Linksys EA6500 Smart WiFi 802.11ac Router & WUMC Wireless Media Bridge Review (Part 2a: 802.11ac)

An incomplete follow-up of my initial video (

In this video, I review the WUMC710 ( wireless media bridge (5 Ghz 802.11ac with 4 gigabit Ethernet ports).

Unfortunately, I did two firmware upgrades to the EA6500 and since then, I haven’t been able to maintain an 802.11ac connection. I’ve tried:
– resetting both devices
– flashing firmwares on both devices
– every single channel/width combination possible
– different types of security

Jump to:
– 5:24 for same floor tests
– 8:01 for basement tests
– 9:05 for graphs and conclusions

I’ve contacted Cisco Canada and they’ll be troubleshooting the pair shortly and probably replacing them so I can complete the review.

WUMC710 Support Page:

Cisco Cloud Connect / Apps:

Cisco buys Linksys:

Downloads: graphs


technofreak0007 says:

Tell us about the buy out and app enabled routers

George S says:

Thanks for those 2 amazing videos!…They’re very good, and have been done very well…..but after read about it hasn’t be able to keep 802.11ac connection after upgraded…. .Now I’m concern about EA6500 is best choice to get…. have you considered other router instead EA6500?…Thanks!

Jeremy Phan says:

I don’t recall, but it was the latest version available when I made the video.
Given your stats, you should see a bandwidth boost from ac.

Jeremy Phan says:

1m? That’s pretty pointless. I wouldn’t even bother with WiFi at 1m.

Range & penetration are inversely related to frequency so 5 Ghz is only useful if there aren’t obstructions.

rico dyson says:

looks like mediabridge are taking steps to sue people that give their products a negative reivew…
Id stay clear of companies such as this that partake in such practices

Jeremy Phan says:

What’re you’re connected at/what the laptop says and what the actual bandwidth available are two very different things. WiFi is a half-duplex system. Every single device connected to the network effectively halves your bandwidth.

Unless you’re transferring files or streaming full 1080p MKVs (not Internet) streams, for the vast majority of people, they can never saturate the available bandwidth.

technofreak0007 says:

Two RMA both defective. The product itself is defective. Cisco is not not like what it used to be. I have used their earlier g200 for 7 years without a issue.

Jeremy Phan says:

Too bad it’s slower and USB support maxes out at 32GB and doesn’t support NTFS.

Jeremy Phan says:

Intel 6300, so yes.

Jeremy Phan says:

… and? Update the firmware. Relocate the router. Switch channels. Switch bands.

arnan540 says:

Do I have to use lynksys router or any other ac router?

Jeremy Phan says:

You can’t beat physics: concrete is a great insulator. If you’re already getting a weak signal, another router isn’t going to help. You’re better off using a powerline adapter if you can’t move the router to another spot to provide better signal quality. I’ve got 1 concrete wall that runs the entire length of the living room. It renders the WiFi almost useless. Unless you can add in an external antenna or move the router, you’re out of luck. 🙁

aeDJI_TV says:

Hi there, i have an apple extreme 5th gen, using my laptop with intel 5300AGN card i get 190Mbps~210Mbps download @ 1 meter distance (5Ghz channel)…

if i go further than 1meter using 2.4Ghz i get speeds between 70Mbps~110Mbps..

now looking at cisco AC speeds i dont think they are impressive.. very bad results.. you should at least get 350~550Mbps or More on AC

Alex Cryshan 1611 says:

Buffalo N900 the best

sudilos117 says:

Good review, maybe you can help me. I am trying to use a nvidia shield from outside in the car. But in 5ghz mode I have to be arms length away to get a strong reliable signal. What routers would you recommend to extend the range out. I need at least 30 feet.

Tyler Sirman says:

Thanks I just ordered the Pair yesterday and they refunded the router probably because of same problem but they said because it’s unavailable.

4200cg says:

I have a problem with mine when I try to connect using wps on router and this device it won’t connect I also tried manual and still won’t I have netgear ac1450. Any help greatly appreciated.

Jeremy Phan says:

I may test out some other 802.11ac routers. I’m still waiting to hear back from Cisco but online, it seems to be an isolated issue as others haven’t reported 802.11ac issues with the EA6500.

Jeremy Phan says:

Ouch. I find routers are very hit/miss. I’ve had routers that work for years and others I’ve setup that died after months — though I do agree that after the Linksys buyout, quality did drop.

Hopefully with the transition to ac and their new app-enabled routers, it’ll pick up again.

Sodaygo Cortez says:

can you maybe show how to connect the Linksys WUMC710 for PS4 wireless and cable?

Jeremy Phan says:

As a general guideline, but everyone’s situation is different. As stated, it’s all about signal strength. The router and bridge are stable, but ac is a more complex signal and if the signal strength between them is not optimal, throughput will drop. Unless you’re not getting enough bandwidth, a switch to ac from n may not solve the problem if the underlying factor is signal strength.

Jeremy Phan says:

Do you not have Google where you are?

Apps were covered in the first video. That said, description’s been updated.

Jeremy Phan says:

DOA? … that’s what returns are for.

Judging a product’s performance by a defective unit is about as objective as judging how tasty candy is by the packaging it came in.

dark ashes says:

no but thanks for teling me

technofreak0007 says:

Do I have google of course lets here your version of it.

Robert Petrache says:

This two products are the worst products Linksys by Cisco could ever make. I bought them 2 days ago, today I had to replace the router because I cannot connect to it and today, with the new router I sow the signal strength on the bridge at 27% in the room next to mine and 90% next to the router. Spoke with Linksys support team and they told me to replace it like I did with the router. So if you wanna buy this crap, don’t listen to me if you don’t want to but test them before throwing your money!

technofreak0007 says:

I got the earlier one e4200 pcs of crap. Never worked for a day. Waste of money.

Babba Himself says:

My ea6900 connection keeps dropping what could be wrong with it?

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