How to share internet far away with a P2P Bridge Directional antenna – ubiquiti litebeam M5 point

Ubiquiti litebeam M5 bridge:

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tsumakki says:

Out of curiousity. Why not nanobeams? What speeds do you get with these and with what range?

richard perelonia says:

good video but sleepy voice sir.thanks

Ferly Sevilla says:

Hello, thank you for the video. I was wondering, at the remote site- if you have the same router as you have in the main house. Do you connect the the antenna to ethernet cable to the WAN or LAN port?

Anant Jain says:

is there any dhcp server in this model?

Jonel De Castro says:

Hi sir I have a question is it required to use a toughcable connector in toughcable? Or is it okey to use a normal rj45? Thanks

newbie banget says:

whether it can be a client antenna and station in the indoor, or must be outdoor both without obstacles? how much is the distance between the two antennas and what are the obstacles?

Power Maker says:

If i want to send wifi for short distance (100m) do i need second antenna for reciving signal? Or i can just send signal directly to an device (ip camera)

Christian Lim says:

Nice tutorial! Btw, you didn’t show how the router see’s the host (like what is it called when viewed on the list of connected devices inside the router).Also, can you apply parental control on this specific connected device? Like how much bandwidth the router can only give thus the only much bandwidth it can transmit.


CCTV and Networking Technical Solution Box says:

thank you


I am using the same thing

nishant singam says:

Thanks helpful for noobs

Paul De Guzman says:

I am the receiver and I want to connect the host cable to my own router and have different settings. Would that be possible?

Andre moraes silva says:


Jaysoncatherine Calecatriona says:

thank sir

Junior M says:

will this work (Strong Signal) if 2 buildings are across the main Road with traffic? will signal drops if a bus or semi crosses ?

Domenico Massaro says:

Hi, but the ethernet cables must be right or cross. Today i try with cross cable, for the start configuration, and doesn’t work. Thank you in advance.

Curiosity says:

Your personal setup was not the best way to approach this video but with that said it is interesting to know more about. Max range upfront would have been a great addition.

jb lopez says:

Can you use switch in the client side?

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