Moleskine Smart Writing System Review

On The New Screen Savers, Megan Morrone loves her analog Bullet journal. Now she shows us the Moleskine Smart Writing System which uses a smartpen to bridge tech and paper.

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PKTV says:

$299 including tax in Australia I will stick with my Apple pencil and my iPad pro thanks.

Gary M Moon says:

Welcome Meagan and moleskine to 2005! I also love writing, and for about 5 years I was heavily invested in writing in the dot paper notebooks and syncing my notes to the cloud where they were transcribed by OneNote into a searchable journal. But the desire to leave out the middle man and directly write in OneNote lead me to adopt the Surface Pro and later the Samsung Chromebook Pro. I still write in paper journals, but now I snap those pages with Office Lens and they go to OneNote, fully searchable and I can choose the pen and Notebook that I like. But, bravo to Moleskine for waiting until others left the dot paper market so they could claim it as their own!

notexactlypaul says:

This looks astonishingly better than similar systems in the past.

Issie wizzie says:

another toy for the rich

Piyath Alawatte says:

This is great innovation…!!!

BlurryBigfoot says:

I need note-taking technology to get good fast. I’m semi-happy with Bamboo Ink with Onenote but it’s still shaky. I’m an engineering student and I hate lugging around 10lbs of notebooks all day.

William M says:

SOOOO many companies have already made this “invention” all have failed.
here’s one: Livescribe Pen …

Gene Jordan says:

The ongoing costs and the restriction of only using the single pen prevents this from being a viable option for me. Instead of worrying that I might lose my notebook, I’d have to worry about losing and expensive pen, too. My paper notebooks and day planner are much more convenient.

Gee Willickers says:

Who would put their literal thoughts and plans voluntarily into a storage system legally wide open to unwarranted eavesdropping by every govt on earth?

fsmoura says:

nice handwriting, megan 🙂

drreality1 says:

Or a galaxy note device 😉

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