Linksys VELOP review | How to Create a WiFi Network for a Large House

If you want your wifi to reach very corner of your 3 bedroom home, you will need a series of wifi repeaters or extenders and still, you will not be getting full speeds. Linksys VELOP is a MESH wifi network, which promises you full speeds throughout your home with two nodes. We put those claims to the test. Take a look at how it performed in brick-build house.

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Armando Aranda says:

Do you like country music? Do you want kids? Do you only speak and understand English?

SAHusker says:

Thanks for the video. If using an Ethernet switch, do you connect the Ethernet switch to the modem, and connect the Node to the Ethernet switch or do you connect the Node to the modem and the Ethernet switch to the Node?

Even Print says:

Kat – If you have network cables running to each floor from the switch, why not plug each node in via its own LAN port instead of having them wirelessly connect to each other?

Serj Star says:

I would take a big ass antenna connect it to the top of the house connect that to the routher or switch . when i was a kid i use to dabble in making network and catching my neighbors wifi from like a mile away usually usually u need some amp to it also .

Bojie Xiang says:

see you again. : )

Serj Star says:

lol house is super tiny my room is like next to the route and i can go outside across the street for like up tp 500 yards and get wifi and spotify going the it disconects and i either gotta use precious cricket banwith or xfinity wifi wich i gotta say has been popping up like everywhere around my salem oregon are like literaly everywhere i go i get xfinity i wonder what theyre using like a big as satalite dish to distribute that signal or what . Those do work by the way , i would put it up on the seeling with like a sheet of metal that way the radio waves would always go down . having so many routers im surprised u guys dont have interferance we get interference from like a new device that connects to our router then within time adapts somehow especiallly my new chromebook would kill off alll the wifi or ipad would just straight up kill the wifi for everyone and ill be waahhh

parthasarathi ghosh says:

I don’t know whether I like you more or your content more XD

TheAstroQuantumGuy says:

Yeah, I have old walls which have over 60 cm thickness. The worse think is that the router is placed in another house, which means that you can add another 60 cm of thickness of the walls :P. Luckily, there is a Wi-Fi repeater placed directly by the window of the house so I can get network access. As long as it stays EXACTLY in the place where it is, I have internet which is actually not to slow (on a good day, haha xD, but on a bad day, it gives you the feeling as if you are being DDoS-ed). Since I’m not the owner of the apartement, there is not much I can do, except buying a long cable and setting the Wi-Fi adapter near the window. And I can say, the internet works xD.

mohamed ezzat says:

love youuuu
informative video

Serj Star says:

dam did i here 4 stories

Omar Ahmad says:

Would you please make a review on huawei P10 lite ?

Santiago Martinez Guerra says:

Hey kat4K, how can i find you on fb? 😀

Hatem Fneish says:

I love you too much

CoRSaRio PiRaTa says:

After I saw this video I came to the conclusion that I don’t need a new router….. it’s you that I need! P-)

ertigers says:

Not all of us can afford $400+ smart phones, so does this work through a computer? If only through app for phone, then it would be of no use to me.

Ravidhu Perera says:

thank you. this review made me finally splurge on this and it works great ! also NOTE ppl you need to turn on Bluetooth and hang close to the router during the initial setup after which you can manage everything remotely … guest wifi ftw !!

Kevin Cowan says:

During the intro of the video, you said that there was cabling from the main switch in the basement to the other floors. Based on my understanding of the Velop, each node is a full router that you can actually be wired in (instead of depending on the WiFi signal strength of the of the first node). Why didn’t you also try cabling in the second node on one of the upper levels?

phlegma1215 says:

1:58 “its not black so u dont need to hide it” damn girl u a savage

Ozbi Strmcnik says:

What kind of 9gag does your brother browse that 45Mb/s isn’t enought???

zenon rzepniewski says:

its more than sicience i like to listening and watching u Kat no matter what u are saying

Victor Medina says:

Help! I need help setting up my network. I want to make sure i am getting the most out of my network and need help connecting these devices in the right order. Here is what i’m working with,
-(ISP) Spectrum 400 mbps down/400 mbps up
-Modem 4 ports with wifi (wifi can be turned on or off)
-Router, Linksys EA9500 Max Stream
-Router, Linksys Velop 3pk
-Switch, TP Link 24 Gigabit Switch (TL-SG1024D)
I have about 17 devices in my house that can be wired through ethernet and 5 that are wifi only.
Thank You so much!!

Bit says:

So u have network cable in every room and u connect the other node wirelessly

Use switch and plug the other node using cable

razorseal says:

omg who is this girl wow lol. Where is she from?

parthasarathi ghosh says:

I don’t know whether I like you more or your content more XD

Hristos Stylianou says:

Enjoyed your video, will subscribe but only recommendation I would suggest is make the cuts less frequent apart from that sick!

Nico says:

wifi and even gsm network is a pain in old houses in Europe :'( i live in the historical center of my town (middle age old town) and that’s quite annoying lol :p

florinpoe says:

Great video. You are not to tehnical and I think a lot of people will like it in the long run. I will sure wach your videos again.

Taje017 says:

Your cute

Ádám Bánfi says:

Or you can use an access pont system that can be configure and manage easily in one dashboard ( And yes you can say it has to be run on a server like computer all the time but my experience is if i turn that PC down the AP’s work just fine.

Globalflyr says:

Got the VELOP system running w/ 2 nodes, covering a 3100 sq.ft home on 1 level. Works perfectly,, but you do need to take some time figuring out the best location for the second node, so all your devices have a good signal. Worth the cost, and Linksys has them on sale now.

Serj Star says:

u know those old routers that had the bunny ears i still think those are better because u can plug in a cab to a better antenna heck i can connect the oldschool 70 antenna to one of those and get big ass wifi

Y B says:

kat4K You should really try out the Orbi satellite router …don’t have to to even get the highest tier one..the base model is good to cover 3500 sq feet !


kat u r gorgeous

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