY is pumping hard AF last few days. Wish I’d bought some last week lol.

tt703 says:

We movin up babyyy! Invested in $TOLL and need it to go to ICO levels so I can be whole again lol

Christo says:

Now TOLL just needs to get enough volume to list on CMC. Go trade it on switcheo guys (REALLY cool NEO DEX). Something with such a small market cap you dont need to buy more than a few dollars worth 🙂

grasmaaier says:

nice office

D D says:

What’s up Tyler!!! Haven’t commented on your videos in a while. Still watching them though. Take care and keep it up bro! -MrlilGainz

Slap that like button boys and girls

Александр Цыганков says:

Did all of you succeed to participate in free distribution of tokens using ZILLIQA ?

cdbaz says:

Neo and Zebi for sure! 🙂

En Ders says:

I know their partner Onfido well. Bridge is a real hidden gem with good upwards potential.

Ste says:

Market cap is under 2 million….good upside

marty almberg says:

You do a good job explaining crypto technology

Mandeep Singh says:

Amazing review Tyler

Diego Iglesias says:

Who bought ODYSSEY tokens? blow a whistle of their free tokens distribution!

bellyom says:

It will have a hard job to unseat civic.

cryptohezzyy says:

thank you for doing these video all the time

Akbar says:

bro, bitpaction is looking like an exit scam. Withdrawals not coming through, telegram admins and support radio silent….quite a shitshow by bridge protocol to debut on this exchange. Yea i know theres switcheo but what if i wanted to trade TOLL for ETH? If you get any news, let me know

Scottish bull80 says:

Neo, elastos, litecoin amazing

CryptoAce Emmert says:

Hey Tyler been having trouble with bridge I haven’t been able to login idk if its changing the first 2 characters or what. I can see cloud wallet and local. I’d love some help, was 600 in btc back when Aq started its masternode

luis Alexis Marchan Acuña says:

The ZILLIQA was mentioned in video) This coin is really very long-range. Now they are conducting an airdrop on

Afif says:

What is this autistic shit.

anscers says:

My friend just moved to chico. Keep the info coming! Much appreciated.

Crypto Doggie says:

Are you in Chico, Ca? Ever come to Lake Tahoe?

Kyle LeBlanc says:

Tyler, excellent job reviewing Bridge Protocol. I’m super excited for this ID solution. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Vanguardas Vucava says:

THEKEY is just miles ahead of any identification blockchain at this point. If it can coexist with TKY, I don’t see anything wrong with it. (since TKY is mainly focused on government and insurance applications)

Jorge Sanchez says:

I bought some NEO at 29.50 waazup homie

Blue Collar Crypto says:

Nice video Tyler, I may pick up some now


I like ODYSSEY token very much) Now holders of this token can got bonus free of cost on

Tim Kuefer says:

Very promising project, love it!

Alex Leon says:

You can receive ODYSSEY coins on airdrop absolutely free of charge using the Don’t miss a chance!

Imran Chaudhry says:

Bridge Protocol will become the defacto Identity protocol on the blockchain , as it has a revolutionary technology that means icos and 3rd parties will never need to take your sensitive data , your address will have your verification on a private blockchain through a tiered system , amazing

with amazing token metrics this is a hidden gem !

MVP has been released by the way

ETHKahuna says:

Bridge is a shitcoin, not even on CMC, stop shilling

Paul joseph says:

Bridge is okay but I love selfkey!!! Check out their new wallet hope you do a review on self key sometime

Quantum Evolution says:


Lena Ridonz says:

I speak about ODYSSEY token, everyone who stores these coins on a long term; you can participate in their airdrop

Silver Spoon says:

Hi chico check out

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