How to turn an old Wi-Fi router into an access point

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CNET Dong Ngo shows how you can turn that old Wi-Fi router into an external access point and make Wi-Fi sexy. Really sexy.

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KEEVVY says:

But can I get internet from first to second without using a cable?

meanmachine says:

what are the benefits of this?


they love the Dong

faizan joyia says:

You can go up to .254

Alb Vas says:

This dude rocks!!! Great video.

Th3BlackPhoenix says:

This video was exactly what i needed, but… I just connected by LAN my new Router to my (15 years) old one and BOOOM worked without touch any setting

Mohammad Shoykot says:


Mike Rodriguez says:

This guy cracks me up

Lisa Johnson says:

Thanks so much and it worked perfecty for me without taping over the WAN port. Thanks so much for the help!!

Greg Arroyo says:

Doesn’t work.

jarryjayo says:

what about wifi settings and passwords? do I need to set them too? I am sure you would have to lock the router down pass word login wise?

Rey'sWiFi says:

How do I access the program you’re using to change the IP address?

Jerry Gould says:

thanks, good info. to the point.

Jose Garza says:

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

MrRocksmith101 says:

Ok, you guys might be able to help me out.
I am going to buy a new router to make my internet better as we have to many connections for the supplied modem/router.
Can I run the new router off the modem/router with the modem turned off.
And if so, how?
Thanks in advance


How to connect the old router to my computer and how to access its settings? An important part is missing in this video

Mutaz Gazzaz says:

I did this and it work but the internet became very unstable and it even affected the whole internet access too. I keep loosing internet every hour or so

z1522 says:

Everyone says to change the name so both units share the same ID and password, i.e. so as to appear as one when connecting; my reason for a second router is to upgrade to 802.11ac/5GHz. It may be that the signal strength when closer to the old incoming modem-router unit looks ‘stronger,’ but my concern is the wireless speed. Can I just give the faster unit a different name, so I can just make sure to connect thru it always and ignore the other unit?

Rommel Angeles says:

Is it legal?? and is it available any country.?? and does all kinds of modem works to this??

zach carl says:

I tried this to pull internet service to my House Computer which isn’t a Laptop and it won’t work, My Home Computer goes to Ethernet connection and will not pick it up as Wifi, what do i do to fix this ????

Shohidul Alam says:

fantastic. it works perfect for me, but it takes a little bit more works than the video shows. much appreciate for this informative video. keep it up , cheers

padlockbeats says:

Instructions accurate… I’m now swimming in the poon!

paisa1990 says:

I was expecting a porn to start.

James A. Deignan says:

That was awesome.

Andron MacBeton says:

Old router? AC68?
Retarded cuntbortion.

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