iPhone AR & VR Headset: Occipital Bridge & Structure Sensor Hands-On Review

So you are looking for an iPhone AR & VR headset and you want to know what the Occipital Bridge is all about? This is the hands-on review of the Occipital Bridge iPhone AR & VR headset!

You can get the Structure Sensor and the Bridge headset directly from Occipital here: http://www.occipital.com

My Pimax-Ready VR Rig:

GTX 1080ti (but will likely be replaced by 2080ti at one point, made sure to make this 2080ti ready) http://geni.us/rVXQ

Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming Mainboard http://geni.us/cOpoT

Intel Core i7 8700k Processor http://geni.us/hml9Do

32GB DDR4 Ram (G.Skill Ripjaws)

1 TB Samsung SSD NVMe http://geni.us/FnSW

4TB Seagate HDD http://geni.us/wgsIhxA

Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout Case http://geni.us/I5CQ

Seasonice 850W Focus Plus Power Supply http://geni.us/txdn

be quiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler http://geni.us/lSm7


Paul P Jr says:

This makes me want my 3DS again to play all those cool AR games.

staffy35 says:

If they give you two 6dof controllers with steamvr controls, and allow you to play steam vr games, then this could be a good deal.

Demi Quad says:

Hey fella, great channel. Best driving game for WMR and is there a shortcut to get the virtual keyboard to show up in the cliff house…….what ever I do I just cant get mine up! 😉

OrionCGaming says:


PinkGirl2242 says:

Wait until Google’s upcoming OLED vr headset 3182p resolution per eye


DearPlayerOne says:

A really good video, very informative. I can’t wait for them to refind and make it close to perfct where you don’t see the black lines. I’d give it 2-3 more years for it to get there.

Akmal Salikhov says:

Thank you for review! Could also make video about VR expiriences. I mostly interested in Bridge as 6DOF VR headset. Also you forgot to mention controller is it 3DOF?

David Cole says:

My son who has IPhone 7 he would love this. but just can’t justify cost.. especially with having an Oculus Rift and Lenovo Explore WMR.

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