How to setup DD-WRT Repeater Bridge (Extend your Wifi)

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This is for educational purpose only. I do not hold any responsibility on what happens after you install DD-WRT or follow this tutorial. Install and utilize DD-WRT at your own risk.

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Giancarlo Gentile says:

I’ve followed some tutorials like yours, but using an ethernet cable to connect both routers (both using DD-WRT). The problem is that, after some time (I counldn’t determine how much time), devices cannot conect anymore in any room in my house because, somehow, Router2 interferes on the WiFi signal… Turning Router2 off, everything is fine (except I have weak WiFi signal when I’m far from Router1. Any hint?

Balaji Thiru says:

Hi, I have Linksys WRT610N, can I configure this router as Repeater with stock firmware… PLS LET ME KNOW….

IF I CANT, let me know how to update to the recommended firmware to my router !

Kris J says:

Would this option allow for file sharing between Room 1 and Room 2 networks?

Owan Christensen says:

Thank you!

Dan F says:

Wow, great and simple explanation. Best video around.

Haikal Ali says:

thank you behfor for your help i solved it by installing the old firmware again thanks man

lambird bino says:

The ping thing keeps saying destinations net unreachable

Mike says:

Connected no internet

Milaan Dahiya says:

Two girls one router 9:58 lmao

Carl Tuckerson says:

Good tutorial. I’ve been looking to put a second router in a far bedroom bridged wirelessly to the main router in the living room on the other side of the house which is connected directly to the cable modem. The step through and diagrams really helped.

davesdream says:

Thank you very much. Very clear, well explained and finally I have my old wireless router working as a wireless bridge as I wanted for a long time.

Sabbir A says:

Very clear explanation… Thank you… precisely what I needed. Could not have asked for more…. Keep it up….cheers!!!

Андрей Аверин says:

Из России спасибо!!!

Nadine Wynne says:

great appreciation

hank5060 says:

Ure doing unnesesary things

David Hale says:

Excellent tutorial .

Ashwin Shetty says:

I tried configuring my Linksys E900 router as a repeater,per your instructions.I successfully installed DD-WRT platform on the router. However,after configuring the settings for the repeater ,when I try to ping the google DNS,I get “destination host unreachable”.What could have gone wrong? Also,I see this problem that I have to reset the Linksys router (30-30-30) everytime,I connect it via the LAN to my laptop to access its main webpage ( Looking forward to your response.

rubix2007 says:

Excellent, thanks!

jess jesse says:

1: is that messing with your electric circuitboard switch on off tricks?

Haikal Ali says:

i have a problem with my tp link TL-WA701ND V2.1 Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/31/12) std (notice the date) it doesn’t upgrade to any other version i tried and downloaded all versions from tp link nothing change >
the problem is i’m trying to do what you have done in the video but i can’t because in the wireless menu wireless mode doesn’t have repeater or repeater bridge in it and as i said before i tried to change the Firmware and nothing happen please help

Firas Amro says:

thank you man for this good informative video but i want to know how mych the speed loss on the seconed router

dan kellogg says:

Thanks for a great teaching video! Can you bridge a regular router to one with dd-wrt installed and vice/versa?

JB_Does_Stuff says:


Armando Cabarcas says:

EXCELLENT !!! Very Good !!!

Vrajesh Shah says:

how to log into the Netgear wireless N Access Point WN802T v2 to bridge with StreamPro AC1200 WiFi Router

Tony Lawlor says:

Will this work if I do not have a PC connected to the second(Linksys Router). My PC is connected to the Router in room 1 as it is a Modem/Router. I could connect the second router to a laptop?

erniep911 says:

Nice work!! Great teacher!!

dani bilel says:

thank you man! but my problem is that my router does not support the DD-WRT firmware so what is the best alternative firmware that i can use to repeat my wifi

droquesteni says:

So i already set this up, with your really good explanation. But now i’m facing a big problem that i hope someone could help me. I set the wireless bridge in my TP-Link wn841 that comes with 2 omnidirectional antennas. Then i remove one and put a Yaggi antenna with a booster signal of 4W. I could set this up and broadcast wireless signal with no problem as far as 40/50 meters. But now i want to catch signal as far 100meters, but could not. My question is, it is possible to grad signal from one antenna like my yaggi antenna, and then broadcast from the normal omnidirectional antenna?

Toriano Evans says:

Perfect!! The diagram helped tremendously…Just subscribed..Thanks!

The歐Boss says:

Watched, playlisted, and subscribed!

Dabbawabbi says:

Great video, even better than the instructions on the DD-WRT wiki. With your help I finally got my repeater bridge working. Thank you!

KwaiTerk says:

I have to agree with the other comments.  Very well explained. Diagram help those who are not IT Savvy.

Roland Vankó says:

I was having the same idea! I’ve done it, but….because the two rooms are close to each other the wireless extender is interfering with the signal of the main router. I have no idea how to set them to different channels. Changing the standard is not an option, it loses the signal straightaway (doesn’t connect), simply set the 2nd router to a different channel is not allowed.
It runs well for 5 sec then it set itself automatically to the same channel where it gets the internet from.

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