Mytek Brooklyn Bridge MQA DAC/bridge/pre-amp

The Mytek Brooklyn now has a version with integrated network bridge that renders from both DLNA and Roon sources. It is, in fact, a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ with integrated network bridge, hence the apt name Brooklyn Bridge.


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TheAlphaAudio says:

Dat is snel! Ben nog bezig! 🙂

Shanker Basa says:

whats your opinion on non oversampling dac vs these.I had chance to listen in my friends house to listen to sotm sms 200 hooked to singxer su 1 and i2s to holospring non oversampling dac which he highly regarded as the best setup.But i found it lacking in treble and lean on bass.only mids were excellent.I had make up my mind its not my taste.

Carl Abela says:

If you use MQA enabled DAC such as this one and told it to transfer the audio to a different endpoint do you lose the benefits of MQA?

So for example:

MQA Streamer/DAC -> Roon endpoint -> NON-MQA Headphone DAC/AMP

Sorin G says:

Was hoping you would review this. Now if only you could get your hands on a lumin d2. I’m torn between these 2 and just cannot get them anywhere to test

Calaf_72 says:

Thank you, informative and to the point. I would love if you reviewed NOS dacs also.

Hooman Rabieh says:

Great review specially for comparing it to Sotm .. I’m wondering if you tested the audio quality between wired and wireless? Good to know when considering such a product for our unique setup at home.. the two implementing often don’t have the same quality, though I can imagine the network cable, the router, etc. all play a part. Thanks.

Ioanna K says:

Great video congratulations.

Gilbert Koh says:

can it be connected to my existing pre-amp?

Peter Houston says:

Great review Hans. I always trust your honest ‘ears’ and really respect your unbiased and independent reviews. I think we’re going to see more and more of these combined high end streamers and DACs. About time Chord and a few other companies brought something similar out and with a MQA support to boot as well.

Shanker Basa says:

Now since its a bridge cum dac if sound quality is same as brooklyn plus this is the one i can go for to buy.your setup one.

Gregory Digital Audiophile says:

Great vid again..

Rohit Rao says:

Great review. I am debating about the NAD C 658. Wish you would review it. Anyways, Brooklyn Bridge sounds very promising.

Marc T says:

So, will this be able to “see” and play my flac files off of my laptop computer via my router and wi-fi? My Media Monkey program acts as a server. Thanks.

gabriele gelfo says:

what do you think about the Teac NT 505?

Dan Polak says:

Excellent as always. Thank you!

Teitur Ingi Sigurðsson says:

Hi. Thank you so much for all your great videos I really appreciate the details you get into and yet the simplicity of the videos.
I have a question but wasn’t sure where to post it but here it goes:
Primaluna just came out with a new product line the Evo. Their new DAC Evo 100 Tube DAC is packed with exciting technology. Has there ever been anything like this “SuperTubeClock?
Would really like it if you made a video about different clocking systems. Also hope one day you’ll do a review on the Primaluna Evo 100 Tube DAC.

Mark Hall says:

I use Audirvana Plus 3 software on my imac ..can i run that into the brooklyn bridge via a usb cable ..97% of listening is now Tidal
If i eliminate (preferable) the imac from the audio system ..can i choose what i listen to via an app on my ipad ? Do i just use the tidal app ?
Seriously considering this unit ..any help is appreciated !

Paul Leonard says:

Another great clear review. Thanks.

Keep on keeping on HB.

Guy Gichon says:

Sounds like a real Gem!
Great SQ and simplicity

Did you ever get a chance to hear/review the PS Audio Direct Stream Junior?

Jeff Kayton says:

Your reviews are outstanding, Hans, clear and precise with the correct amount of information. Thank you.

Shanker Basa says:

thanks i had asked you a question about this before.That time you had replied that you have no idea.Now i am so excited to see your video

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